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Port magic corrupt binary options

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Then you can access the log file as described above. If your modeling tool crashes disappears , try searching for Java crash log files. They are stored in the running location of the modeling tool, e. If you find the Java crash log file, it indicates that Java was the reason of your modeling tool crash.

Additional information might be required about the Java environment on which our modeling tools are based. Please read and follow this procedure to install Java VisualVM and send this data to us while the tool is running :. To solve the problem, we need a little input from you. We need to examine the log files to troubleshoot the problem. The following list outlines how to submit log files:. It dumps threads into the log file. In the open dialog, select the Environment tab and click the Log File link.

The log file opens. Save the file and register an issue. Modeling tools developed by No Magic Inc. Data provided by VisualVM may help to explore issues accurately. Please read the steps first to familiarize yourself with the whole procedure to gather more precise information.

Step 8 should be started as soon as possible. While performing small ordinary tasks not individual large operations, such as opening a large project or merging several large projects , modeling tool memory leaks may cause OutOfMemory exception errors. This is due to the cumulative effect of performing many small operations that normally do not cause any problems.

In order to analyze and fix the issue, more information is required. Please provide us with the following information:. As the file may be large, please zip the created file, and upload it to the provided ftp server. Please change the Look and Feel to Metal. If you are running the Sun's JVM, set the following java properties in your mduml. If you get exception "java. If PermSize is specified in mduml. PermSize is part of heap size, so MaxPermSize should always be smaller than heap size specified with Xmx parameter.

In case there are processes, submit issue produces thread dump for it and writes it to md. You can grab thread dump directly from Report an Issue frame, "MD log file" tab. Please attach thread dump to this issue report or send us md. We noticed such behavior under Windows NT when mapped network drives are present, but a portion of them are offline. Try disconnecting all offline drives. When you work with very large models or use a lot of diagrams at a time, the performance of MagicDraw may become slow.

To increase an efficiency of modeling, we suggest the following solutions:. In the Teamwork Cloud installation instructions provided for Therefore, we have updated the installation instructions and scripts. Check your Teamwork Cloud installation for the incorrect permission and fix it using the following instructions. There are two places where the incorrect permissions can be found if the old installation scripts were used.

If the problem exists, the result access permission will be shown like the following. We recommend revoking the write and execute permission from group g and any other user o. You can save configuration files in the modeling tool installation directory or on your chosen directory. NOTE: If there is defined to store files in installation directory see the section "To store MagicDraw configuration files in MagicDraw installation directory" above , files will not be stored to your chosen location.

Mac OS X Sierra has an updated gatekeeper policy. It says that all applications which are downloaded in. All not secure programs, including the. Options are loaded in the following order:. Close your modeling tool, delete all cache folders and start the program again. If the problem still exists, please add the -Dcom.

From the System Configuration dialog, click the Tools tab. Move the slider to the highest value to set Always notify and click OK. Restart the computer to apply changes. The CMD window opens. When the command is completed, you can close CMD window. To run MagicDraw as an administrator all the time, do the following: 1.

Right-click the MagicDraw icon and choose Properties. Click the Compatibility tab. In the Privilege Level area, select Run this program as an administrator. Click OK. Change the debug level for appropriate categories by specifying log4j. We have found that update of JAVA 1. This issue is fixed in Also we suggest two workarounds:. NullPointerException at com. MagicDraw up to version We highly recommend to use the bundled Java, which comes with MagicDraw installation select to use the bundle Java in third MagicDraw installer step.

Java can be changed in mduml. This issue is already fixed in v The problem is that MagicDraw earlier than If MagicDraw still does not start, you must upgrade Java on your computer. After updating MagicDraw to version The exception stack trace may look like :.

RuntimeException: java. InvocationTargetException at com. AbstractMethodError at com. You are using incompatible plugin e. Cameo Simulation Toolkit 1. Those plugin versions are not compatible with MagicDraw AquaLookAndFeel" to "apple. The proper way to activate the license is to install the application as the administrator, then to login as a regular user, which will use the tool, and proceed with the license activation process.

The particular user licensing information is stored in the user home directory. So if you want that the application which has already been activated from the administrator account would not require the license activation from the user account on the same machine, you should change the licensing information storage place. You can store the licensing information in the MagicDraw installation directory the read-write rights are required.

For the instructions on how to change the configuration files directory, please find the issue "In our company the storage of user home directory is limited. How to force to keep configuration files in other directory? Please restart your computer. After multiple updates or after installing different versions of a modeling tool on the same machine with Mac OS, sometimes it happens for unknown reason.

Save error appears saving project with modules when MagicDraw v This problem occurs because one or more old resource descriptors from MagicDraw v To prevent MagicDraw project save error you need to install MagicDraw v Note that on the first MagicDraw startut you can import MagicDraw environment options from previous MagicDraw installations.

You may download MagicDraw This error occurs when you have a corrupted installer file. Please download the file and install again. This is a known issue with Mac OS X Most dialogs in the application will be displayed behind previously open dialogs, affecting usability of the user interface.

There is no solution to this problem. Please try to downgrade the Mac OS to some earlier version. Then, include commands similar to the following:. But there is possibility to use specific VM when launching the installer. NullPointerException at sun. Based on messages from the Apple java-dev mailing archive, a lot of people who use Java 1. This problem is Install Anywhere related and appears when you uninstall previous version of MagicDraw and then, without restarting your computer, install another MagicDraw in the same directory.

We would suggest to uninstall MagicDraw, restart your computer, and then install MagicDraw again. This problem hounts some Java apps too, and sometimes MagicDraw refuses to start from the icon created by the installer. The fix involves some command-line and text editor usage, but it's relatively simple and it works. Please note that downloaded installs are not corrupted or damaged and this problem is not related to the MagicDraw application. The Gatekeeper functionality, by default, does not allow executing applications that are not from the Apple Store or from Identified Developers.

In order to launch MagicDraw, users can modify the option, which allows executing all the applications from all the providers. Note: We are communicating with Apple to solve this issue so that our customers may execute MagicDraw without any problems. Java version 9 is set as the default system Java after updating Java. The solution is to download and install version If you are using an earlier version than The maximum theoretical heap limit for the bit JVM is 4G.

Due to various additional constraints such as available swap, kernel address space usage, memory fragmentation, and VM overhead, in practice the limit can be much lower. On most modern bit Windows systems the maximum heap size will range from 1. On bit Solaris kernels the address space is limited to 2G.

On bit operating systems running the bit VM, the max heap size can be higher, approaching 4G on many Solaris systems. On bit VMs, you have 64 bits of addressability to work with resulting in a maximum Java heap size limited only by the amount of physical memory and swap space your system provides. More information about OutOfMemory problems you can find in readme. After these commands, Java 1. You can check Java 1. Change the properties to use Java 1. Open file "mduml. The recommendation is to use JVM 1.

MagicDraw needs Java to be supported. Java 1. You should copy all contents from old version projects folder to new version projects folder. If projects do not show up, copy the complete projects directory into the same location by creating all new projects and then importing the latest.

But if you are trying to open an Unisys XMI 1. This is known problem. Your model and diagrams are ok, the only thing, which could not be restored, is layout of MagicDraw windows inside application. Such things can happen when project is saved and then loaded on computers which has different resolution or different windows management system.

Usually this error does not appear any more after save and load. Use project import feature. After importing a project you will have to remove unnecessary elements by hand. If the imported project is very large, it will not be very convenient. Thus, large project should be divided into logical modules and only specific modules with needed diagrams should be imported. Project files saved with MagicDraw version Moreover, as of version Please note that once a project file is saved with v The backup file is stored in the same location as the project file.

While saving the project created with program version earlier than Warnings about the file format incompatibility also appear when MagicDraw is downloading or updates automatically. With MagicDraw After opening projects, created before MagicDraw After opening teamwork projects with MagicDraw There are several ways to change the symbol style. For this purpose you can use:.

Set Selected Symbol Style as Default. If you select a symbol, for example, class A and click this button, a current class symbol style will be set as default for all new classes in the project. Apply Default Symbol Style. If you select a symbol and click this button, a default style will be applied to the symbol. Select All of the Same type. If you want to select on a diagram all symbols of the same type, click only one symbol as an example of the type and then click this button.

All symbols of this type will be selected. Once all symbols of the same type are selected, you could apply changes, for example, a new default style to all of them at one go. Using Project Options dialog 1. The Project Options dialog will open.

If you want to change style of a particular shape or path, expand the Shapes or Paths node, and select the desired symbol, for example, the actor or link. Edit property values in the pane on the right. When you have finished, do any of the following: - If you need to apply changes to the project, click the Apply button.

The list of diagrams wherein the symbol style changes can be applied will open. Then click OK to close the Project Options dialog. The new style properties will be saved and set as default. Using Symbol Properties dialog 1. Edit symbol property values see figure bellow.

Select the Make Default check box before closing the dialog see figure bellow , and all symbols of this type in the same diagram will be in the new style. To see related elements of the selected element do the following:. To create the Relation Map do the following:. You can easily find elements that are not used in any diagram using MagicDraw Find functionality.

Select command Find Then specify search scope we do not recommend to search in the whole Data package, as elements from modules will be found , and select checkboxes "Search data unused in diagrams" and "Load diagrams and unloadable modules". Open property specification window, switch to the "Expert" property displaying mode, and define value for example - 14 there.

Use Combined fragment with operator "loop" for iteration notation and add another one Combined Fragment with operator "alt" for conditional messages grouping inside loop. MagicDraw allows you to show navigability arrow only on one end of an association path. When both ends are "navigable," MagicDraw simply suppresses that information and arrows are not visible.

Currently there is no way to generate a sequence diagram from a communication diagram, or vice versa. Most of advanced Sequence Diagram elements can't be reflected in Communication Diagram. It includes all kinds of CombinedFragments, Gates, Nested activations, Sequence of messages and more, so even theoretically Communication Diagram can't be equal to Sequence Diagram.

Currently we try to gather information what would be the benefits of this feature. We would be very grateful if you could share your opinion with us. For non automatic elements reuse - Communication Diagram can be generated inside the same Interaction as Sequence Diagram. In this case Lifelines can be reused by simply drag'n'drop them from Interaction directly to communication diagram.

Port must have type specified. Only after that provided interfaces can be specified. This is because port can't provide interfaces itself, port type does Interface Realization relation is created between type of the port and Interface, it can't be connected to Port, because port is not Classifier.

Class must implement all operations from interface first. The name of the transition the value of the name property is never shown in diagram - this has no semantic meaning. Instead, you can specify e. In this case the name of the trigger is displayed. If trigger name is not specified, signal name is displayed.

If start typing on a transition, the signal with the name is typed will be created Automatically and the trigger will reference that signal. A trigger defines types of events that can initiate a transition between states. An event is anything that can happen in a system: signal sent by some behavior, a call to a specific operation, reaching a point in time, a change in values within the system, etc.

In other words, the formally defined list of possible events is enough for modeling state machine transitions using UML. A transition has to know of some event indirectly , it cannot be fired by a trigger alone. However, trigger is a non-terminal and its production rule is described in section " Production rules for call-event, signal-event, any-receive-event, time-event and change-event are described in sections As can be seen, trigger names are never used in transition labeling.

Instead, names of the referenced elements are used. It is considered that an element is used in a diagram, when there is a dedicated symbol representing it on the diagram. States and transitions have dedicated symbols for them. When a signal is assigned to the transition via trigger, it does not have a dedicated symbol on the diagram.

It is only a part of textual representation of transition signature. Let's do the following: assign a type X to an attribute on a diagram. Though we see X on the diagram as an attribute type, it is not considered as used in the diagram, because it is displayed only as a part of the attribute notation. Select an element in the Model Browser and from its shortcut menu select Used By. This way you may follow the chain of elements in the model and decide whether a given element is rubbish, or it makes sense.

All of the variants, defined in OCL 2. Correspondingly, the header line in the OCL expression editor is generated according to model situation. The concrete element to be defined additional field or additional operation is placed inside of the body. Open operation specification window, switch into Expert mode, see the Precondition, Postcondition fields. Fill in the OCL constraint as necessary. So in specification window of Operation, click Customize button, find Body Condition field, and flip the radio button to Expert, and OK the dialog.

After this, Body Condition field will appear in Expert mode specification window of operation in the same way Precondition and Postcondition fields do. Modeling of these expression types is also briefly mentioned in MagicDraw UserManual. Try to add "-Dsun. Add "-Dmagicdraw. It will enable magicdraw page setup dialog in which paper margins could be customized. It will enable magicdraw page setup dialog in which media size could be customized manually by typing size in inches.

Problem is that the default server address in CUPS 1. They will be implementing a fix for that. At current time you can force your Java applications to use IP instead of domain sockets. You may also reverse descriptors and will get a model describing your Enterprise Java Beans.

Yes, it does. We call this "round-trip engineering". You can reverse your source code, make changes in the model and regenerate it back without losing already coded parts e. You must use the code engineering set the MagicDraw name for a collection of classes for code engineering. Performing the Quick Reverse you may instantly add new model elements or merge with the created ones in your model; you don't need to create a new Round Trip Set. Use it if you don't want to use code generation on the reverse code constantly.

Choose the 'New From Template' command from the 'File' menu. You may also reverse the needed Java classes and import them to the project. You can use bytecode engineering set for reversing class files placed in your jar. Execute "Reverse" action on created code engineering set and classes will be created in model. When I reverse engineer my project, there are a number of classes that are referenced in my code that cannot be found and are placed in the "Default" package.

All of the classes are found in. I have checked the box that tells the reverse engineer to look in the classpath for classes. Is there somewhere in magicdraw where I should set the classpath? To reverse QT library using MagicDraw Use explicit macros these macros are included into MagicDraw starting from v Solution can be to reverse with user having all privileges or applying latest patch to Oracle 9.

Our code engineering supports Java 6. Java 7 isn't supported yet. This capability is scheduled for our You can add a hyperlink with a path, which is relative to the MagicDraw installation folder. A path, which is relative to the project storage location, is always suggested, when creating a hyperlink to the file, which is stored in the same folder with the project.

A relative path can also be specified manually. Edit file mduml. MagicDraw supports metamodel relation consistency between class and interaction sequence and communication diagrams: it reflects all the operations of the class in the message call action list.

Classifier can be assigned to any lifeline. Model decomposition functionality is available in MagicDraw. Now it is possible to reuse project module in another project. Since MagicDraw version You can copy and paste or drag and drop images to a diagram. The image shape will be available for the copied image. MagicDraw supports. Note: The project size increases accordingly to the quantity and size in bytes of the inserted images, and this might have a great impact on the performance.

You can link external files to the project by specifying the relative paths to them. The relative path is always suggested, when creating a hyperlink to the external file, which is stored in the same folder with the project. A relative path for a hyperlink can also be specified manually, e. Since MagicDraw Version 7. Now it is possible to reuse project module by reference in another project.

Some JVMs put restrictions on the total amount of memory available on the heap. If you are getting OutOfMemoryErrors while running Eclipse, the VM can be told to let the heap grow to a larger amount by passing the -vmargs command to the Eclipse launcher. For example, the following command would run Eclipse with a heap size of MB:. Some JVMs have restrictions on permanent generation memory, which can be exceeded in integration.

For example, the following command would run Eclipse with a permanent generation memory size of MB:. The problem is outdated Xerces library, used by MagicDraw. Please remove this library it is not necessary, because java 1. There is also a workaround. Please specify the-Djavax. This will force the script to use Java's default implementation instead of one brought in by MagicDraw. Cause: uml2ecore transformation contains a bug, which precludes it from working on systems, where default file encoding is non standard.

For example on Ubuntu v7. This causes transformation to fail, because files. This bug is not a bug in MagicDraw, but a bug in openArchitectureWare. Currently we do not know, when this issue will be fixed. Backup this file somewhere, we will be editing it. Here is the final result you should get:. If you have specified property "-Dsun.

This problem can appear after MagicDraw version update. The solution is to launch Eclipse with the -clean parameter first time when this problem appears:. After unintegration, old directory is still remembered by Eclipse.

The solution is to unintegrate Eclipse from MagicDraw, then start Eclipse, close it, and only then integrate with new MagicDraw version and launch again. We currently have integrations with Eclipse 3. The difference is that the Standard edition itself has no code engineering functionality but this does not have any impact to the integration.

Since MagicDraw You should modify the idea. After editing it should look like that: idea. If Teamwork Server is running as application, it does stop upon logoff from the OS. The solution is to run the server as a service. Add parameter value "-Dbackup. Clean up of old versions is not recommended but if you really need it you should do the following thing:. Go to teamwork server projects directory, find there file projects. In this directory you can remove files modelXXX.

Each version is saved in its own file. For example if you want to remove all versions from 1 to 10 you need to remove model1. Please note that:. If your project is module and used in another project project B you can get trouble opening project's B old versions. When the Import configuration dialog box appears, provide earlier version installation directory, to import configurations from it. Select checkbox Import all projects in order to import teamwork projects from earlier Teamwork Server version.

Newer version install will not detect nor uninstall older one service. Projects should be imported manually. Project server and client version should be the same and cannot be mixed up. Also we recommend to use the same JVM version for server an client. If you had previous Teamwork Server version with projects stored, it is possible to import them automatically using MagicDraw GUI or perform manual migration.

After installation is complete and Teamwork Server is launched first time, the Import Configuration dialog box opens. Path to the previous Teamwork Server installation, which was found in your computer, is specified in the Location text box. You can change this path by clicking " Select the Import all projects check box for projects transfer to the newest Teamwork Server version.

Open Administrator's Console, trigger project export. Choose the directory to dump the data to. Chose the permanent directory not some temporary directory - this will be the directory in which server will subsequently operate. In Administrator's Console, reconfigure server for work with Built-In repository; specify the directory where you dumped projects as a directory to work with.

After the MagicDraw application has been crashed, please, wait about 6 min. RedHat based Linux distrubutions the service run levels may be configured using "chkconfig" command. This prevents from direct connecting from client to server skipping ssh tunnel. On the client side, run command line: ssh -L host user host. Host here is a hostname of the Teamwork Server.

Teamwork Server starting from v Teamwork Server up to v However SVN client version 1. Lower version clients are compatible with SVN server v1. You can include older SVN clients in system paths or define it for Teamwork Server by setting java properties. The scheduling of synchronization between two distant Teamwork Servers is by default turned off. To turn on the scheduling:. Open the file Restart the Teamwork service. Log out. Test if you can connect to the Teamwork server with MagicDraw.

The solution is to use an earlier Java version. Also module usage has a parameter which governs if module should be loaded at project load time: "always load" means module is loaded with project "auto-load" and "auto-load with prompt" module is not loaded, but MagicDraw tries to guess when user would need module contents e.

Yes, MagicDraw supports both read-only and read-write modes for module usage. Usage of read-write modules is a bit tricky, especially if we have modules nested in one another and with circular dependencies between one another.

For more details, please see How to release a hanging license to the pool? There is a way to configure the license manager to automatically reclaim inactive licenses by creating the options file with specified TIMEOUT feature.

Default TIMEOUT feature has a minimum license release time of seconds, which means your license will not be checked back into the pool before 15 minutes of inactivity has elapsed. Restart the license server itself. First stop the server from the Administration section of the license server management interface. Please note that stopping server shut downs and all vendor daemons. Active users will be notified and reconnect to license server would be needed.

Start license server manually. On Windows platforms, open the installation directory in Windows Explorer and then double-click the lmadmin. Or run the lmadmin command with your desired command-line arguments on Unix platforms. In order to release a hung license to the pool of free licenses please use lmremove command-line argument. Note that lmadmin's default setting disables the operation of lmremove, to enable it start lmadmin with the - allowLicenseReclaim argument.

In the User Configuration tab, click Edit , enter a new password and save it. Note: The default location of the log file can be changed during the product configuration. You can not run two same vendor daemon instances and license servers on the same machine. Being able to do so, would enable users to double the number of licenses.

In order to set restrictions without starting two license servers, please configure the options file. This error appears if key with different hostid is added into server. Server memorizes host added with first key and does not accept another one, if different host is used in second key.

This is known issue which fix is planed with new version of lmadmin. Please reinstall Lmadmin before applying key with different hostid. This will allow voiding this issue. By default and ports are used. Range of ports can be changed to any single port. One port is enough but it must be specified explicitly in lmadmin configuration. As the log says, "File not found, cameo. So the lmadmin cannot find the daemon. Add the Vendor daemon into the installed server.

DEP simply kills the lmgrd application when it starts. EXE, and the vendor daemon, where the license manager is installed. EXE crashes or stops the license service you cannot checkout any licenses then. The vendor daemon is specified to run on the particular port number that is already used by the other process.

The default port numbers for the cameo vendor daemon is Both the FLEXnet license server and the cameo vendor are specified to run on the same port number. Default port numbers for the FLEXnet license server are Please run the lmadmin application as a non-privileged user. Lmadmin has a restriction does not allowing it to start by the root user. Please remove the demo daemon from the server and try again. Currently, FlexLM does not support interface names other than eth0, eth1, Alternate interface names, such as em1, are not recognized and will return the invalid hostid As a workaround we offer you to change your interface names to ethN, such as eth0.

Consult the documentation of both your system and distribution to learn how to reset an interface name. Look for more information:. The problem is specific for SysML which creates values on both ends for relationships thus creating cyclic dependencies between modules. Currently as a workaround we suggest to perform the following steps:. Parametrics functionality allows SysML model-builders to include mathematical formulas as part of the model.

Parametrics insures data consistency within the SysML model and provides the potential for simulating model performance and comparing against system requirements. Possible usage areas:. Engineering projects: calculate cost, weight or power budgets, vehicle speed, component strength, and others.

Computer systems, calculate message traffic levels, database capacity needs, system availability, and others. Anything from "ballpark" estimates and "sanity" checks to detailed optimization, trade studies and sensitivity analysis can be organized throughout the development process. ParaMagic is a plugin for MagicDraw that extracts the parametric relationships in a SysML model, exports them to a mathematical solver program, and uploads the calculation results back into the SysML model.

It handles simulation execution, solver management, and some display functions. ParaMagic creates a constraint network from the parametric model using constraint graph and "Composable Object" algorithms developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

For example, calculate the weight of a system from its individual components, or calculate the weight allowance for a specific component from the overall system weight budget. Solving standard mathematical equations embedded as constraints in SysML parametric diagrams requires Mathematica. ParaMagic allows data to be transferred between a SysML model instance and one or more Excel spreadsheets by creating a mapping between instance values and worksheet cells. The user can import initial data from spreadsheets into a model instance and, after running the simulation, export results to Excel for reports, graphing and further processing.

The official specifications for these other profiles do not explicitly include Parametrics, but, in MagicDraw, SysML features can be linked to these kinds of models and ParaMagic simulations can be incorporated easily. Quantitative requirements can be formulated as constraint statements, e. Every time the parametric simulation is executed, the constraint statement provides a clear answer for whether the requirement is being met.

Multiple approaches have been proposed, including code generation from state machine and activity diagrams and generation of Simulink models from SysML. Each approach has its applications, but ParaMagic provides a simple, flexible process with links to multiple solvers and data sources.

Rather than being the best tool for creating a complex simulation of a small piece of a SysML model, it helps ties together system capabilities at the global level. Go through the demonstration models with help of ParaMagic tutorials. Free access to Mathematica as a web service from No Magic Inc.

For MacOS, you may download java 1. Mathematica is installed on an internal network as a web services provider. We can provide a web services interface for installation. Evaluation configuration. ParaMagic as initially installed is set to access a NoMagic server copy of Mathematica for a 30 day evaluation period. After this, switch to method 1 or 2.

ParaMagic ParaMagic is dependent on the previous specification and is not finding the primitive value types where it expects to find them. Do not use SysML v When a synchronized entity is given a new stereotype, it will be treated as a new entity in DataHub and the eventual associations previously tied to it are lost. No Magic Inc. Per current plans, the Service Pack will be released in mid-May Until the Service Pack is available, users can avoid the occurrence of this issue by not changing the stereotypes of entities after these have been imported in DataHub and associations created.

Please note that the auto-numbering feature of SysML Therefore these entities, if already imported in DataHub, will be treated as new ones after re-numbering. There is a Visio plug-in that allows you to export to XMI 1. This format is supported by MagicDraw.

Resource Manager needs more information which is stored in resource descriptor. It must know what files were installed because it must be able to perform uninstall operation. I have attached our free form custom diagram. It would be best if you will look through this sample and I'll describe main rules for descriptor writing. It must be unique. DoDAF Plugin 2. There is no reference to the topic, or a particular topic does not exist in MagicDraw Help.

If a reference to the topic is broken, you can start the MagicDraw Help manually:. Please do the following:. On the Help menu, click About MagicDraw. In the About dialog, select the Environment tab and then click the link next to Configuration Files. All MagicDraw documentation is located in MagicDraw installation directory, manual folder. Also you may download it from the www. The "Help" may not be started because another application is using "Help" port.

You may see this in the helpserver. If the server port is already in use, the java. ExportException appears in this file. To change Help port, you need to invoke the "Environment Options" dialog from the "Options" main menu. On the appeared dialog, "General" tab change the "Help Server Port", submit changes and try to invoke Help again. Starting from MagicDraw v The activation process allows receiving the commercial license dedicated for the particular machine. License activation can be completed from the Licence Manager dialog in the application.

You may choose online activation and enable commercial licenses activated automatically. Alternatively, you may select offline activation and then you will be required to enter a Host ID in the license owner account login to www. You can then download the commercial activated license. This is a known issue and we are investigating on it. So far we recommend modifying the server heart-beat option to release license in 15 minutes. You need to free inactive licenses by setting the time-out.

Open the FlexNet installation directory, find the cameo. If you cannot find the file, create a new file and save it as cameo. Place the cameo. Open the cameo. If you have any questions about the licensing or purchasing, please feel free to contact your account executive or This email address is being protected from spambots.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Unlock key is sent to you automatically by email to the e-mail address which you provided registering to www. When starting MagicDraw for the first time you will be asked to browse for the unlock key file.

Click the " Make sure that MagicDraw software and unlock key are the same version. If you install the latest software, you must get the latest version unlock keys. MagicDraw locks itself to the first MAC address in the list. On a Windows computer, the wireless is first by default. If you switch off the wireless, its MAC address is removed from the list and MagicDraw can no longer find it.

In order to solve the invalid license problem, you need to change the network adapter order so that the LAN adapter is at the top of the adapters list. That way, the MAC address of the LAN adapter will always be the first in the list, even if you switch to the wireless connection. To avoid this problem, you should configure your network settings to change the network adapters connections order on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems.

The following procedures explain how to configure your network settings on these operating systems:. Windows XP. Use our reminder service - enter your email and click the Send password button. New password will be generated and sent by email. Login to our website with your username and password, click on Edit Personal Information right-side menu selection and edit your details.

Yes, it is. The registration operation and customer profile help us to make sure that you get customer support and discounts when purchasing our products later. Notifications about updates will be sent by email. The newest software will be automatically added to your personal download area.

First of all open "key. Then remove key from this file and restart server. After that enter new license key for floating license server. Click on "Mailing List' right side menu selection, check appropriate checkbox and click the Update button. Purchased MagicDraw software installation files and unlock keys are stored under your personal profile.

In order to download it, login to our website with your username and password, click on License List right-side menu selection. Please be sure that you got the installation file from www. In this case we can confirm our software is not infected by a virus and it is safe to use it.

As they say in above document suspicious level is very low. Let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. A relative path begins at a current folder of the hierarchy i. You add a hyperlink with a path relative to the MagicDraw installation folder. When creating a hyperlink to the file stored in the same folder with the project, a path relative to that location is always suggested. Merge functionality can be employed for this. Then press the Merge button and you will be provided with the standard Merge dialog, which allows you choosing which changes should be merged-in.

MagicDraw uses the simplified metamodel profile that has no attributes visualized. But the attributes still exist in the code. As a solution we suggest you to use the sample of the full metamodel profile, because it has no striped attributes. We use this profile mainly as a reference when writing OCL constraints. You have to add a mime type to the IIS configuration. The problem occurs, when during the installation, the default language is changed.

This problem is related to Java 1. Then, you can change the languange after the installation. To do this, on the Options menu, click Environment , and then in the General options group, change the Language property.

We have integrations and partners with third-party tools to support specific needs. CoFluent Studio targets complex multiprocessor systems with rich application content, whether they are:. Feel free to request demo or additional information at This email address is being protected from spambots. For more information about Cameo Simulation Toolkit please visit here. Events Webinars. Serializable can be serialized and deserialized. If you have source code access, take note of any code that uses the readObject method, which is used to read and deserialize data from an InputStream.

Exploiting some deserialization vulnerabilities can be as easy as changing an attribute in a serialized object. As the object state is persisted, you can study the serialized data to identify and edit interesting attribute values. You can then pass the malicious object into the website via its deserialization process. This is the initial step for a basic deserialization exploit. Broadly speaking, there are two approaches you can take when manipulating serialized objects.

You can either edit the object directly in its byte stream form, or you can write a short script in the corresponding language to create and serialize the new object yourself. The latter approach is often easier when working with binary serialization formats. When tampering with the data, as long as the attacker preserves a valid serialized object, the deserialization process will create a server-side object with the modified attribute values.

As a simple example, consider a website that uses a serialized User object to store data about a user's session in a cookie. If an attacker spotted this serialized object in an HTTP request, they might decode it to find the following byte stream:. The isAdmin attribute is an obvious point of interest. An attacker could simply change the boolean value of the attribute to 1 true , re-encode the object, and overwrite their current cookie with this modified value. In isolation, this has no effect.

However, let's say the website uses this cookie to check whether the current user has access to certain administrative functionality:. This vulnerable code would instantiate a User object based on the data from the cookie, including the attacker-modified isAdmin attribute. At no point is the authenticity of the serialized object checked. This data is then passed into the conditional statement and, in this case, would allow for an easy privilege escalation. This simple scenario is not common in the wild.

However, editing an attribute value in this way demonstrates the first step towards accessing the massive amount of attack-surface exposed by insecure deserialization. We've seen how you can modify attribute values in serialized objects, but it's also possible to supply unexpected data types.

Unusually, this also works for any alphanumeric string that starts with a number. In this case, PHP will effectively convert the entire string to an integer value based on the initial number. The rest of the string is ignored completely. Because there is no number, that is, 0 numerals in the string. PHP treats this entire string as the integer 0.

Consider a case where this loose comparison operator is used in conjunction with user-controllable data from a deserialized object. This could potentially result in dangerous logic flaws. Let's say an attacker modified the password attribute so that it contained the integer 0 instead of the expected string. As long as the stored password does not start with a number, the condition would always return true , enabling an authentication bypass.

Note that this is only possible because deserialization preserves the data type. If the code fetched the password from the request directly, the 0 would be converted to a string and the condition would evaluate to false. Be aware that when modifying data types in any serialized object format, it is important to remember to update any type labels and length indicators in the serialized data too.

Otherwise, the serialized object will be corrupted and will not be deserialized. When working directly with binary formats, we recommend using the Hackvertor extension, available from the BApp store. With Hackvertor, you can modify the serialized data as a string, and it will automatically update the binary data, adjusting the offsets accordingly.

This can save you a lot of manual effort. As well as simply checking attribute values, a website's functionality might also perform dangerous operations on data from a deserialized object. In this case, you can use insecure deserialization to pass in unexpected data and leverage the related functionality to do damage. Deleting their own user account would then delete this arbitrary file as well.

This example relies on the attacker manually invoking the dangerous method via user-accessible functionality. However, insecure deserialization becomes much more interesting when you create exploits that pass data into dangerous methods automatically. This is enabled by the use of "magic methods".

Magic methods are a special subset of methods that you do not have to explicitly invoke. Instead, they are invoked automatically whenever a particular event or scenario occurs. Magic methods are a common feature of object-oriented programming in various languages. They are sometimes indicated by prefixing or surrounding the method name with double-underscores. Developers can add magic methods to a class in order to predetermine what code should be executed when the corresponding event or scenario occurs.

Exactly when and why a magic method is invoked differs from method to method. Typically, constructor magic methods like this contain code to initialize the attributes of the instance. However, magic methods can be customized by developers to execute any code they want. Magic methods are widely used and do not represent a vulnerability on their own.

But they can become dangerous when the code that they execute handles attacker-controllable data, for example, from a deserialized object. This can be exploited by an attacker to automatically invoke methods on the deserialized data when the corresponding conditions are met. Most importantly in this context, some languages have magic methods that are invoked automatically during the deserialization process.

In Java deserialization, the same applies to the readObject method, which essentially acts like a constructor for "re-initializing" a serialized object. The ObjectInputStream. However, serializable classes can also declare their own readObject methods as follows:.

This allows the class to control the deserialization of its own fields more closely. Crucially, a readObject method declared in exactly this way acts as a magic method that is invoked during deserialization. You should pay close attention to any classes that contain these types of magic methods. They allow you to pass data from a serialized object into the website's code before the object is fully deserialized. This is the starting point for creating more advanced exploits.

As we've seen, it is occasionally possible to exploit insecure deserialization by simply editing the object supplied by the website. However, injecting arbitrary object types can open up many more possibilities. In object-oriented programming, the methods available to an object are determined by its class. Therefore, if an attacker can manipulate which class of object is being passed in as serialized data, they can influence what code is executed after, and even during, deserialization.

Deserialization methods do not typically check what they are deserializing. This means that you can pass in objects of any serializable class that is available to the website, and the object will be deserialized. This effectively allows an attacker to create instances of arbitrary classes. The fact that this object is not of the expected class does not matter. The unexpected object type might cause an exception in the application logic, but the malicious object will already be instantiated by then.

If an attacker has access to the source code, they can study all of the available classes in detail. To construct a simple exploit, they would look for classes containing deserialization magic methods, then check whether any of them perform dangerous operations on controllable data. The attacker can then pass in a serialized object of this class to use its magic method for an exploit.

Classes containing these deserialization magic methods can also be used to initiate more complex attacks involving a long series of method invocations, known as a "gadget chain". A "gadget" is a snippet of code that exists in the application that can help an attacker to achieve a particular goal.

An individual gadget may not directly do anything harmful with user input. However, the attacker's goal might simply be to invoke a method that will pass their input into another gadget. By chaining multiple gadgets together in this way, an attacker can potentially pass their input into a dangerous "sink gadget", where it can cause maximum damage.

It is important to understand that, unlike some other types of exploit, a gadget chain is not a payload of chained methods constructed by the attacker. All of the code already exists on the website. The only thing the attacker controls is the data that is passed into the gadget chain. This is typically done using a magic method that is invoked during deserialization, sometimes known as a "kick-off gadget".

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