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Michael bettinger leverkusen soccer

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Pages Open Access. Technologies and Innovations for the Plastics Industry: Polymer Pages C1-C1. About this book Introduction This book introduces the reader to the latest innovations in fields such as artificial intelligence, systems biology or surgery, and gives advice on what new technologies to consider for becoming a market leader of tomorrow. Companies generally acquire information on these fields from various sources such as market reports, scientific literature or conference events, but find it difficult to distinguish between mere hype and truly valuable innovations.

This book offers essential guidance in the form of structured and authoritative contributions by experts in innovative technologies spanning from biology and medicine to augmented reality and smart power grids. The authors identify high-potential fields and demonstrate the impact of their technologies to create economic value in real-world applications. They also offer business leaders advice on whether and how to implement these new technologies and innovations in their companies or businesses.

Editors and affiliations. Q: You say renewing the compact would help maintain a family-friendly brand in Florida. Isn't Florida already a gambling state? A: Certainly when you think about the lottery, when you think about pari-mutuels [including horse and dog tracks, and jai-alai frontons], and obviously the Tribes' compact, and then you think about [slot machines in] Miami Dade and Broward ,I don't think anybody could dispute that gaming is here in the state of Florida.

I think the question is if you build 10 or 15 destination type casinos, what does that do to the overall image? I certainly wouldn't want my family and children and nieces and nephews in [that] environment if they were here on holiday I can tell you it's not good for the family image. Las Vegas tried it, and it was a disaster. Q: How vital are table games like blackjack to your business model? A: We think our relationship with the state of Florida that is most beneficial is to create the three- or four-day visit but with the amenities that are associated with the casino I think when you take the table games away, [people think] well, it's not quite really a casino.

Do I think people would still come to play the slots? No doubt. But I think you can create more energy around the excitement that happens with table games. The South American companies a little over 70 percent of their gaming revenues comes from a game called roulette. We don't have that particular game. But if we look at the number of tourists that are coming to South Florida from South America if the state of Florida would give us that opportunity, then we would market in South America.

Q: The proposals in the Legislature currently call only for two destination resorts casinos in South Florida. Could the Tribe live with that? A: It would be premature for me to state what we could and could not live with at this point.

There are going to be so many items. What's the tax rate going to be for the pari-mutuels? Built whereabouts in South Florida? We would look at that. We would look at the scope that we're offered, obviously look at the term. Then we would evaluate, not one specific item, but all the items to try to understand what's the overall economic model Q: How do you feel about just extending the current terms of the compact?

A: It would be premature to negotiate in the media. But what I would tell you is that we believe there is additional opportunity with the scope of gaming that is already clearly defined in the existing compact. And it would be our hope to continue those conversations. The Tribe has over 90, acres of trust land In theory, it is eligible for gambling.

But we've not requested to put gambling all over the state. We've tried to limit it to the existing reservations and specific parts of the reservations where gambling exists today. And we certainly recognize the incredible sensitivity of having that approved when you look at the overall [Legislature]. Q: What do you say to critics who argue for letting the compact expire to reduce gambling in Florida?

A: Think of this: We gave a billion-dollar guarantee We have met all the projections and exceeded them. We would hope that we wouldn't put over 3, people out of work. When we actually look at their dependents, the number is 5, affected individuals. The relationship has been beneficial to both the state and the Tribe. We're hopeful that we can avoid laying all these people off.

Obviously, if the state says they no longer want the Tribe's money, we understand that, and I'm very confident that the Tribe would continue to grow and prosper. Q: So the Tribe would lay off 3, people just if it lost the table games? A: That's correct. That is the actual dealers, the floor people, the pit bosses, the casino administration, the cocktail servers that are associated with that particular department. Do you find that plausible?

Rathbone's friend, referred to as John, said: I don't want people not to say what they think, I want them to realise how ignorant their words are and recognise the harm that these words can do. Rathbone said the days has gone when what happens on the field, stays on the field. The fact people have come out and attacked Dave shows how far we've still got to go on this issue, Rathbone said.

He's a strong guy and he can weather this. I don't think he'll be wilted by any of this. But with stylish designs like this gorgeous dress, we ll definitely be sad to see it go! Kelly Rowland looks fab in this on-trend check print design in a luxe-looking silk material.

She s really gone to style town by adding some fashion-forward shoes and a chic coat to finish off the look too. The great news for us is that Kelly s dress is currently available to buy from Farfetch, so click right to get it in your clothes collection asap. It s the perfect statement piece to own and there s no mistaking its designer roots. That said, these high-street hotties below are ideal for giving a nod to the Marc Jacobs original, with a special shout out to ASOS s metallic version that could easily be mistaken for the work of a top label.

One such family member who was putting Rod's Rock 'n' Roll influence to not such positive ends was Kimberly's younger brother Sean. He was reprimanded over night for riding the luggage carousel, despite being asked to move away by airport staff and claiming he was innocently waiting for his bags.

The Republican who took office in January has formed a student advisory panel made up of college, high- and middle-school students across the state, including from a private school. Sometimes when we discuss important education issues, we forget to listen to those who are impacted the most by the decisions we make, Spearman said in a news release.

That is why These individuals represent their peers across our state and will provide essential feedback directly to me on policies that affect their schools, families and communities. Spearman also announced an advisory committee made up of principals from around the state this month. Spearman said she plans to meet with the student-advisory panel at least twice this school year to hear their input.

The following students are on the council:Sabrina Cuadra, A. James Fallows is based in Washington as a national correspondent for The Atlantic. He has worked for the magazine for nearly 30 years and in that time has also lived in Seattle, Berkeley, Austin, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, and Beijing.

He is an instrument-rated private pilot. He is also now the chair in U. Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, in Australia. Fallows has been a finalist for the National Magazine Award five times and has won once; he has also won the American Book Award for nonfiction and a N. He was the founding chairman of the New America Foundation. His latest book is. He is married to Deborah Fallows, author of the recent book Dreaming in Chinese.

They have two married sons. Unless you specify otherwise, we consider any incoming mail available for possible quotation -- but not with the sender s real name unless you explicitly state that it may be used. Fatal crashes involving the A span an incident in which one passenger and one crew member were killed to the loss of people on board on 12 on the ground when a plane operated by Brazil s TAM Airlines, now part of Latam Airlines Group SA, , plowing into airline offices and a warehouse.

Tuesday s incident, in which a Germanwings flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf was lost following a rapid descent from 38, feet to 5, feet over the town of Barcelonnette in the Alpes de Haute-Provence region, comes less than three months after a in bad weather en route to Singapore from Surabaya, Indonesia, killing Some passengers and 12 crew died in the incident, according to Ascend, with a subsequent probe finding that a cargo door had come open at 12, feet, leading to a rapid depressurization that cracked the cabin floor and severed control cables, Hayes said.

Known as the Ermenonville air disaster after the forest where the plane fell to earth, the crash was not only the worst on French soil but the deadliest involving a DC and the fourth-worst in aviation history, excluding those who died on the ground in the Sept. Sexy, subtle and super versatile, it s the wardrobe must have we all need. But now that spring is finally springing don t you feel the need to lighten up your act?

We re over moody black and want to embrace the new season brights. Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz announced with a on Monday that he will will run for president in , becoming the fist major party candidate to join the race. It's the anniversary of the disaster known as Obamacare.

Paul, MN More than any other, Park Square serves the education community having offered matinees to students in grades seven through twelve this season alone. Knowing theater enthusiasts are enjoying seventeen premium performances this season, with many simultaneous showings in either the ample seat proscenium auditorium in the Hamm Building or the intimate seat Andy Boss Thrust Stage. Of note, The Illusion Theater is showcasing a play that Park Square commissioned and developed in Morey appears to have been overseas for a week in Istanbul during the latest round of Euroleague games.

And before you ask, yes is involved. For Morey it makes sense. The NCAA tournament is ubiquitous. Morey won't miss a minute of play he wants to watch. A code enforcement spokesman told the rescue they need to limit the amount of time they're open to the public through the month of October. Wild Side volunteers told KATU they will try to abide by the county's new demands, adding they usually aren't even open to the public until October.

He was aged four at the time. Since then he has built a long career starring in some of Australia's most acclaimed and most loved films, from Romper Stomper to The Sum of Us. He is also considered one of Australia's most successful film exports, having starring in some of Hollywood's biggest films, including Gladiator and Man of Steel.

During that time, Crowe has balanced being a cultural ambassador for both his homelands, his native New Zealand and his adopted home, Australia. I've been voted one of Australia's 50 national treasures, I've even had my face on an Australian stamp, the only non-Australian to do so, apart from the Queen, of course, he told Radio Times.

It's so unreasonable, he added. Crowe cited a recent change in the law, which complicates the process for New Zealanders wishing to take Australian citizenship. No matter how long you'd been in the country, if you weren't in Australia for the majority of to , when I was particularly busy filming overseas, you can't become a citizen, he said. The legislation governing trans-Tasman immigration stipulates that New Zealand citizens wishing to obtain Australian citizenship must have been in Australia on February 26, , and holding an SCV - a special class visa - which is issued to all New Zealand citizens upon arrival in Australia.

If an applicant was not present in Australia on that day, they must instead have spent a period or periods totalling 12 months in Australia on an SCV in the two years immediately before February 26, Based on his filming schedule, which Crowe says kept him overseas for most of that two-year period, the actor does not qualify on either point. Having failed to meet the criteria for general eligibility , Crowe would then have been required to apply under a different category, for applicants in special circumstances.

Crowe's remarks were released ahead of a fuller interview in the magazine. They also read together from the Haggadah, a Jewish text that sets forth the order of the seder. It was really cool, she said. I want the students to see we're all the same, Kind said. That is the strength of the Jewish nation. After the Skype call, other students in the school and youngsters from the Jewish Community Center in Allentown came to participate in the model Seder.

About students joined in. Passover begins at sundown April 3 this year, and ends April Deporting The American Action Forum found the U. If all 11 million undocumented immigrants were removed from the U. On Tuesday, teams will vote on 23 rule changes proposed for the season.

Among the topics being discussed are several ways to expand and improve instant replay. Of the 23 proposed rule changes, the most in the past three years, 13 of them pertain to instant replay. Other proposed changes include the ability to challenge penalties, moving back the extra point and an option to kick a yard field goal following a successful two-point converstion to add a ninth point to scoring plays. Coaches can challenge anything, except for turnovers and scoring plays.

Coaches should be able to challenge all penalties. Coaches should be allowed to challenge all personal fouls. Personal fouls should be reviewed without a coach challenging it. All penalties that result in an automatic first down should be reviewable. All penalties against defenseless receivers should be reviewable. Vielleicht lag es ja auch an unserem Logo, dass Atletico Real bezwingen konnte. This past week, I had the honor of partnering with the Willow Creek Association in Erfurt, Germany for a leadership conference.

Erfurt is a beautiful city, with rich culture and marvelous food. Erfurt is also where Martin Luther, one of the fathers of the Reformation, attended college. In the city center, near a massive, beautiful medieval church, there is a statue of Martin Luther. Luther preached in this church. Sadly, the church that Luther preached in doesn t really have services anymore. Like the great majority of Germany, it is post-Christian. The former East Germany, where Erfurt is located, An older German evangelical leader told me, Germans have forgotten that they have forgotten Jesus.

How does Germany, the home of the Protestant Reformation, turn into a place where Jesus has been forgotten? An older German evangelical leader told me, Germans have forgotten that they have forgotten Jesus. Dead, irrelevant religion and atheism In Germany, 25 million people are members of the state church, and another 25 million are members of the Catholic Church, yet only 2 percent of these people attend church.

The rest of the German population mostly identify themselves as atheists or Muslims while only 3 percent say they are evangelical Christians. Germany is in need of a reformation. From what I experienced preaching to the young German evangelical students and leaders, I believe another reformation in Germany is possible.

I have never met people who were so thankful to hear the gospel preached. So what happened in Germany? Based on my conversations with an atheist shuttle driver and many German evangelicals, both young and old, here s what I think happened: 1.

A dead gospel in dead churches The gospel that Martin Luther preached is dead in the state church. A dead gospel produces spiritually dead people, and spiritually dead people do great harm to the cause of Christ. The German people are turned off by dead, irrelevant, powerless religion. Communism has been replaced by capitalism Specifically, in East Germany, atheistic communism has been replaced with capitalism as the new god of choice.

Watt and the significance of the number "" in the season. It's the height, in inches, of regulation NBA hoop. Army mortar shells are often millimeters in diameter. Watt can dunk a basketball, and there may have been a few offensive linemen who yelled "Incoming!

He also caused medical problems for a few offensive players, though none were Chinese. The vote Tuesday was on a bill requiring a review of Medicaid's mental health prescriptions. It also creates an advisory committee to draft guidelines on prescriptions for the , needy and disabled residents covered by the program. The measure goes to the House. The bill arose from discussions between Republican Gov. Sam Brownback's administration and mental health advocates after the Senate rejected a bill last month to repeal a law that blocks restrictions on mental health drugs for Medicaid participants.

Supporters of such efforts are looking for cost savings to help balance the state budget, but they also worry that some drugs are used improperly. Looks like won't be the only city getting a new Cane Rosso Neapolitan pizzeria this year. Construction will begin this summer and Jerrier hopes for a December open date, he said. Speaking by phone Tuesday, Jerrier said he originally scouted Austin for places to expand, but decided against it after finding several beloved pizza places and having trouble working with the city.

Houston is more like Dallas, he said, with enough sprawl that it could "easily support multiple" Cane Rosso locations. So can Houstonians expect more than one? At 4, square feet, the restaurant in The Heights will be the second smallest of six in the Cane Rosso fam. Only the one in Fairview is smaller. Absolutely no ranch dressing allowed, Jerrier added. Cane Rosso is a staple among North Texas foodies.

It also notched in a Zagat survey. But beyond that, the prospect isn't out of the question. He runs his offenses like the Angels used to, with a NL style built on speed and contact. He may be the best AL Skipper when it comes to utilizing players versatility and matchups. Maddon is also great at working in Rookie players. Players who join the roster after that date may practice including wearing pads and play immediately after passing a physical.

Wondering about a player, a past game or another issue involving the Bears? Senior writer Larry Mayer answers a variety of email questions from fans on ChicagoBears. I remember reading how the previous Bears coaching staff moved the lockers around at Halas Hall so offensive and defensive players were interspersed. Do you think the new coaches will and should put position groups back together?

Dennis P. Rockford, Illinois That change actually happened last week with the lockers at Halas Hall moved back so that position groups are together again. The Saint Bernard dog was once the ubiquitous companion of monks at the monastery tucked 2,m above sea level, guiding them through the Alps or helping them to rescue stranded or lost travellers in the snowy mountains.

However, there are no longer any such dogs living permanently at the monastery these days. In fact, the monks decided five years ago to part ways with their pedigree breeding programme, as the work became too much for the four monks living permanently at the monastery to handle. The breeding kennels faced the risk of being shut permanently if not for a group of Swiss bankers and animal-lovers who set up the Barry Foundation to buy the breeding programme.

That led Foster to his new digs, a place Smith knows quite well. Coach John Fox should find some room for a linebacker who hasn't missed significant time throughout his career, playing in 57 of a possible 64 starts since entering the league in His ability to defend the pass -- Foster has five picks over the last four years, including two returned for touchdowns -- should also help add some much-needed range and versatility to a dusty front seven.

Foster's signing means the will miss out on another linebacker target. San Francisco was also pursuing the former third-round pick in the wake of two stunning retirements by and Patrick Willis. Where does that leave their talks with , and Erin Henderson? Expect things to heat up soon. The latest Podcast and discusses which star players were helped and hurt by free agency.

Find more content on. The year-old, full name Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. There s gold in them thar Yes, researchers think that human waste contains enough gold and other valuable metals to make a mining operation pay off, reports.

They also found silver, platinum, vanadium, and copper, the latter two with potential applications for cellphones and computers. Extracting metals of all kinds would have a bonus, says the research team at. The practice is controversial at traditional mining sites because of environmental concerns, but in the controlled setting of a sewage plant, the chemicals could be used liberally without the ecological risks, notes the.

The sharply angled "Canopy of Peace," feet long and feet wide, will be anchored at its long forward edge by two girders coming together in a giant V. He said the canopy's shade will help cut the air conditioning bill for the five buildings that sit across the street from the building that opened June 6, , as the National D-Day Museum. It's expected to be finished in Howard, 29, has not played since Jan.

Three years earlier, Cream played their own final concert at MSG. Later in the night, they played "Purple Haze" to honor yet another short-lived trio. He emerged shirtless and clean-shaven and, like every show of the tour, the band closed out the night with "Next To You," the very first song on the Police's debut LP.

It could be detected by the LHC if it picks up or creates black holes within the accelerator. He added: Normally, when people think of the multiverse, they think of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possibility is actualised.

This cannot be tested and so it is philosophy and not science. This is not what we mean by parallel universes. What we mean is real universes in extra dimensions. Just as many parallel sheets of paper, which are two dimensional objects [breadth and length] can exist in a third dimension [height], parallel universes can also exist in higher dimensions. We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes can be produced at the LHC.

As gravity can flow out of our universe into the extra dimensions, such a model can be tested by the detection of mini black holes at the LHC. Rolf Heuer, director-general of CERN, said the switch-on would create a new era for physics which could also shed light on dark matter and dark energy. He said: I want to see the first light in the dark universe. If that happens, then nature is kind to me. The beams are expected to go full circle this week for the first time since the accelerator was shut down in early for an upgrade.

The particle collider boasts new magnets, superior cryogenics, higher voltage and higher energy beams that will allow the machine to run at nearly double the energy of the first run. As well as allowing greater study of the Higgs boson there is much anticipation amongst the physics community as to what else may be found at these higher energies, testing our theories and understanding of concepts such as supersymmetry and potentially giving greater insight into the 95 per cent of the universe that is composed of dark matter and dark energy.

Listeria can cause a mild non-invasive illness called listerial gastroenteritis or a severe, sometimes life-threatening, illness called invasive listeriosis. Persons who have the greatest risk of experiencing listeriosis after consuming foods contaminated with L. No illnesses have been reported in connection with this recall, according to a press release from Wegmans. Wegmans will place automated phone calls to customers who purchased the product using their Shoppers Club card.

If you purchased the recalled spinach, return it to the service desk for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact Wegmans' consumer affairs department toll free at Monday through Friday, between 8 a. Eastern time. Leprosy is a chronic infections that can cause skin lesions, vision problems and the loss of extremities. About , new infections are seen by doctors each year, in countries like India, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines,.

The genomes of both species were tested and researchers found that about 10 percent of the DNA is different, meaning "most of the genes present in one species are also present in the other. Because leprosy can only be observed in action on a human host, "we could only do a descriptive analysis of the genome sequence and deduce that M.

In a phylogeographic survey, by using differential PCR, we found that M. Breakfast will be served in the morning from a. Seuss' famous book "Green Eggs and Ham". Food sales will continue from ampm. Then Thing 1 and Thing 2 and the Cat in the Hat will be in the museum to enjoy crafts, activities, games, scavenger hunts.

The easter egg hunt will wrap up the day at p. All activities begin at 11 a. It's not exactly a message in a bottle, but it's pretty close. Medea's programmable vodka bottle has been on shelves since , but it previously had to be manually programmed by pressing buttons on the bottle. The company's new bottles, slated to go on sale in May, will include Bluetooth technology that will enable users to not only program messages, but also track the bottle's location.

While an interactive liquor bottle may sound like a gimmicky marketing ploy, it actually helps Medea collect valuable data, said Brandon Laidlaw, the company's chief operating officer. Because users have to create an account with their email to use the app and because the bottle uses Bluetooth, the company is able to find out the age and locations of the owner.

The company can also tell when someone shares access to the bottle, allowing others to customize messages for the screen. Don't forget to check us out on! Robert Griffin III has already been named the starter for and he cost Washington multiple picks in That's what the NFL is about. I didn't draft them. So I'm coming in -- prove it to me. Prove to me you deserve to be on the field. That's the way it should be in the NFL.

CPS budget crisis looms Sun-Times headline, But how? Will the next mayor ask the legislature for an emergency boost in the property tax cap? Cliff has now attempted to twice rehabilitate this injury without having surgery. As a result, the Phillies and Cliff have mutually decided to try once again to rehabilitate the injury non-operatively, with the hope that Cliff might be able to return to pitch during the season. Cliff will immediately be shut down from throwing.

He will be sent home to rest and will be set up with a rehabilitation program to maintain his overall conditioning. He will be brought to Philadelphia periodically to be evaluated to determine a time at which he might be able to begin a throwing program again. If it didn't work the first time, and it didn't work the second time, it's almost certainly not going to work a third time.

And I'm not even a doctor. But the long and short of it is this Cliff Lee is done. He initially joined the team mid-season in and helped the Phils win the NL East for a third straight season and won two games in the World Series against the Yankees. About people rallied for clean energy on the steps of the Capitol on Tuesday. The rally was a vocal push in support of and. And clean energy is available now. In Oregon, we could meet all of our energy needs just from clean energy alone.

PGE has agreed to shut down the only coal-fired power plant it operates in Oregon. The March 20th release for "I'll Be There" was strategic, tying into the vernal equinox. Listen below. A few months later, the guitarist-producer learned he had aggressive prostate cancer, which put the album's theme of "time" into sharp clarity. So when I thought about where I was at this point in my life, all I kept thinking about was time.

Except this year, there's been too much water. Farmers, like Robert Fleming, say there's a narrow window when planting crops, so they're not harvesting during dry conditions. Everybody would like to, and here we haven't turned any seeds in the ground yet, so we're way behind," said Fleming. Of the entire state, South and Central Texas are experiencing the toughest problems.

With the deadline to plant-insured crops fast approaching, the Texas Farm Bureau is trying to buy more time. By going ahead with the planting despite the weather, and thus not being insured, it's a move that can have drastic affect later on. Wright was Tapper's position coach his first year on campus and the two remained very close even after Wright switched to coaching cornerbacks.

Wright retired in January after a year coaching career. He was recently approved by the OU Board of Regents for a new position within the athletic department. Coach Reynolds has really stepped in and helped us transition. Park rangers, county medics, and firefighters responded to a fire alarm and calls to park dispatch around a. A valiant comeback effort down the stretch couldn't save the day this time. They had a chance to cut it to two but the result was a shot-clock violation with no shot attempt.

That kind of night. The expected third-quarter burst tightened the game up, but when they needed the over-the-hump bucket Early on it was and then in the second half, and came to life. Yep, Zeller, Bradley and Bass had enough for the Pacers on this night. Tyler led his Washington Hatchets to a title at the Fieldhouse and he looked comfy scoring Boston's first three points.

Fellow Hoosier, George Hill led the Pacers with 30 points and eight assists, but he didn't have enough help. The only thing harder than winning seven NBA games in a row is winning eight and the Pacers felt that truth from the opening tip. I became a Rams fan back around moved to St.

Thanks, technology, you are good for some things. Lanny's good peoples, and we're excited to have him aboard. It was a very emotional night, Kidd said. Caylie said, 'I love you, Daddy! I'll see you tomorrow! Normally a light sleeper, Kidd said she fell back asleep. When she woke up a few hours later, he hadn't returned. I started texting him: 'You said you were coming back! I was so mad at him because he left and didn't know why. A couple hours later, Kerr called her with the news.

I just want to curl up in a ball and not wake up. Josh was the only person I know who would've accepted Caylie as his own daughter, Kidd said, her eyes full of tears. I have so many questions: Why did he go to the bar? And how could the person who did this to him live with themselves? He was non-confrontational and wasn't a fighter or anything. Every time I cry, I just get so angry. No one should have to be without a dad. Kidd said she's told Caylie and that the little girl knows her dad is in heaven.

Nevaeh, on the other hand, is too young, but Sunday morning, she kept looking out the window for him. I'm so mad at him! Why didn't he come back? Kidd said, crying. I'm never going to see him, smell him, touch him, hear his voice again.

And his daughter's never going to know him at all. Michelle L. Quinn is a freelance reporter. A Jaguar spokesman said: 'The dramatic drive across two 34mm-diameter wires suspended high above water, highlights the lightweight and agile credentials of the new XF. The company's new XF sport saloon promises 'business class' levels of comfort and refinement with a new generation of frugal engines.

Jaguar says the new XF is 80kgs lighter than its closest competitor thanks to its aluminium-intensive construction. The district did not apply for an exception to exceed the cap, Vignone said. District Superintendent Richard Sniscak said uncertainty surrounding Gov. We're taking a very conservative approach until the dust settles, he said. The board is expected to adopt the final budget June PAUL, Minn. Mark Dayton wants to spend, in part, on education. Republicans claim government spending is growing faster than family budgets.

We first asked the question: Is disengagement a problem? Are people actually disengaged? And if so, does this necessarily mean there s a problem? Lots of people get up in the morning and go to work, obey the traffic laws mostly , get the kids to school, and vote sometimes. Do we need more? Should we expect more? People say we worry more about our rights than our responsibilities. Is that true? Is it a problem? We agreed: Yeah, it s a problem. A lot of our concerns revolved around what it means to be a participant an effective participant in democracy.

HPPI represents the difference between appraisers' and homeowners' opinions of home values. The index compares the estimate that the homeowner supplies on the mortgage application to the appraisal that is performed later in the mortgage process. That 2. Nationally, appraisers valued homes 0. This is the first time appraiser opinions fell below homeowner estimates since August You can one for most systems including Mac OS X for free if one is not already installed on your system.

Which Speed? These projects range from raising buildings out of floodplains to building safe rooms. To be eligible to receive some of that money, states will now be required to assess how climate change threatens their communities, including "consideration of changing environmental or climate conditions that may affect and influence the long-term vulnerability from hazards in the state," according to the guidelines.

FEMA decided to include the new gubernatorial clause in order "raise awareness and support for implementing the actions in the mitigation strategy and increasing statewide resilience to natural hazards," according to FEMA spokeswoman Susan Hendrick, reported Inside Climate News. The agency said it "recognizes there exists inherent uncertainty about future conditions, and will work with states to identify tools and approaches that enable decision-making to reduce risks and increase resilience from a changing climate.

Rangers couldn't find them that night and they ended up spending all night outdoors in temperatures near zero. Some people have criticized the mother for her decision to climb in the High Peaks in winter with two young boys and to continue to the top despite deteriorating weather conditions. According to rangers, she was prepared, in terms of gear, for winter hiking, and she was an experienced hiker. Even though it took rescuers all night and into the next day to find the party, without the call from the summit, the rescuers probably would not have been called out until Sunday, if then.

The family is asking anyone who wears yellow on March 27 to take a photo and upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with WearYellowforSeth so the family can show the pictures to him while he's being cared for at a hospital in England. March 27 will mark the second time that Seth's family has organized a day of awareness. The first time was four and a half years ago when Seth was just a baby and his mother found out the color yellow is often associated with the immune system.

Seth was just a baby at the time and prepping for his first surgery, but since then his family writes that he's grown to love the color yellow and the pictures of people in yellow so far have made him smile. High-profile investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal owns a swath of stakes in private and public companies in the U. Kingdom Holding announced in early February that it had sold most of its stake in News Corp in the first half of The Prince also owns extensive Saudi real estate and other assets outside of Kingdom Holding.

A spokesperson for the Prince didn't reply to Forbes' request for comment about the channel, but in late February the Financial Times reported that the Bahrain government had requested a permanent shutdown of Alarab. Forbes stands by our position that the Prince does not have a valid claim; Forbes has delivered to the court a formal response to the complaint.

If there was any good news it was that Jones had not suffered a cracked rib. Who will become the next All-Stars of this generation? As we continue to watch the maturity of Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green, will they be remembered as the next All Stars? Both gave signature performances tonight against this tough Wizards' starting five, each reminders of their solid place on this roster.

Harrison Barnes was the early volume shooter, not showing his same hot streak of recent games. But he continued to be aggressive, providing length on defense and attacking the rim. How will he respond now that Klay is back in the lineup? Will he keep showing this new offensive game to give Golden State yet another weapon on the court? Tonight he even highlighted his ability to get to the foul line when the shooting was cold in the first half. As for Draymond Green, the pit bull continues to add new elements.

He has been doing it all year, but is now looking to add more speed dribbling off makes to push the ball. Add in his three-point shooting as well - he hit three straight threes in the second quarter to take the lead back after Washington had made their run. Can this Wizards team provide any memorable moments? The Washington Wizards - a perfect example of a rollercoaster team in the East who just can't decide if they want to be a contender or not.

Behind an early season pair of winning streaks, they were one of the hottest teams in the league before the All-Star break. Just when it looked like they were going to push the Hawks for the top seed, the injuries started to pile on and the team took a nosedive. They now sit in the middle of the pack for the playoffs, and are looking at a tough road to make a finals run. This team has been lead by John Wall and Bradley Beal, a great back court in their own right. When they are on, both are aggressive scorers and a nightmare for defenses.

However tonight was a good example of what they have become. When you can shut down Wall and contain his drives to the basket with great interior defense, he becomes an average shooter. When you pressure Beal off the three point line, be becomes a questionable driver much like Klay in years past.

John Wall threatens to be a top player in the league, and earned his All-Stare spot. But can he carry a team by himself? The assists are there; the defense can be there too. The question is has he been surrounded with enough talent in Washington to get him to the next level. Tonight was a sign that this Washington team, even at full strength, still lacks the additional star power to get them over the hill.

What will this Warriors team be remembered for most? It's simple - last year was a great start to beginning to take pride in playing solid defense. This year, they have not only taken it to the next level, but have reached the top point in the league. The Wizards are the third best shooting team in the league, and the Warriors turned them into a collection of desperation jump shots late in the clock and isolation ball.

Andrew Bogut will be remembered as the large anchor in the middle. Tonight, he teased the fans by taking an early trip to the locker room, teasing another injury that might put him out for some time. Instead, he returned to dominate the lane.

The rapid melting of the ice sheet is believed to be a result of man-made global warming, and its impacts could have a major impact on marine ecosystems, sea levels, and weather systems across Europe and the United States, the PIK reported. The slowdown in the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation and other ocean currents is believed to be driven by differences in the density of the ocean water. Freshwater from the melting Greenland ice sheet is most likely disrupting this natural circulation by diluting ocean water freshwater is less dense that ocean water with high salinity.

The researchers believe the cooling of the North Atlantic is more dramatic than what computer climate simulations have generally determined. It could even lead to a "tipping point" in the Earth system, triggering rapid and irreversible changes.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC has predicted there is a one-in chance of this happening within a century, but expert surveys have suggested the risk could be even higher. A slowdown also adds to the regional sea-level rise affecting cities like New York and Boston.

You may think that tuberculosis is a disease you do not have to worry about. Anheuser-Busch makes the stadium-only beer. If Scherff slips out of the top 15, it would be tough for John Dorsey and Andy Reid to pass on the versatile blocker. The problem is that Bowe's production over the past three seasons isn't that of a No. Bowe hasn't caught more than 60 passes or finished with more than receiving yards since He has only eight touchdowns in that span, including none last year, when the Chiefs' entire receiving corps was kept out of the end zone.

Those organs included that of the late Junior Seau, who will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame later this year after a year career as a linebacker. While playing, Seau started a foundation to support troubled youth. But after retiring, he seemed to have trouble adjusting to a new lifestyle. He started to drink, gamble and take drugs. After he killed himself at age 43 in , his family authorized a study of his brain tissue, fearing that brain trauma from years of playing football may have played a role in his death.

A report released in January confirmed that his brain showed signs of CTE. Jovan Belcher was only 25 years old in December when he shot and killed his girlfriend before committing suicide in front of the practice facility of the Kansas City Chiefs, his former team.

A study of his brain revealed that he, too, had CTE. She has been in the company of Lil Wayne for months. The singer and actress, who was briefly married to The Dream with whom she has a daughter, said the entrepreneur is her 'man crush. A child abuse investigator visited the home of Jessica McCarty after she allegedly texted a friend that she was going to kill herself, the report said.

McCarty told the investigator that she'd taken sleeping pills and muscle relaxers. The grandmother also said her daughter had recently been under investigation for credit card fraud, according to the report released by the Department of Children and Families. The investigator felt the children were in intermediate danger and said they had inadequate supervision, but noted that their father and grandmother seemed like capable caregivers, according to the report.

McCarty was also referred to and was receiving mental health services, a DCF spokeswoman said Tuesday. McCarty called Friday and told police she'd killed her children. Authorities eventually fired several bean bag rounds to subdue her. Just before calling police, McCarty allegedly texted the father of her 5-month-old baby, Christopher, showing him photographs of blood throughout her home.

The baby died a few days later. There is no indication that the children were stabbed, although the children did have cuts on their bodies, police said. It was open to a page with a note that said, To my family, which indicated remorse for her actions. Another page was addressed to Christopher's father, asking him to keep the child's name alive.

DCF Secretary Mike Carroll has asked his top substance abuse and mental health expert to review the circumstances leading up to the killings. Supreme Court to halt his Tuesday execution, arguing mental illness and intellectual disability make him ineligible for the death penalty.

Cecil Clayton's appeal to the nation's top court comes after the highest court in Missouri rejected his claims in a decision over the weekend. The Santa Cruz closed off the week by putting the finishing touches on a franchise-high eleven game winning streak. In addition, the Bakersfield Jam are still riding a five-game winning streak. Each team's top performers throughout were quite clear. For Santa Cruz, it was none other than. In a league where plenty of pieces and players come and go from start to finish, the sharpshooter has provided the Warriors with a constant and consistent presence throughout this campaign.

Conversely, while leading the way for Bakersfield, the talented backcourt of and paired up to form a formidable one-two punch for the Jam. Impressively in his own right, Jackson posted a near triple-double average on the week with The likes of Thompson, McNeal, and Jackson undoubtedly deserve to be recognized for their most recent efforts, as demonstrated in this latest honor.

Their respective teams can only hope they continue to perform at such a high level with the playoffs approaching. Thursday, police said Jones walked out of the closed store carrying a bag and a struggle ensued as officers tried to arrest him.

During the struggle, an officer fired his gun once, hitting Jones, police said. Officers called paramedics, who rushed him to MetroHealth Medical Center. It has been by local media that Jones was unarmed. He had made off with "cigarettes and some money," according to the owner of Parkwood Grocery.

A rally is being planned for 3 p. The location has yet to be determined, though it will reportedly be near the scene of the shooting. Check in with for more information. The and have been squaring off over the past few weeks over the rights of. This game has been fun to watch as the front offices of both sides are essentially playing a game of chess.

So there's little reason the Warriors shouldn't be able to spread the Pelicans out and go crazy from deep, like they did to the Hawks. For the Warriors to win, they need to stay away from as much as possible on the offensive end. The Warriors are going into tonight with only two losses at home. They are at Oracle Arena, an absolutely astounding mark. In other words, the Warriors don't lose to loss teams at home when they're playing with most of their key players.

They just don't. It would be understandable if the Warriors were to rest some players who aren't injured, like Thompson, if they were on the road. They've already done so, thrice: At Denver, to much criticism, in a loss last week; at Philadelphia; and at Oklahoma City in a loss. They believe they can beat anyone, and with the sheer destruction they've had of pretty much every team this season, it is pretty hard to argue with that.

With the win v. ATL, improved to at home. Outscoring foes by PenOp chairman, Mr. He said the operators have made their comments on the guideline waiting for PenCom s final comment for official release to the industry operators by the end of April. On the mortgage financing , the PenOp boss noted that the pension act allows an employee to take a certain portion of his or her RSA balance for equity contribution in mortgage loan. He said the official guideline for this is still being awaited by the operators.

He informed that the frame work for informal sector operators participation in the contributory Pension scheme is out and that operators have commented on it having realised that they cannot ignore this all important segment of the pension market.

According to Yola, currently, there is obvious gap between the number of workers in the country and number of workers that have registered in the scheme as he observed that many Nigerians work with the informal sector as such, the industry cannot ignore them. According to him, the industry has to work on that because it requires funding by both federal government, pension operators and PenCom.

The law has said that it will be funded by government, operators and PenCom. The specific ration has not been worked out for PenCom and operators. He said with the minimum pension guarantee, the story has changed.

So what the PRA has done is to ensure that a lot of people have something after retirement. According to him there is a proposal for four different types of funds namely aggressive, Balance, Conservative and Retiree. Knight's defense attorney Matthew Fletcher said that his client has been dealing with both diabetes and a blood clot, and that Knight's frequent post-courtroom ambulance rides are a result of the exec not getting the proper medication he needs behind bars.

Since he was charged with the January 29th hit-and-run murder of Carter, Knight has been in solitary confinement, restricting his access to the medical care he needs. If the Lakers plan on turning things around, it will begin with the NBA Draft as well as free agency. Free agency will be full of a number of players capable of making an impact for the Lakers and according to , recently retired point guard Steve Nash says he would help the Lakers recruit free agents if they want him to: Nash also noted that he s open to help the Lakers in July, or next July, if needed to recruit FA, if the team so desires Eric Pincus EricPincus Any help the Lakers could get in bringing big-name talent to Los Angeles should be welcome.

The Lakers don t have the most talented roster and they have to figure out a way to convince players to take part in a quick rebuild. The draft will also play a major role in the summer as the Lakers will have multiple draft picks in what is expected to be a relatively deep draft. Combined with the cap room the Lakers have in free agency, the trajectory of the franchise could change drastically if all goes well. On the court, Nash was unable to make the impact he would have liked, but he has the opportunity to make a major impact for the Lakers after his retirement.

While that may not make up for his failed three years, it would be a nice consolation. Comment Policy: We encourage you to add a comment to this discussion. All comments should be relevant to the topic and remain respectful of other authors and others who submit comments. You are solely responsible for your own comments, the consequences of posting those comments, and the consequences of any reliance by you on the comments of others.

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Microsoft's top priority at the moment is clearly more usage, not sales. The company is letting mobile users run Office on their phones and tablets free, in hopes of eventually luring them to buy premium features available through an Office subscription service. This so-called freemium approach to making money is the standard for countless app startups today. It is, however, a bit riskier for a company like Microsoft with a colossal, mature software franchise like Office, one that brings in billions of dollars in revenue a year.

Microsoft does not seem worried that giving away a functional version of Office for mobile will kill its business. And it certainly does not seem to be slowing the pace of its efforts to make Office a mainstay for Android and iOS users. We're comfortable with the model as it stands, Johnson said.

The PenOp boss also reassured Nigerians that pension fund is in safe custody and has not got lost. He said his assurance in this regard is based on resent reports by some media that pension fund is Lost.

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