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In the former case, you need the article about buying Bitcoins with a debit card. If your PayPal account does not have a card, then this localbitcoins sell paypal verified is for you. Such a purchase is visible on the blockchain and provides the real possibility to transfer Bitcoins between wallets. Nevertheless, account wallets on such resources are not actually controlled by users because users do not have access to the private key. To avoid losing your crypto assets it is recommended to withdraw Bitcoins to an external wallet shortly after purchase. Officially regulated exchanges are known to track user transactions on the blockchain and ban accounts that seem suspicious to them.

100 million bitcoins stolen babies racno csgo betting

100 million bitcoins stolen babies

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This story has been shared 60, times. This story has been shared 44, times. View author archive email the author follow on twitter Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. More On: cybercurrency. The wildest part? Ellis was just 15 years old at the time of the theft. Nick Truglia left was found guilty on civil charges of stealing cryptocurrency from Michael Terpin right — a scheme allegedly led by Ellis Pinsky. I could buy you and all your family. Private-jet membership.

Stephen Yang. Audi R8. Getty Images. Up Next Close You won't be able to unsee these freaky cardboard fans. Back Continue. Read Next Cup fit for a King: Elvis' bedazzled jockstrap hits auctio Share Selection. Listen Now. Now On Now on Page Six. Video length 1 minute 3 seconds Baby freaks out trying chocolate for the first time.

North Face gear 30 percent off during massive Winter Sale. Sling TV offers free trial for limited-time anniversary deal. Best Presidents Day sales 28 huge deals from top brands. More Stories. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! And plus, as an application, it doesn't need a server behind it. So it's our blockchain technology, a SQL server with a database. But by this stage, thanks to Curry and Bjercke, she knew that a standard SQL server database was no basis for a genuine cryptocurrency.

The manager of the database could go in and change it at will. The inescapable conclusion was that those rising numbers on the OneCoin website were meaningless - they were just numbers typed into a computer by a OneCoin employee. Far from putting an end to their financial worries, she and her friends and family had thrown a quarter of a million euros away. Dr Ruja was still travelling the world to sell her vision - hopping from Macau to Dubai to Singapore, filling out arenas, pulling in new investors.

OneCoin was still growing fast, and Dr Ruja was starting to spend her new fortune: buying multi-million-dollar properties in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, and the Black Sea resort of Sozopol. In her downtime she would throw parties on her luxurious yacht The Davina.

At one, in July , the American pop star Bebe Rexha performed a private set. Despite the successful facade, trouble was brewing. The opening of a long-promised exchange that would allow OneCoin to be turned into cash kept being delayed - and investors were growing more and more concerned.

Nobody knew why she wasn't there," recalls one delegate. Frantic calls and messages went unanswered. The head office in Sofia, where she was such an imposing presence, didn't know anything either. Dr Ruja had vanished. Some feared she'd been killed or kidnapped by the banks, who - they'd been told - had most to fear from the cryptocurrency revolution.

In fact, she had gone underground. FBI records presented in court documents earlier this year indicate that on 25 October , just two weeks after her Lisbon no-show, she boarded a Ryanair flight from Sofia to Athens. And then went completely off radar. That was the last time anyone saw or heard from Dr Ruja.

Igor Alberts is wearing black-and-gold everything. Black-and-gold shoes, black-and-gold pleated suit, black-and-gold shirt, black-and-gold sunglasses, and he has a thick black-and-gold ring on. And every item of clothing is Dolce and Gabbana. His wife, Andreea Cimbala, nods along, adding that if he wakes up and puts on pink underwear, he sticks to pink as he chooses his shirt, trousers and jacket.

They live in an enormous house in an affluent neighbourhood on the outskirts of Amsterdam. At the gated entrance to their mansion is a 10ft-high wrought iron gate with their names and the slogan "What dreams may come". A Maserati and Aston Martin are parked outside. Alberts was brought up in a poor neighbourhood. Then he got into network marketing, or multi-level marketing MLM as it is often known, and started making money.

Lots of money. I sell a box to my friends, Georgia and Phil, and make a small cut. But then I recruit Georgia and Phil to start selling too, and I make a cut on their sales as well. They are now in what's called my downline. Phil and Georgia both recruit two people, and then all four of them recruit two more, and so on. This mushrooms very rapidly - 25 rounds of recruitment later and everyone in the UK would be selling vitamins.

And I, at the top, would be making a cut on all the sales. MLM is not illegal. Big companies like Amway and Herbalife use these techniques. But it is controversial, because usually only a small number of people make all the money. It's also notorious for exaggerated promises of high earnings and tough sales targets. When there is nothing of value to sell, though, and all the money is made by recruiting other people, it is illegal and goes by another name: a pyramid scheme.

In May , already a very successful MLM seller, Igor Alberts was invited to a OneCoin event in Dubai, where he met lots of people, all apparently making fortunes with this new currency. Dr Ruja herself made a powerful impression too, with her "princess's dresses" and her vision of a financial revolution.

Igor returned with a new mission - and gave new instructions to all the salespeople in his downline: stop whatever you're doing, and start selling OneCoin. Dr Ruja's genius was to recognise that established MLM sellers with huge downlines were the perfect vehicle to market her fake coin - a plan the FBI says she privately referred to as "the bitch of Wall Street, meets MLM". This was the secret of OneCoin's success. It wasn't just a fake cryptocurrency, it was an old-fashioned pyramid scheme, with the fake coin as its "product".

No wonder it spread like wildfire. But they used some of this cash to buy more OneCoin. They, like almost everyone else involved, were convinced they were earning a fortune. It's easy as that. The nature of MLM networks - where people often recruit others who are close to them - creates a blurred sense of responsibility. Blame is not easy to apportion. And if sellers have invested their own money, they are victims too.

He didn't get it, and in December he quit. I ask if he felt guilty, for having sold so many people a coin that didn't exist, and for having made so much money in the process. Not guilt," he replies. I had no clue that it could be false. I didn't even know what is a blockchain… What doubt can I have?

By contrast, Jen McAdam says she bears a heavy burden of guilt. She feels guilty towards those who she introduced to OneCoin, she says, but also towards her late father, a miner, who worked hard all his life in horrible conditions, and left her the money that she then gave away. It's hard to know how much money has been put into OneCoin. There's a famous saying in journalism, "Follow the money. The problem, he explains, is that following the money isn't as easy as it sounds, because criminals structure their companies and bank accounts in such a way that their assets seem to disappear.

But when it comes to someone trying to find them - whether that's a journalist or a police officer - they are invisible. It's no surprise, then, that OneCoin's corporate structure is incredibly complicated. Here's an example: Ruja bought a very large property in central Sofia. Technically it was owned by a company called One Property. One Property was owned by another company called Risk Ltd. Risk Ltd was owned by Ruja, but was then transferred to some unnamed Panamanians, but it was still managed by another company called Peragon.

And Peragon was owned by another company called Artefix, which was owned by Ruja's mother, Veska. And then in , the ownership of Artefix was sold to an unknown man in his 20s. For several months, a French journalist called Maxime Grimbert tried to unpick OneCoin's corporate workings, collecting as many company names and bank account details as he could. I show his results to Bullough, who immediately notices how many British companies there are. He takes the first one on the list and looks it up on the Companies House website.

Everything is meant to be transparent - the website contains the details of every company in the UK. It's thought to be a key anti-corruption tool. They have filed no financial information at all. The UK began to insist recently that companies must enter the name of the person with "significant control" - the real owner.

That's illegal… That is an anonymous shell company, as anonymous as anything that you can buy anywhere in the Seychelles or Nevis or the Marshall Islands or Vanuatu. So much for following the money. In an interconnected global economy, assets can simply vanish, and you end up chasing shadows. When you're dealing with a scam worth billions of euros, it's not unusual for shadowy groups to get involved.

Several of the people Georgia and I interviewed spoke darkly about mysterious people and connections they didn't want to name. He tells me he's received death threats as a result of speaking out. I would have just turned my back and walked away," he says. When I ask him who might be behind the threats, he won't elaborate.

It starts to get very very very scary, very very very fast. People involved at the early stages have told him it was never supposed to be a billion-dollar scam. She tried to close it down, he says, but the dark forces wouldn't let her. Igor Alberts, the MLM seller, also talks about the involvement of "very influential people".

When I ask for more details, he replies: "No, I cannot tell that because I don't want to take that risk with our lives. It's not clear who Bjorn and Igor are talking about, or whether they are even talking about the same people, but the US Department of Justice claims to have evidence of a link between Dr Ruja's brother, Konstantin Ignatov - who took over the running of OneCoin when Ruja disappeared - and "significant players in Eastern European organised crime".

Just as he was boarding his flight home, he was pounced on by FBI agents, arrested ,and charged with fraud in connection with OneCoin. Around the same time, the US authorities charged Dr Ruja in absentia for wire fraud, security fraud and money laundering. Amazingly, even after this, OneCoin continued to function - and people continued to invest in it.

When Georgia and I visited Sofia a month later, Dr Ruja's personal mansion appeared to be locked up and empty, but the OneCoin office gave every appearance of being a busy workplace. Investors often told us that what drew them in initially was the fear that they would miss out on the next big thing. They'd read, with envy, the stories of people striking gold with Bitcoin and thought OneCoin was a second chance. Many were struck by the personality and persuasiveness of the "visionary" Dr Ruja.

Investors might not have understood the technology, but they could see her talking to huge audiences, or at the Economist conference. They were shown photographs of her numerous degrees, and copies of Forbes magazine with her portrait on the front cover. The degrees are genuine. The Forbes cover isn't: it was actually an inside cover - a paid-for advertisement - from Forbes Bulgaria, but once the real cover was ripped off, it looked impressive.

But it seems it's not just the promise of riches that keeps people believing. She was entered into a Whatsapp group, with its own "leader" who disseminated information from the headquarters in Sofia. And McAdam's leader prepared her carefully for conversations with OneCoin sceptics. Even Google - 'Don't listen to Google! Prof Eileen Barker of the London School of Economics, who has spent years studying groups like the Moonies and Scientologists, says there are similarities between OneCoin and messianic millennium cults, where people believe they are part of something big that is going to change the world - and no matter what the evidence, once they've signed up, it's very hard for them to admit they are wrong.

You think, 'Wait a bit longer. Money might push people to invest in the first place, but the sense of belonging, of doing something, of achieving something, is why they stay, Barker says. In an ideal world, regulators would take action to protect consumers from scams like OneCoin.

But the authorities all over the world have been slow to react, partly because the whole area of cryptocurrencies is relatively new. Less than a year later, the warning was removed from the website. Game over. The fact that OneCoin was operating internationally also created difficulties for the authorities. Such explanations don't offer much comfort to those affected. She now runs Whatsapp support groups for OneCoin investors who realise they have been swindled.

Where's the help? More folk are going to promote this. It's a green light for the OneCoin scammers to continue and extort more money from innocent people in the UK and nothing has been done about it. They don't care! The City of London Police told the BBC: "There was insufficient evidence to support criminal proceedings against individuals based in the UK, though the force has never specified that there had been no concerns surrounding OneCoin.

The force has provided assistance to foreign law enforcement partners in respect of their investigations concerning OneCoin personnel and will continue to do this. If you believe you have been a victim of fraud in relation to OneCoin or you suspect someone of actively marketing OneCoin, please come forward and report it to Action Fraud online. Until this week, however, the OneCoin head office remained open for business - and people were continuing to promote the currency.

Today doors are locked. No lights visible through the windows. In the Ntangamo region of Uganda, not far from Rwandan border, most people make their living growing bananas, or sometimes cassava, sweet potato, beans or groundnut. He already had , shillings in savings, and to raise the rest he returned from the capital, Kampala, to his family home, took three goats raised by his younger brothers, and sold them.

Daniel is one of thousands of Ugandans who've bought into Dr Ruja's fake cryptocurrency - and the OneCoin financial documents leaked to the BBC reveal that as time went on, investors like him became increasingly important to OneCoin. In Europe, less money was invested in the first six months of compared to the same period in But in Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, it was the other way round.

As the money started drying up in Europe, promoters turned more and more to countries like Uganda. Daniel took me and Georgia to meet Prudence, who first introduced him to OneCoin. They are still friends, even though both now realise it's a scam. Prudence is a nurse in a Kampala slum, who thought she could make more money selling OneCoin and set about recruiting new investors.

A senior promoter gave her a nice car to impress customers, and instructed her to visit farmers when their crops were being harvested and they had money in their pocket. People in villages trust people from the city, Prudence tells us. To buy the packages some sold their cattle, their land and even their houses - with disastrous consequences.

Some are running because they got loans from a bank. Some are hiding. Some are divorced. If anyone asks Prudence when the investment is going to deliver the promised riches, she tells them to wait. She can't bring herself to tell them the truth. I don't want those people I introduced into OneCoin to see me moving around. They can easily kill me.

They thought I ate their money. But though she has stopped recruiting, many others haven't, and there are still plenty of interested buyers, she says. One of the main OneCoin offices in Kampala is attached to a church. There are videos of the minister, known as Bishop Fred, leading the congregation in call and response.

Bishop Fred, we learned, is now one of the country's top promoters of OneCoin, though he says it's no longer promoted during church services. As in other countries, OneCoin has spread here through networks of friends and families. Together with Daniel, Georgia and I travel south to meet his mother.

She lives in a concrete house with a tin roof - five small rooms, a small television and a cooking area. A towel covers the front door, and a few metres away is her land, where she grows her own food and sells anything left over at the local market. But when Daniel found out about OneCoin, it suddenly seemed like a much better alternative. His mother had doubts, but he persuaded her to put the money into OneCoin instead. She had no computer or smartphone, to do her own research.

She doesn't speak English either, so I'm shocked to discover, as we sit and talk, that Daniel has never actually told his mother that the money is lost. They keep postponing this. That I don't know what they're thinking. Maybe it's just a delay.

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When Google finally shut it down in September , the internet saw nostalgic tributes. For many, Orkut was their introduction to social networking. Now, year-old Buyukkokten is back in the game. The location-based social network is due for launch in India by September.

Buyukkokten spoke to TOI over a video call from San Francisco and discussed his time spent at Google, building Orkut, and the way we are online. After making a dramatic entry into the African market late last year that was marked by as much drama as elsewhere in the world, global taxi hailing service Uber is facing tough times in the Kenyan market, thanks to a number of innovative tech start-ups that are giving the company a run for its money.

Local start-ups in the East African country have come up with innovative apps similar to that of Uber, but which have additional features suited to the local market situation and demands. While Uber in Kenya has a provision for cash payments in a country where electronic payments remain a preserve of the elite, local firms have come up with a payment feature where fares can be paid by use of the popular and ever-growing mobile money service M-Pesa, a Kenyan creation that has caught the attention of the entire world of money transfers.

Finland is home to fewer children now than at anytime in the last century. In a decade the number of pensioners will exceed the number of working-aged adults. The latest projections from Statistics Finland paint a sparse and elderly future.

A global innovation rating has found Switzerland to be the most innovative nation in the world for the sixth consecutive year even if some other countries are on its heels. The lead group of countries continued to be mainly composed of most economically advanced nations, while innovation is lagging in many developing countries, but China and India made notable leaps up the list this year.

The rankings stirred a broader discussion today of the shifting global economy and the role of innovation, including a call for a new approach to global innovation governance. As wireless companies prepare to launch the next generation of service, there are new questions about the possible health risks from radiation emitted by cellphones and the transmitters that carry the signals.

Concerns about the potential harmful effects of radiofrequency radiation have dogged mobile technology since the first brick-sized cellphones hit the market in the s. Industry and federal officials have largely dismissed those fears, saying the radiation exposure is minimal and that the devices are safe. Incidences of and deaths from brain cancer have shown little change in recent years despite the explosion in cellphone usage, they note. I know it sounds familiar because we all love our data.

The social costs stemming from dangerous levels of lead in the drinking water of Flint, Mich. One of the charities relies on Big Pharma for 70 per cent of its funding and has a trustee with financial links to Janssen-Cilag, which manufactures the Ibrutinib drug.

When the U. The U. Food and Drug Administration approved the controversial study by U. A Keys woman says a protest Tuesday at the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board will target the release of genetically modified mosquitoes. I think this will be the opportunity for moms, teachers, nurses to have a voice. The meeting starts at 3 p. Agenda items include an update on the Zika virus and the U. Aedes aegypti spread Zika, which can cause birth defects in the children of pregnant women, and whose symptoms include fever and pain in the joints, bones and muscles.

Its best-selling weedkiller is made from a chemical called glyphosate that the World Health Organisation has found to probably cause cancer. Yet its use is now so widespread that traces are found in one out of every three loaves of bread in the UK. Concerns are growing over the possibility of a rigged presidential election.

Roughly 70 percent of states in the U. Hackers told CBS News that problems with electronic voting machines have been around for years. The machines and the software are old and antiquated. But now with millions heading to the polls in three months, security experts are sounding the alarm, reports CBS News correspondent Mireya Villarreal. But it Could be Hacked. Researchers from the Vrije University in the Netherlands have revealed a new version of the infamous Rowhammer attack that is effective at compromising Linux VMs, often used for cloud hosting services.

A while back, I found myself in need of some TLS certificates set up and issued for a testing environment. A man named Ivan Kwiatkowski managed to install Locky ransomware on the machine of a person who was pretending to be a tech support executive of a reputed company. Ivan wrote his experiences in a blog post tells that how the tech support scammer fell into the pit he dug for innocent people. Recent reports that TCP connections can be hijacked have kicked an anthill at Kernel.

Linus and others have a patch. A patch to fix a weakness in the transmission control protocol used in the Linux kernel since , which could lead to remote hijacking of Internet connections, is available in the public stable queue tree and is likely to be included in the next stable release. H was one piece in a picture to ensure HackerOne is the very best platform and community for hackers to hack, learn, and grow.

The cloud continues to be a significant force in enterprise computing and technology adoption. Enterprises that have adopted cloud have seen slashes capital expenses, increased agility, centralized information management, and scaled their businesses quickly. A top US commander has claimed the military campaigns in Iraq and Syria have taken 45, enemy combatants off the battlefield and reduced the total number of Islamic State fighters to as few as 15, Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland said both the quality and number of Isis fighters was declining, while warning that it was difficult to determine accurate numbers.

Earlier estimates put the number of Islamic State fighters at between 19, and 25, but US officials say the range is now roughly 15, to 20, Other routes still open to it, such as Jarabulus, are also under pressure and could be the next target of the Syrian Democratic Forces. It is much further to import foreign munitions. Daesh as a territorial power is coming to a slow end; Daesh as a source of terrorism still has a good long run.

There had been no al-Qaeda in Iraq before Bush invaded. Operatives flocked there to fight the US troops, and gathered under the rubric first of al-Tawhid of the Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. But al-Zarqawi initially had bad relations with Usama Bin Laden.

In order to fight the US presence, he made up and joined al-Qaeda and formed al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia. I have just heard the result. Very disappointed. People joined the Labour party in order to take part in the party and were specifically told that they were able to vote in the leadership election and that was decided by the high court that they could.

The New York Times is the best old-style, broad-sheet newspaper in America; it still covers the world with resourceful and enterprising reporters and commentators. Those days are over; one hopes for something a bit more worldly. Truthout recently interviewed Hersh about the book. After all, why support just Hillary Clinton or just Jeb Bush when you can hedge your bets and donate to both?

This seems to be the thinking of a group of powerful men and women—racetrack owners, bankers, media barons, chicken magnates, hedge funders and their spouses. Some of them have net worths that can eclipse the GDPs of small countries. A Saudi-led coalition airstrike has hit a hospital in Yemen on Monday, killing at least seven and injuring at least 13, Reuters reports.

Ten children were killed and 28 other children were wounded on Saturday when an airstrike struck a school in northern Yemen, medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders said. All the casualties were years old, the group, which uses its French acronym, MSF, posted on Twitter. Yemeni officials say that the U. Yemeni officials and aid workers say an airstrike on a school purportedly carried out by the Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen has killed at least 10 children and wounded dozens more.

An investigation by ProPublica and The Washington Post finds that Secretary of State Clinton initially pressed to keep civilian programs and listening posts after the U. Men shaved their beards which had been imposed on them by the fundamentalists and women threw off their burqas full-face veils and burned them.

The burqa is a Gulf custom, not a Muslim one, and many Muslim countries frown on it, including Egypt. In it was banned in Syrian schools. People were also happy in the city that Daesh fighters, who had taken 2, hostages, released some of them as they escaped for Jarabulus, the last major border town they hold.

Liberals are amping up their opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP on and off of Capitol Hill, amid escalating concerns that the package will get an 11th hour vote after the November elections. Rosa DeLauro D-Conn. In this strategy memo on why progressive Democrats and Empire-skeptic Republicans should do what they reasonably can to assist efforts to block the recently proposed Saudi arms deal, I will cover four points.

Rand Paul R-Ky. Saudi Arabia is an unreliable ally with a poor human rights record. We should not rush to sell them advanced arms and promote an arms race in the Middle East. Congressional opposition to the arms sale came as the Saudi-led, U.

Paul and Sen. Chris Murphy D-Conn. Online hacktivists have thrown the Democratic elite into complete chaos after a pair of websites, Guccifer 2. The Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist a major donor to the Democratic Party and, predictably, conservative and other ideological websites are having a field day with the data drop. But while the level has been increasing at about 3. Fresh evidence, in a study published today in Scientific Reports, suggests the scientists were right, and that satellite measurements have been distorted by the eruption in of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines.

The volcanic eruption, the second-largest of the 20th century, is estimated to have spewed almost 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere, lowering global temperatures by about 1 degree Fahrenheit from to , as gas and dust particles blocked solar radiation, and causing sea levels to drop.

The researchers, from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, the University of Colorado at Boulder, and Old Dominion University, used models to calculate the impact of the Pinatubo eruption and found that sea levels fell about six millimeters. In a new piece published Monday in The New Republic, the co-founder of the global climate action group In the North this summer, a devastating offensive is underway. Enemy forces have seized huge swaths of territory; with each passing week, another 22, square miles of Arctic ice disappears.

Experts dispatched to the battlefield in July saw little cause for hope, especially since this siege is one of the oldest fronts in the war. Recent press accounts report that ExxonMobil is now actively promoting a carbon tax. But wait a minute. If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

So one might well ask: Is this anything more than a PR ploy? Finally, on the afternoon of July 26, the Ministry announced the proposed plant would be delayed indefinitely. In , Diane Arbus took a photo of a lanky young boy in Central Park holding a hand grenade. He stands before the camera, a deranged look on his face, his free hand contorted into a menacing claw.

Over 7, people have been rescued, at least three people have died, and a state of emergency has been declared. John Bel Edwards said Saturday. More than 7, people have been rescued from their homes after massive floods swept across Louisiana, and officials warned Sunday that even though the rain had subsided, dangers loomed. John Bel Edwards said Sunday. As The Siberian Times reports, this year the permafrost melt has been three times more extreme than usual above the Arctic Circle, causing erosion near graveyards of a town where smallpox wiped out 40 percent of the population decades ago.

A year-old boy died after consuming infected venison, other people are believed to have died or become infected with the disease, and thousands of reindeer suspected of carrying it have been killed and incinerated. Anthrax, an infection caused by the bacterium Bacillum anthracis, can occur naturally in certain soils, with infection usually spread by grazing animals.

It has also been developed for use in chemical warfare. A massive swath of hot water off the West Coast of North America devastated marine life for years—killing sea lions, whales, starfish, birds, and more—and new research finds that such marine heatwaves are growing more and more frequent. Then emaciated and dehydrated sea lion pups began showing up, stranded and on the brink of death. A surge in dead whales was reported in the same region, and that was followed by the largest toxic algal bloom in history seen along the Californian coast.

Plague, famine, pestilence and death was sweeping the northern Pacific Ocean between and A biologist spied the calf drifting on its side, as if at play. Seawater flushed in and out of its open jaws. Spray washed over its slack pink tongue. Death, even the gruesome kind, is usually too familiar to spark alarm in the wild north. But late the next morning, the start of Memorial Day weekend, passengers aboard the ferry Kennicott spotted another whale bobbing nearby. Her blubber was thick. She looked healthy.

But she was dead too. Kathi Lefebvre is talking about the whales as we crunch across a windy, rocky beach, miles north of Kodiak. In a typical year eight whales are found dead in the western Gulf of Alaska. But in at least a dozen popped up in June alone, their bodies so buoyant that gulls used them as fishing platforms. All summer the Pacific Ocean heaved rotting remains into rocky coves along the more than 1,mile stretch from Anchorage to the Aleutian Islands.

Whole families of brown bears feasted on their carcasses. Now the two of us are on Kachemak Bay in Homer, Alaska, inching toward a wheezing, dying sea otter sprawled out on the shore. Otter deaths are skyrocketing on the shoreline beneath the snowcapped Kenai Mountains, so Lefebvre is here to see whether the fates of these otters and whales are somehow intertwined.

On Monday it was confirmed that the Earth has broken an ominous climate milestone amid a wave of troubling records: July was the hottest recorded month—ever. According to new NASA data, the global mean surface temperatures last month were 0.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA releases its monthly temperature report on Wednesday and it is likely theirs will reflect a month streak of record-shattering heat. Some previous reporting on monthly records here, here, here, and here. I returned home angry. Trump denies that climate change is real, while Clinton, vastly funded by a banking industry that finances the industries that are destroying the earth, by energy companies, power companies and automotive companies that are doing the actual destruction, has no intention of taking dramatic action to halt the pumping of more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

A recent analysis of more than industry documents conducted by the Center for International Environmental Law CIEL , a Washington, DC-based advocacy group, has revealed that the oil industry knew of the risks its business posed to the global climate decades before originally suspected. If that is true, it would be highly significant — and damning for Big Oil — because the tactics used by the tobacco industry to downplay the connection between smoking and cancer were eventually deemed to have violated federal racketeering laws by a federal court.

The ruling dashed efforts by Big Tobacco to find legal cover under the First Amendment, which just happens to be the same strategy that ExxonMobil and its GOP allies are currently using to defend the company against allegations of fraud. Once Kate Downing and her husband Steve did the math, it was obvious that if they wanted to raise a family, staying in Palo Alto, California, was not an option. Although Steve, 33, works as a software engineer at a nearby Silicon Valley technology company and Kate, 31, is a product attorney at another tech firm, the cost of owning a home near their jobs has simply become too steep for them.

Instead, the couple will soon relocate 45 miles south to Santa Cruz, a city by the beach where they can afford to purchase a home and eventually raise children. For SEIU Local 32BJ, which handles , property service workers along the East Coast from New Hampshire to Florida, this was a chance to reclaim the history of a campaign that did the unthinkable in the early s. But in this case, he was joining a bipartisan chorus of businesspeople, economists and lawmakers who say the monthly employment report is an artificial portrait deliberately airbrushed by statisticians to make the jobs picture look better than it really is.

Out of the economic maelstrom of the last decade, Donald Trump has emerged as the improbable, and self-proclaimed, champion of American workers. Whether we shop for sustenance at a chain grocery store, the corner bodega or even at a farmers market, we all share a basic desire—to not get sick from the food that is supposed to nourish us. But not all nations have the same food safety standards as ours, and if the controversial trade deal known as the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP goes into effect, some of the food in our stores may not be safe to eat.

The TPP is instead intended to allow corporations to expand into new markets and make more money. If passed, it will overwhelm already overtaxed border inspectors, flood our food system with potentially unsafe imports and even empower other countries to challenge our common sense food safety protections as illegal trade barriers. Between and , the percentage of wage income escaping taxation went from This means that the greater share of wages going to the top 1 percent of wage earners accounts for over 70 percent of the increase in untaxed earnings.

Or at least that is the theory put forward by the Institute of Fiscal Studies, which has calculated the cost of leaving the single market. Sports Direct has agreed to pay money back to thousands of workers who lost out after being effectively paid less than minimum wage by the company while employed in its warehouses, according to a report from The Guardian.

These myths could nonetheless have very real consequences: this is the self-image that the Brexit campaign portray and which many think they will revive by voting to Leave. Last week I joined activists and campaigners from across the globe who came to Canada for the World Social Forum. A major topic of discussion was the problems with TTIP-style free trade agreements and how we can stop them.

Unless we stop it. Taken as whole, with exceptions, the American people have the strangest attitude toward the Congress. Our national legislature spends nearly a quarter of our income and affects us one way or another every day of the year. Yet too many people withdraw in disgust instead of making Congress accountable to them. People have a low regard for Capitol Hill. People know that Congress takes a lot of days off — all with pay.

Senators and Representatives work over fewer days than average Americans do. Specifically, members were in session days in and in This year the House is scheduled to be in session for only days, with the August recess alone stretching nearly six weeks. This is what shrunken dreams look like. This Britain post-Brexit contained not one reference to Scottish independence and the prospect of any future referendum. Many people, particularly in London elites, will say that these divisions have always existed as they currently do.

They tell themselves they are a cosmopolitan, outward focused group — but only with time for similar minded people. The second factor is the emergence of an English nationalism — which in large part presents itself in opposition to the above. It would be a huge step forward if his critics could acknowledge that the recent pattern of trade has been harmful to large segments of the population. Furthermore, this is due to the way trade policy was designed, not the uncontrollable forces of globalization.

It is unfortunate when we get a more honest discussion of a major policy issue from Donald Trump than the New York Times. Recent evidence suggests that the Affordable Care Act is helping to reduce the burden of medical debt for American consumers. Yet, especially in states that have not expanded Medicaid, millions of Americans still lack insurance and many plans offer thin coverage.

The result is that in , 64 million people were struggling with medical debt, the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States. My report details the results of two surveys in and Demos commissioned to explore the finances of lower to middle-income households carrying credit card debt. I find that households carrying medical debt on their credit card are more likely to take extreme measures to pay off their debts and forgo care. Medical debt has significant negative impacts on household finances, even when people are insured.

A public option could help reduce the chances of people taking on medical debt, and that more rigorous consumer protection could mitigate the consequences. Responses varied. A few bluntly compared Trump to Hitler. And some likened his campaign to a stunt, instead of an honest attempt to win the White House.

Lots of people described the man with the darkest of humor: His campaign is a joke, but not a funny one. How much does the UK contribute to the EU each week? Misleading claims supported by murky statistics were used on both sides of the EU referendum debate.

For the leaders of the fight for racial equality throughout the twentieth century, anti-discrimination and anti-capitalism went hand in hand; the struggle for economic justice was always viewed as integral to and inseparable from the struggle for racial justice.

Bayard Rustin, the key organizer of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, emphasized the importance of organized labor in advancing the rights and material conditions of black Americans in a essay, in which he asserted both the centrality of unions and the need for a radical approach to inequality. If ten major TV networks got together and decided to nationally televise a presidential debate restricted to Republican nominee Donald Trump and right-leaning Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, while barring other candidates including Democrat Hillary Clinton, it would be recognized as an act of media bias or exclusion.

But what if the televised debates this fall are restricted to just Trump and Clinton? That, too, needs to be recognized as an intentional act of media exclusion. In the coming weeks, we need to generate a debate about the debates — who controls them and which candidates are included.

Beginning in , major TV networks granted journalistic control over the debates to a private organization with no official status: the Commission on Presidential Debates. If any of those people or entities believe they can prove a case of libel, it might be a huge one. Are you listening, Rupert? According to Mr. The trouble is that those individuals and nations named above object.

They insist, we are told, that the United States should have the policy of beginning a nuclear war. Has any legislature pretending to represent any of those populations voted on this? Of course not. Has Mr. Kerry, Mr. Carter, or Mr. Moniz been evaluated by a psychiatrist? Was Mr. Kerry against this before he was for it? The important question, I believe, is whether they want to start the nuclear war with any hatred or bigotry in mind.

Now, I am not claiming to have fathomed the evil of Mr. Trump, but it has been U. And it is my strong suspicion that a nuclear war and the nuclear winter and nuclear famine it would bring to the earth would harm at least some families of every existing type. The 15 percent threshold had been announced months ago, but the commission released its polling selections on Monday after consultation with Frank Newport, the editor-in-chief of Gallup.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump are virtually assured a slot each on the stage for the Sept. As of Monday, neither Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson nor Green Party nominee Jill Stein would qualify, and neither has come close to hitting 15 percent in any qualifying poll. Understandably Mr. I work very, very hard. Hillary Clinton has imparted new meaning to words that were commonly associated with things electrical.

Clinton was discussing her use of email while serving as Secretary of State. Although the use or misuse of her email is of no substantive importance, her attempts to consistently explain her email procedures, while serving as Secretary of State, has given the question a life of its own that far overshadows any substantive concerns over her practices.

As Central Americans surged across the U. Arrivals of Central American families at the border have continued unabated while court rulings have forced the administration to step back from its original approach to the border surge. In hundreds of other detention contracts given out by the U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, federal payouts rise and fall in step with the percentage of beds being occupied.

But in this case, CCA is paid for percent capacity even if the facility is, say, half full, as it has been in recent months. His chances, as measured in the polls, went almost overnight from fairly decent to utter crap. For much of this year, populism had the gilded class really worried. There was Bernie Sanders and the unthinkable threat of a socialist president.

There was the terrifying Brexit vote. As it has no doubt scared many of his rich friends to learn over the past few years that the people formerly known as middle class are angry about losing their standard of living to the same forces that are making those rich people ever more comfortable. To this end, Birgitta is hoping that the company Unity Technologies could take part in the project.

The solution was to move the real hashes to another file, called master. BSD systems also turn the text passwd files into a database file so that calling getpwnam is fast even with thousands of users on a 10MHz vax. On some systems, e. Linux, there are two sets of functions. Normal functions like getpwnam that open the regular passwd files, and shadow functions like getspnam that open the files with password hashes.

The problem is that struct passwd and struct spwd are not the same, making it difficult to write code that can work with both variants. Everything must be written twice, even though the code will be identical except for a few characters difference.

Imagine what a Commons party could achieve with this menu! In his latest major interview, Sanders spoke for the fearful, the despairing, and the angries about what those in other times and other places did to change their countries, and to follow their example unless we want to be ruled by lesser evils preferring we vanish. Outrage over how big money influences American politics has been boiling over this political season, energizing the campaigns of GOP nominee Donald Trump and former Democratic candidate Sen.

Bernie Sanders alike. Elections are really about giving the people what they want. Money, they claim, has negligible impact on elections. That was a good line for Cold War propaganda, and good for tenure, too. Corporate titans seized upon it to argue that their money should be freer to flow into political campaigns.

Not only billionaires, but academics, too, argued that more money in elections meant more democracy. Even today, many academics and pundits still insist that money matters less to political outcomes than ordinary citizens think, even as business executives throw down mind-boggling sums to dine with politicians and Super Pacs spring up like mushrooms. The few dissenters from this consensus, like Noam Chomsky, are ignored in the U.

For example, Lennar Corp. While critics of the institutions may have long suspected that corporate donors receive special treatment from the think tanks they back, think tanks have managed to maintain an air of independence and the respect of many policy makers in Washington D. The newly revealed emails are striking in part because they reveal how corporate interests have affected left-wing think tanks like Brookings, which are sometimes regarded as less under the corporate thumb than right-wing overtly pro-corporate think thanks like the American Enterprise Institute or The Heartland Institute.

The documents show the precise ways that corporate donors are able to control the messages coming out of the think tanks they fund behind the scenes, while still preserving a public veneer of independence. Donors have outlined how the resulting scholarship will be used as part of broader lobbying efforts. And even harder to take. At a sports bar 1, miles away in Goldsboro, N. But Dominic Cicerone has a similar sense of foreboding. Numbers have stabilized, and it looks like Hillary will win without the support of the Bernie-or-Bust crowd.

So why continue the vitriol? Yes, the old red under the bed tactic. Years ago, when Boris Yeltsin came to town, I had a chance to ask him one question. What makes you a Communist? By the time Yeltsin became president, opposition parties were still banned. Yet the system still required you to be a card-carrying Communist to run for office. But in America, since the Dem-Repub duopoly took over our system in , if you want to be president, you have to be the nominee of one of the two major parties.

The G. They already have a 1-percenter who will be totally fine in the Oval Office, someone they can trust to help Wall Street, boost the U. Chamber of Commerce, cuddle with hedge funds, secure the trade deals beloved by corporate America, seek guidance from Henry Kissinger and hawk it up — unleashing hell on Syria and heaven knows where else. The erstwhile Goldwater Girl and Goldman Sachs busker can be counted on to do the normal political things, not the abnormal haywire things.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spoke via video stream to the Green Party convention in Houston, Texas, about the corporate control of information during the election. He also predicted that attacks against Green Party nominee Dr. Several establishment journalists, including those known for their open contempt for dissent, turned their attention to Stein to marginalize her campaign before it picked up more than a small amount of support from disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters.

The Washington Post is primarily responsible for this smear. At the moment, over a dozen media outlets have picked up the interview and chastised Stein for supposedly having anti-science views. Imagine a world. Worse still, the goal-posts of what could be offensive or indeed interpreted as such are constantly moving.

Morphing your plan to ban muslims into a plan to ban folks based on geographic origins is no less stupid than promising folks to police the thoughts of candidates for immigration. Donald Trump on Monday will lay out his strategy for defeating radical Islamic terrorism, painting the fight as an ideological struggle on par with that of the Cold War. In Ohio, the Republican presidential nominee will lay out proposals to combat ISIS and prevent terrorist attacks in the US, including banning individuals from countries with heavy terrorist footprints where the US government cannot adequately vet visa applicants and increasing cooperation with willing Middle Eastern allies, a senior Trump campaign official said.

When you are logged in to your Google Account, YouTube keeps a running list of everything you watch on the site for a few reasons. For one, YouTube uses your viewing history to suggest other videos it thinks you may like, similar to the way Netflix makes recommendations for its members.

Next, click the Pause Watch History button. If you would also like to wipe out the collected list of clips, click the Clear All Watch History button next to it. People who leak Government information will be targeted with a new offence that carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail. Its introduction is a response to a broad-sweeping intelligence review by Sir Michael Cullen and Dame Patsy Reddy, released in March with recommendations.

An internal NZ investigation revealed that the New Zealand government mistook a group of NZ-based Fijian pro-democracy activists for terrorists and illegally spied on 88 of them between and , including Fullman. A big part of those revelations was PRISM, a system that allowed the government to expediently request and collect data from a variety of huge internet companies including Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft and more. Fullman was apparently targeted because New Zealand believed that he was planning an act of terrorism, but it turns out that intelligence was incorrect.

A new report based on the leaks of former U. A New Zealand man had his communications monitored, probably illegally, his home raided and his passport cancelled by the SIS. Menendez to be tried on 7 fewer charges in bribery case China's Sinovel convicted in U.

It's complicated. England aiming for 'perfect game' as fast bowler Mark Wood admits that Eoin Morgan's side have big ambitions: 'We want to be winning that World Cup, we want to be world champions' Serena Williams demands an apology from Tennys Sandgren for calling her 'disgusting' in a string of deleted tweets that included support for the alt-right movement and suggested Pizzagate was real Warren Gatland confident Wales will win Six Nations despite injury crisis Bespectacled Zayn Malik bears an uncanny resemblance to scholarly Ghostbusters character Egon Spengler as he steps out in New York Blue Jackets' Dubinsky sent home for 'ongoing personal issues' Canada's Aurora Cannabis to buy rival to create world's most valuable weed firm The more the merrier!

Blues boss is losing sleep over his side's lack of depth Charles Lloyd, Andra Day to perform at Newport Jazz Festival Road blocks, gunfights in Mexican border city; 6 dead White House says dollar very stable, believes in free-floating currency Turkey's Erdogan calls on Trump to halt U.

Totting up speeding fines? Suffer from road rage? It might be written in the stars! Study links horoscopes to driving habits - what does your sign say about you? Arsenal Chelsea agg : Gunners come from behind to book place at Wembley as Granit Xhaka pokes in to secure Carabao Cup semi-final victory Special relationship sours: Trump now only gives May five or ten seconds to speak before he interrupts her with 'monologue' and refuses to visit UK unless she secures him a 'warm welcome' Femail reporter reveals what it's really like to go on vacation with a complete stranger Model on the move!

And an expert reveals how to do the same tricks at home Ben Affleck looks tired as he hits New York airport after enjoying back-to-back dates with Lindsay Shookus in the Big Apple Dani Alves dons new gold blazer as PSG star gets in Paris Fashion Week spirit by showing off his catwalk skills at home to model wife Joana Sanz 'Do you think a mermaid who swims all day would be that size?

Who'll find love on our blind date? Bizarre Killer Kanines Instagram pairs pictures of infamous murderers and criminals with their very own DOG 'doggelgangers' What is a oligoastrocytoma? The Cage in Essex that was once a prison for witches The 8 best markets in Berlin Marion Cotillard stuns in thigh-skimming jumper dress as she joins Paloma Faith at Jean-Paul Gaultier's Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week show Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials Breast cancer patients could be offered hormone therapy for a decade, says Nice Sheriff: Man attacks comedian on stage after being picked on Dollar extends weakness on Mnuchin remarks; bond prices down Welsh health service data centres briefly hit by technical issue Blonde ambition!

Julianne Hough puts her perfect abs on display during trip to LA gym No way! Could YOU identify a criminal from their looks alone? Korean, Chinese firms aiding Pyongyang Never bench press alone! Chef Gordon Ramsay promising Edmund a gourmet reward for title win Kyle Edmund has to play the attacking style against Marin Cilic that's seen him succeed in the Australian Open so far Anne Hathaway beams while chatting on her cell phone in LA Intimate pampering product range to go on sale in the UK for the first time - including exfoliator and cream to give a 'luminous heightened glow' Tourists drive into Lake Champlain after Waze directed them down a boat ramp into the freezing waters Kyle Edmund's teachers share memories of tennis star Forget free-handing!

According to a 'genius' beauty hack posted on Reddit, the secret to perfecting winged eyeliner lies in your medicine cabinet Hoard fit for a King! Charles I was one of the monarchy's most active art collectors and this exhibition of his acquisitions is well worth a trip Look, no hands! Did any escapees make it off Alcatraz alive? Amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst set out to be a hero, but is remembered as a fraud.

I was laughed at and called a bitch all the time': Basic Instinct's Sharon Stone on her humiliation by the Hollywood elite, the massive stroke that almost killed her and the man she wants to see locked up ON to plug nuclear profit gap with network, renewables growth Scientists create a supplement containing FIVE nutrients that can boost women's energy levels and it could even help them run faster Beyonce shows off slender post-baby body in tight skirt and leather jacket as she dines in Hollywood with Jay Z So much for Project Fear!

How to know amid mass production Foreign minister unaware of auction lot at men-only charity gala - UK PM's spokesman South Africa finance minister warns country will feel pain of tough budget UPDATE 1-Turkish border town hit by rockets, 13 wounded - governor New year, new photos? How fox hunters try to avoid run-ins with the law What are 'terrier men' - and what role do they play in fox-hunting? Celebrity Big Brother: 'I think we should make arrangements for me to go!

Korean arms industry -Treasury China's JD. Defamation case over display of swastika dismissed Olympics-Russia ban decision was "a balance", says IOC chief Bach Rocket hits Turkish border town, wounds at least 10 - Dogan 'Mother has watered the letter with her tears': The heartbreaking letters written by Holocaust victims to loved ones they would never see again Kate Hudson slips her gym-honed figure into playful frilled mini dress at Paris Fashion Week Nazi prison where , men, women and children suffered unimaginable horrors New parents Heidi and Spencer Pratt launch new Make Speidi Famous Again podcast Ghost hunters film inside 'Britain's most haunted house' and the results freak them both out… but is it just a trick of the light?

Paris Hilton's mother Kathy reveals she is planning her daughter's 'over-the-top' nuptials to Chris Zylka 'I just want people to know they're not alone': Demi Lovato, who is bipolar, offers therapy sessions to concertgoers before shows Businessman quits charity role over sexual harassment claims at fundraiser 'Don't worry': Trump lays out path to citizenship for Dreamers On eve of Trump trip, EU leaders warn against nationalism U. The revellers return! Anais Gallagher, 17, looks casually cool as she greets her new beau with a kiss at the college gates France says U.

Alabama lawmakers pass bill to end Senate special elections after Roy Moore fiasco 'You serve buns Police nab 24 shoplifters in Sydney sting Man jailed for stalking wife by posing as ex-boyfriend from school Man, 21, 'beat his girlfriend's dog to death because it urinated on their floor in North Carolina Duchess of Cornwall meets women prisoners working to transform their lives Study reveals reasons for drop in car ownership among young people Death toll in car bombings in Libya's Benghazi rises to 33 When is Pancake Day and what is Shrove Tuesday?

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