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Kate bettinger injury lawyer

Murski to partner effective Jan. Murski's practice areas include toxic tort defense and general litigation. She has significant experience representing large corporations and insurance carriers in matters involving toxic tort, products liability, premises liability, public utilities law, labor law, insurance coverage, and commercial litigation.

She received her J. Nicolas included in Best Lawyers Jackson Walker is pleased to announce that Emilio B. Nicolas has been selected for inclusion in the The Best Lawyers in America. Mastroleo included in Super Lawyers Mastroleo has been selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers. Gallagher named partner Barclay Damon is pleased to announce that Brad Gallagher has been elevated to partner.

He is based in Albany. Smiley at helm of Sports Handle Brett Smiley is editor-in-chief of Sports Handle, a publication that focuses on the U. Smiley graduated with a B. Smiley remains at the helm of Sports Handle, while also contributing to business development. Osterweil named partner Adam J. Osterweil focuses on estate, gift, and income tax planning, as well as estate and trust administration. Osterweil helps clients achieve their estate planning goals by drafting customized wills and trust agreements, providing insights based on his thorough knowledge of nuanced issues of trusts and estates laws.

He also works with executors and trustees in all aspects of estate and trust administration. In addition, he advises public and private charitable organizations on establishing tax-efficient structures, securing tax-exempt status, and other related matters.

Bettinger included in Super Lawyers Bettinger has been selected for inclusion Super Lawyers. Campbell included in Super Lawyers Campbell has been selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers. Lingo named director in general counsel department In this new position, Lingo will oversee in-house and outside legal services for SRC and its subsidiaries and guide the international trade compliance team. Lingo has been with the company 8 years, most recently as senior manager, associate general counsel.

He also received his MPA and J. Wright Elected Partner Andrew Wright was elected partner at Hodgson Russ, where he focuses his practice on state and local tax matters. Reid included in Super Lawyers Reid has been selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers.

Hunsicker selected for Super Lawyer Hunsicker assists clients with trusts, estate planning and retirement planning matters. Kaplan promoted to partner He handles a wide array of civil litigation and appeals in both state and federal courts across the country and is experienced with U.

In addition to his civil practice, Michael represents individuals and corporations in white collar criminal defense matters involving allegations of fraud and tax evasion. He conducts internal investigations and defends entities in investigations and civil proceedings brought by regulatory authorities. Michael earned his J. Lawrence named partner Barclay Damon is pleased to announce that Brittany E.

Lawrence has been elevated to partner. She is based in Buffalo. Toomey elected partner Toomey as partner. Billington included in Super Lawyers Billington has been selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers. Sinsabaugh named Rising Star of Super Lawyers Brian T. He handles an array of matters including land use and zoning and contracts and lease agreements. White appointed to Syracuse's Common Council Syracuse Common Council appoints its part-time lawyer, Ronnie White, as new councilor.

He has a law degree from Syracuse University. Phillips included in Super Lawyers Phillips has been selected for inclusion in Super Lawyers. Rhinehardt included in Super Lawyers Peters, Steven P. Ragland, Charles K. Van Nest Martin L. Gilchrist Daralyn J. Durie, David F. McGowan, Ragesh K. Cooper, Neil A. Mayhew, C. Bien William M. Lukens Douglas R. Bertrand, Eliot S. Jubelirer Barry W.

Lee Susan S. Muck, Laurence F. Burke, Jr. McKeon, Thomas M. Stevens Raymond C. Marshall James P. Bennett, Jordan D. Eth, Arturo J. Jacobs, Jack Gordon C. Atkinson Sara B. Brody, Marie L. Fiala, Scott W. Roth Sonali D. Hibbard, Robert A.

Bookin Mittelstaedt Matthew D. Ericson, Sarah G. DeVries, Robert B. MacBride, Jr. Dawson, Alan E. Harris, Charles M. Sink, Jeffrey A. Cohn, Frank E. McDowell, Douglas D. Gunderson, Jr. Grover, Jaclyn Liu, Michael G. Low, Michael J. White, Stanton D. Brody, Sharon R. Flanagan, David E. Borden, James J. Peters, Robert A. Brosnahan, Arturo J. Clarence, Josh A. Gray, Steven F. Day, Thomas J. Barg, Richard C. Coffin, R. Morgan Gilhuly, Stephen C.

Doty, Anne E. Mudge, Michael H. Bruen, James H. Colopy, Sandra A. Edwards, Robert L. Hines, David J. Lazerwitz, Chris Locke. Armstrong, Brian T. Layton, Robert Perlmutter, Richard S. Carlin, Michael S. Cafferty, Jr. Schmall, Peter H. Bruner, Matthew S. Gray, Julie Jones, Stephen L. Kostka, Camarin E. Madigan, Barbara J. Carlin, Margaret N. Crawford, Jennifer Crum, Belinda Hanson.

Daniel B. Berry, Frieda A. Kwok, Olivia S. Gillespie P , David L. California Blvd. Thomas McCarthy, William I. Lawless EI , Therese M. Levins EM , Garry G. Skonberg EM, LM. Christensen T. Daralyn J. Ward P. Haughey P , A. Malutta T , Steven D. Lee EM Aaron P. Minnis EI Matthias A. Demain EI, K. Raskin William J. Casey, Bruce D. Celebrezze, Martin J. Thorpe Donald W. Brown, David B. Goodwin, Lawrence A.

Hobel, Martin H. Gordon, Philip R. Matthews, Max H. Stern, Ray L. Cusack, William R. Gerking, John D. Grace A. Carter Green, Mary E. Pillsbury, Jr. David C. Capell, Matthew S. Cane, Jr. Pierce EI. Exelrod EI , David A. Curt Kirschner, Jr. Berkowitz EM , David L. Bass, Pamela S. Duffy, David A. Gold, Harry C. Cooper, Julie Jones, Stephen L.

Kostka, Geoffrey L. Robinson, Barbara J. Cotchett P , Frank M. Davidoff, Arthur J. Friedman, Maria Pracher, Robert J. Uram, Michael B. Hooper, Fran M. Layton, Robert Perlmutter, Andrew W. Schwartz, Richard S. Taylor, William J. Arbitblit P , Elizabeth J. Cabraser P , Lexi J. Hazam P , Richard M. Heimann P , Robert L. Lieff P , Sarah R. London P , Michael W. Sobol P , Fabrice N. Vincent P. Harriman D , Elliot R.

Peters D , R. James Slaughter D , Robert A. Ewins D , Joseph P. McMonigle D. Dettmer, Robert V. Rosenthal P. Grant D. Camahort, Michael J. Bruen, David J. Birkey, Margo N. Bradish, R. Clark Morrison, Anne E. Mudge, Andrew B. Sabey, Michael H. McCarthy P , Frank M. Pitre P. Colvin, Erik D. Dryburgh, Rosemary E. Fei, David A. Levitt, Ingrid Michael S. Cabraser P , Robert J. Nelson P , Fabrice N. Lynch D. Hillsman P , John A. McGuinn, Jr.

Medina P , J. Kevin Morrison P , Craig M. Peters P. Goodman D. Feder P , Cynthia B. McGuinn P , Ronald H. Rouda P , Timothy G. Tietjen P page 9. Arns P , Jonathan E. Davis P. Alford D , J. Dominic Campodonico D , Charles S. Custer D , Stuart M. Gordon D , Jack B.

Nelson P , Michael W. Sobol P. Davis P , Conor M. Jeffrey R. Pahlke P , Sara M. Saeltzer P , Richard H. Schoenberger P John M. Rouda page 28 P , Timothy G. Tietjen P page 9 Privacy and Data. Murphy D. Duffy, Alan C. Gennis, Danna M. Kozerski, Barbara A. Milanovich, Harry C. Sands, Robert S. Stein, Tay C. Brooks, Gregory B. Caligari, Kevin J. Crabtree, Ofer Elitzur, R. Mudge, Stephen C.

Ryan, Arthur O. Spaulding, Jr. Wyman, Michael H. Chavan, Stephen A. Alameda, Anthony D. Ratner, Richard M. Shapiro, Gregory B. Chippey II. Freedman S , Dean S. Gerber, Gerald J. McGovern, Eric D. Collins, Roger L. Canady S , Kenneth G. Rice S , Gilbert R. Donahue D , Michael F. Healy D , Tammy B. Webb D , Wayne A. Wolff D. Baghdadi P , Douglas S. Saeltzer P page Derek Boswell, Craig B. Etlin, Jonathan M. Kennedy, David H.

Kremer, Alan J. Renk, Doug Van Gessel. Rowland, William J. Michelle Ferreira. Low S , Michael J. Sullivan S. Chavin, Donald J. McCubbin, George F. Montgomery II, Michael A. Roosevelt, Philip F. Spalding, Thomas B. Hellman, William J. Katz, C. Greene, Joseph S. Feldman, James P. Porter, Jr. Campisi, Charles P. Argyris, R. Gilman, Anthony Myron G. Sugarman P. Kasper, Richard S. Kinyon, Patrick R.

Dettmer, Steven R. Franklin, Robert V. Berezin, Robert L. Jones, Barclay J. Kamb, Barbara A. Kosacz, Marya A. GLEN Y. Sato Ellyn E. Hasko, Alan C. Martinson B. Franklin, Jessica G. McKinlay, Stephen T. DiCanio, Amy S. Park, Allen J. Dwyer, Stephen C. Lamb, Jr. Schatz, David S. Boren, Jr. Dauchy, Matthew B. Hemington, Eric C. Jensen, Robert L. Jones, Barbara A. Kosacz, Timothy J. Moore, David J.

Segre, Mark P. Tanoury, Mark B. Jensen G , Nancy H. Wojtas G. Day, John A. Fore, Martin W. Korman, Katharine A. Martin, Lawrence W. Barton, Thomas J. Hechtman, Bradley M. Matteoni, Norman E. Arner, Jennifer F. Meeker, Scott W. Bening, Ronald J. Stuart, Randall E. James R. Willoughby Rowland P , Andrew N. Abel T , Michael W. Farn P , Lynn H. Patel P. Woo P. Heslin P , David S. Cynthia L. Gallo, Dori Yob Kilmer. King, Leif King, Gregg A. Noel, Michael S.

Bertelsen, Boris Feldman, Martin W. Korman, Jeffrey D. Saper, Steven M. Schatz, Lawrence W. Keller, Jr. Bochner, Kenneth A. Clark, Robert P. Latta, Mario M. Rosati, Lawrence W. Tabari D. Berezin R, S , John C. Hemington S , Eric C. Jensen S , Timothy J. Moore S , David J. Segre S , Mark P. Dallas S , Alan F.

Mendelson R, S , Patrick A. Browne S. Willoughby D Darryl P. Ivey S , Kenton J. King S , Gregg A. Noel R, S , Amy S. Bertelsen S , Steven E. Fore S , Nina F. Martin S , Jeffrey D. Saper S , Steven M. Sonsini R, S , David S. Fuller, Walter T. Pinner L. Desmarais Clarence J. Ferrari, Jr. Marcus S. Prokey, John F. Wisialowski James P. Cilley, Patrick A. Kohlmann, Robert E. Temmerman, Jr. Blevans, Robert E. Jensen, Timothy J.

Weeks Catherine A. Bochner, Robert P. Latta, J. Casey McGlynn, Lawrence W. Elliott, Kirt F. Goldberg, Ronald P. GUY O. He has also authored articles on topics related to his practice. Kornblum has qualified in both state and federal court as an expert witness on insurance claim handling and the standard of care in civil litigation. Butts C , Arthur L. C Robert M. Lieber EM, LM. And Walkup lawyers are certainly known as such, having gained recognition by their peers and prestigious legal associations and publications.

For this reason, our decisions on prosecution, tactics, venue, settlement, and trial are always prefaced with this question: Is the client better off? See More. Cox Oakland Matthew P. Brogan San Jose David L. Hirschfeld San Francisco Katherine C. Bower San Jose Michael J. Ney Oakland Philip L.

Feinberg David B. Bayless James M. Dermody Robert A. Fisher San Jose Paul D. Crawford San Francisco Pamela J. Denenberg San Jose James K. Sacramento Lisa A. Cottle San Francisco Jeffrey D. Layton San Francisco Daniel J. Wick Oakland Kirt F.

Zeigler San Jose John W. Lawson Michael H. Tangri Sacramento Robert A. Van Nest San Jose M. Hechtman San Francisco Norman J. Blears Edward W. Swanson Oakland Tom E. Lagod Sacramento Sacramento Cecily A. Frank San Jose Teresa S. LeWitter Oakland Charles M. Louderback San Francisco Mark L.

Conner Santa Rosa Donna T. Stringer San Josew Gretchen M. Capers Jr. Pascuzzi Michael T. Faber Christopher D.

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