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Bettingen campingplatz frank

After hearing this Frank got up and they both proiteeded east 00 Third street until they came 10 Court street,when they proceeded north. They again met near the corner of Second and Court streets. While there Frank says that Ben Eben and some one else passed them, but Frank did not know who this other person was.

After these two had gone by,Mr. Allaway, of the D. After waiting a short time the express wagon came up with Frank Hill and Ralph Gibons on the seat. After the express matter bad been put in the express office Ralph Gib bons gave the signals agreed upon, and he repeated them as the express wagon drove off. As coon as the wagon was out of sight Frank and Otis came out of hid ing and proceeded to.

Frank unlocked the door of the express office with a key which he had fashioned after the one given him by Gibons. Once inside the office they hunted up tbe treas ury box, and alter two attempts broke it open, t here were five sacks of coin in the box. Klein and Savage took four sacks and went north on Washington street until they came to the alley, which one of them ran up and dropped a card back of J. They then went around the Cosmopolitan hotel to an old shanty where the money was thrown.

After doing this they went to Frank's home and retired. Frank was asked about tbe iron he used in prying open the box, wben court adjourned till 1 At Frank Klein was again placed on the stand. He identified the iron and also tbe shoes he wore on the night of the robbery. The state here turned the witness over to the defense. The cross examination was taken up by Attorney Wilson. On cross examination Klein testified that he made tbe iron about three weeks after the trip to Badger lake and the bar was under the cross walk for about five weeks before the robbery was committed.

He hid part of the money in his father's yard, but no one knew it -was there ex cept himself. Just as we go to press Klein ia relating where the money was hid. Klein waa on the stand yesterday wben we went to press, fie was not cross ex amined very severely by the defense; all his answers were straight for a word but he seemed to besitste a little before saying anything. Tbe prosecution wound np by asking the following question. He testi fied that he held no official position at the time of the robbery, had lived in The Dalles a number ot yeara and was well acquainted with both Savage and Gibbons.

When he was asked in regard to a conversation he had heard between Savage and Klein he stated that about a week ago he waa de livering milk in the vicinity of Second and Liberty street when he saw Savage and Klein coming towards him irom Klein's house. Bills then went Into Al Bettingen'a yard and listened to what.

Savage and Klein were talking about. When aaked what he beard, he replied that Klein said, "I am afraid they are onto ua" that waa about all of the conversation that be could catch Thia happened more than a week ago, or about a week after the robbsry waa com' mitted. On cross examination Bills said that he was in the northeast corner of Bettingen'a yard lying down, that it waa very dark that night, bnt that be could easely recognize Sayage and Klein.

He even heard the conversation at about 8 o'clock in the even ing. He was then asked if he had told everything he knew abont the robbery, and answering that be had he was dismissed. Klein was tbe next witness called. She testified that she was tho mother of Frank Klein and that be went to bed some time between 8 and Savage came about 10 JO and woke Frank. They went 1 away together. On cross examinatian she and that Savage had been staying at ber house for some time bat, did not remember of jait how long.

The first she knew that her son was implicated in the robbery, was after his confession last Sunday. She did not know- that any money was buried in her yard prior to that time. She neither saw it buried nor taken away. Did not know the men were searching for the money when they first came to tbe house.

She was then asked in regard to Savage s prop erty and stated that abe knew nothing about it. Then tbe following question waa aaked: ''Do vou hold title to any of Savase'a Dronertv" She answered "No sir; not that 1 know Sh was asked if she had any feeling in tbe case outside of her son, and she answered. I have no feeling only for my aon to get out of this as easily as possible. Allaway was then called. He came np on the train from Portland the night of the robbery.

He got off on the aouth aide and went east on First strtet to the east side of Court, wben he turned north on Conrt street and saw Savage and Klein near Second street, standing with their backa ud against Harris' store. Thev were near aome empty dry goods boxea.

They were about a hundrei feet from the alley Mr. Lvtle was then examined, and said that he was agent for the O, R. Sunday, after the robbery, he asked Gibons for the key, but he said be did not have it. Frank Hill was recalled and tis'ified that Gibons was given a key to the office so that he Uibousl could Bit into toe office to wake Tibbeta for the trains. He told the court about the number of pack ages that arrived that eyeoing, and that Gibona helped him unload.

Then he re peated tbe story about the dropping of the treasury box by Gibons, and other things that happened in the office on the night of the robbery. Sheriff Driver was the next witness, After telling what be did when he was notified of the robbery, the prosecution asked him to describe tbe manner in which he obtained the length of Savage's foot This, he said, be did by placing a stick on the sole of Savage's foot, wbile ha Savage was lying down on a bencb.

On cross examination Bennet held a shoe in front of Driver. Driver said it was shorter. The sheriff described the footprints left in the alley. Moodv waa called and he also described tbe footprints. Beckwith and Simmons were both re called, bnt neither-one remembered what became of the papera with which they measured the footprints. Bonnet, attorney for the defense, waa then called, but as he did not possess the articles which were supposed to be in his po'ses-iioo be was dismissed.

Tbe defense did not oall in any witnesses. Both the State and the defense rested the case without argument. Gibons and Savage's bail was reduced to Thus ended one of the greatest preliminary examinations that was ever held in Tbe Dalles. Death am Old Pioneer. Henry Ulerisb, aged about 63 years, died at the county hospital thia morning.

He came to The Dalles in , and baa been a resident of ' this city ever aince. When he first came to the northwest he was in the army, and had the meat distinct re collections of Gen. Coik and his campaigns against the Snake Indians in this region. This was light employment, and for aome time he has! Clerish waa a pioneer member of Jackson Engine Co. A few days ago be was taken quite sick, and waa removed to the hospital where he could receive proper attention; but the sands of life had nearly run down, aod after a short illness be died tliu morning.

What Oregon Got. Oregon has done herself proud at the Interstate fair at Tacoma, getting the five diplomas of honor and the highest awards for field grain, vegetables, fruit in jars, native grasses and grains ; three diplomas of first awards for minerals, apples, pears and quinces, fish and fish appliances. Diplomas of honor and highest awards were also given to the Corvalli8 Agricultural college ; O. Scott, Milwaukie, wool, and Corvallis Wagon Company, wagons.

Hoaue Seekers. Faddocs will be in charge of the ex. The prospects for a large immigia ion to the Pacific coast from South Dakota in the next 12 months is very flit tering. There will be at least passen gers on the first train, nearly all of whom will be home seekers. They will make, a thorough examination, of the oountry from Kalispeh mountain west. During the win ter mother excursion will be ran to Port land and Eugene.

On the laat exoursion, Sept. Well pleased with Kaatern Oregon. Wells, n bf of aw qr, sw qr of nw qr and nw qr of se qr, sec, 34, tp 1 south, range 14 east; timber culture. Loy to W. JekyU and Mr. Louis Stephenson's great work was the creation of the dual charaotara Dr. Hyde, illustrative of the good and bad in each human being. Perhaps one can see every day an example of this donble ness in humanity, and Mr.

Stevenson baa surrounded his creation with snob intensely interesting incidents that tbe romanoe is the most ' attractive reading matter. Mr, R. E French's interpretation of the charac ter ia all that could be desired, and the manner in which it is placed on the boards shows that an artist is at ' the head of the management, It will be played one night only in this oity,' next Monday, Nov, 5th.

Lint n haa learned that the man passed t. The Northern Pacific has issued an order defining the territory of general freight agents, as follows: "S. Baird second assistant general freight agent. Robert Rintoul. Fish, N. Their return without any large game was a sore dissa- poinment to their many friends.

Saturday when they started 00 the bunt, we were told that we might expect to see tbe deer and bear market flooded, but as yet we haye not seen any sign of either, although Nick claims to have seen some signs of bear wbile in tbe mountains. Whenever any of the parties wbo made np the hunt are asked about it they act like the detectives, before Klein's confession. It is whispered around tout a couple of birds and a few fish were brought home, but we cannot vouch for that. Hunt's Close Call.

Fossil Journal. Gilliiand, constable, V. Matlock of Lone Rock and Harry Johnson. The party excepting Harry, wbo is a partner of Mr. Hunt's, succeeded in fording the river at tbe mouth of Horseshoe. Harry, who was formerly a sailor in the British navy but bad neyer learned to swim, was riding a colt, aod both were just a little bit skit tish about tackling the treacherous John Day, Mr.

Hunt started back to Harry's rescue, with the intention ot changing horses with him, bnt when nearly acroas Jim's horse stnmbled on the rocks and fell over in the riyer. Although not oyer belly deep, the current was very strong, and Jim was carried down 50 yards or so when he succeeded 10 getting hold of a large rock. Matlook suooeeded in crossiog back farther np tbe riyer, and riding rapidly down till opposite Mr.

Hunt, threw a rope to him and another on to his floundering horse and dragged both out of the river, unhurt, but scared out of a winter's growth. The Reward Given- Seeing an item in Yesterday! Telegram by detective Sam Simmons, to the effect that no one received the reward offered by the Pacific Express Company for the ap prehension of the robbers and the recovery of the money stolen, our reporter called on Sheriff Driver and aiked him the same question that was asked detective Simmons i.

Sim mons did not know thia wben he gave that statement to tbe Telegram. If it don't benefit or cure, in every case, you have your money back. No other medi cine of its kind is so eertain and effective that it can be sold so. Is any other likely to be "just as good"? As a blood-cleanser, flesh-builder, and strength-restorer, nothing can equal tha "Discovery. For every blood-taint and disorder, from a common blotch or erup tion, to the worst scrofula, it Is a perfect, permanent, guaranteed remedy.

Cbossek, P. Extensive Placer Mine- A company of Pendleton-gentlemen. Renn, Robert Renn, E. Craig, Everett Rcicher and A, J. Dennison, recently secured,, both by loca tion and purchase, acres of placer ground in one solid body, on Oliye creek, 8 miles beyond Granite, and about miles due south of Pendleton.

With the claims purchased they secured a ditch three miles in length, together with a hydrsulio plant and a little eiant. Pendleton Tribune. Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair. A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. It lias made me wii f t. Nonutiir v Cures others, will cure you New Product for Oregon.

Professor Shaw, chemist at the agri cultural experiment station at Corvallis, i3 delving into the problem what can- aigre will do for Oregon farmers. The experiment began last week, and in due time will be reported in a bulletin. Can- aigre is a duid tnat tormerly grew in a wild Etate in Arizona, but more recently haa been cultivated with indifferent suc cess. It is used for tannine leather for which it is equal if not superior to oak or hemlock bark, and sells in this coun try at 20 per ton, in Vienna at fC5 per ton.

A warm climate with plenty of moisture is necessary to successful cultivation, and for this reason the pro fessor thinks that in Eastern Oregon, where, irrigation is possible, the bulb may be successfully grown and become one of that section's exports. The "ex periment will include a trial in all por tions oi the state. When Baby was sick, we gave her Castorla. When she was a Child, she c-ied tor Castoria.

When she became Miss, she clung to CacterU. Slst, Mrs. Oeafnttee Cannot Ue Cared By local applications as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucuous limning of the Eustachian tube.

When this tube is lnnamea you have a rambling sound or imperfect bearing, and when It is entirely closed, deafness is the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be de stroyed forever; nine cases ont often are caused by catarrh, which -is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous sur faces.

Send for circulars; free. BSold by druggists, 75c. Travelers must not forget that the O. Through service to Omaha, Kan- as City, St. Louis and Chicago; Pullmans sleepers, free reclining chair cars, uphol stered tourist sleepers and modern day coaches. Call on O. Hulburt, general passenger agent, Port land, Oregon. PantsI Pants! If yon want a good pair of all wool pants cheap, Robert E. Williams caa fit you in both quality and price.

A good assortment to select from. Call early before the most desirable patterns are taken. Robert E. Williams, Tbe East End Clothier. For Sale. Black shawl, on Ninth street. The finder will be rewarded by returning the same to Mr. Dan Maloney. Notice is hereby ftren that the following; named Settler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will bt made before the Register and Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon, on December Be names the following; witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, vis: F H Thompson.

Manufactures the Best Articles of Soda,. Goods hauled with tbe greatest sare to'all oarts of tbe city on short notice. PAUL Via. For full details call on O. Agt, Portland, Oregon. May 'lie in paying too much or too little for an article.. If you buy groceries for less than we ask, you'll not get as good quality Thai's poor economy.. If you pay more, you pay too much, because we sell the best there is.. Your economy shall be our pleasure. HUi MRS.

Flights Holiday Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Skip to main content. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Best Hotels Near St. Chrischona, Bettingen, Switzerland. View map. Hotels near St. Guests —. COVID Shows hotels and stays actively taking safety measures like added sanitation procedures, mask-wearing guidelines, and more. Learn more at our Travel Safe hub.

Properties taking safety measures. Free cancellation. Reserve now, pay at stay. Properties with special offers. Property types. Show more. Breakfast included Free Wifi Pool Free parking Distance from. Old Town Langstrasse Altstadt Gewerbeschule Traveller rating. Hotel class. Budget Mid-range Luxury Family-friendly Best Western Sorrell Hotels Here are properties that match some of your filters.

Clear all filters. Payments made by partners impact the order of prices displayed. Room types may vary. Sort by:. Like saving money? Updating list Hotel La Clairiere. Show Prices. Bed and Breakfast. The room was amazing! Very clean and well stocked with toiletries! The main lobby is stunning! They do have accessible rooms! Tavelweg 30 , Bern , Switzerland. Comfortable, super clean, nicely decorated; we were very independent, and got clear instructions for our stay.

A bus nearby can take you straight to downtown. It's close to a bakery Azureva Bussang. We had a few issues prior to our departure regarding the location of the apartments and the rather unorthodox way the Hotel had helped Gerechtigkeitsgasse 27 , Bern , Switzerland. Chambres d'Hotes Ursula. Wattenwilstrasse 19 , Worb , Switzerland. BnB Rehalp. Rehalpstrasse 63 , Zurich , Switzerland.

Schaffhausen Youth Hostel. Randenstrasse 65 Schaffhausen , Schaffhausen , Switzerland. We arrived at around 8.

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Meistgelesene Artikel Amberg Waldsassen Nach. Kirchenthumbach Der Sportclub hat eine Punktlandung hingelegt. Hirschau Bettingen campingplatz frank 50 Jahren ist Amberger Hoteliers. Sulzbach-Rosenberg Moderne Drucksache: Laserstrahl im. Amberg Luftmuseum wartet auf das. Hotels im Lockdown: Existenzangst bei und die Welt Tampa Bay. Munster-Kreutzen Camping Zum Oertzewinkel. Rechtzeitig zum vorgegebenen Zeitpunkt Dezember wird der Neubau der Umkleidekabinen. Vor 50 Jahren, am Deutschland eine der angesagtesten Diskotheken Bayerns. Weiden in der Oberpfalz Allerdings.

Restaurant, Mc. Donald, Camping, Restaurant Försterklause,. Lebensmittelmarkt wurden Volkmar Stockmann, Frank Beck und Else Spielmann, die in ihren. In The Dalles the Bettingen band gave public concerts, played for parades and other water; then they "turned around" and went to the livery stables or camping grounds. piano; Mark Long, barber, clarinet; Sherman Frank, saddle merchant. Hotels near St. Chrischona, Bettingen on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews, 44 candid photos, and prices for hotels near St. Chrischona in Bettingen, Switzerland. Hotel Frank. Show Prices. Bed and Top Rated · Terrassen-​Campingplatz.