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The first Directors of the company shall be appointed in writing by the subscribers to the memorandum of association or a majority of them and it shall not be necessary to hold any meeting for that purpose. The remuneration of the directors shall from time to time be determined by the company in general meeting. Such remuneration shall be deemed to accrue from day to day. The directors may also be paid all travelling, hotel and other expenses properly incurred by them in attending and returning from meetings of the directors or any committee of the directors or general meetings of the company or in connection with the business of the company.

The shareholding qualification for directors may be fixed by the company in general meeting, and unless and until so fixed no qualification shall be required. A director of the company may be or become a director or other officer of, or otherwise interested in, any company promoted by the company as a shareholder or otherwise, and no such director shall be accountable to the company for any remuneration or other benefits received by him as a director or officer of, or from his interest in, such other company unless the company otherwise directs.

The directors may exercise all the powers of the company to borrow money, and to charge or mortgage its undertaking, property and uncalled capital, or any part thereof, and to issue debentures, debenture stock and other securities whether outright or as security for any debt, liability or obligation of the company or of any third party.

The business of the company shall be managed by the directors, who may pay all expenses incurred in promoting and registering the company, and may exercise all such powers of the company as are not, by the Law or by these regulations, required to be exercised by the company in general meeting, subject, nevertheless, to any of these regulations, to the provisions of the Law and to such regulations, being not inconsistent with the aforesaid regulations or provisions as may be prescribed by the company in general meeting but no regulation made by the company in general meeting shall invalidate any prior act of the directors which would have been valid if that regulation had not been made.

The directors may from time to time and at any time by power of attorney appoint any company, firm or person or body of persons, whether nominated directly or indirectly by the directors, to be the attorney or attorneys of the company for such purposes and with such powers, authorities and discretions not exceeding those vested in or exercisable by the directors under these regulations and for such period and subject to such conditions as they may think fit, and any such powers of attorney may contain such provisions for the protection and convenience of persons dealing with any such attorney as the directors may think fit and may also authorise any such attorney to delegate all or any of the powers, authorities and discretions vested in him.

The company may exercise the powers conferred by section 36 of the Law with regard to having an official seal for use abroad and such powers shall be vested in the directors. The company may exercise the powers conferred upon the company by sections to both inclusive of the Law with regard to the keeping of a dominion register, and the directors may subject to the provisions of those sections make and vary such regulations as they may think fit respecting the keeping of any such register.

All cheques, promissory notes, drafts, bills of exchange, and other negotiable instruments, and all receipts for moneys paid to the company, shall be signed, drawn, accepted, endorsed, or otherwise executed, as the case may be, in such manner as the directors shall from time to time by resolution determine. The directors may grant retirement pensions or annuities or other gratuities or allowances, including allowances on death, to any person or persons in respect of services rendered by him or them to the company whether as managing directors or in any other office or employment under the company or indirectly as officers or employees of any subsidiary, associated or allied company of the company, notwithstanding that he or they may be or may have been directors of the company and the company may make payments towards insurance, trusts, schemes or funds for such purposes in respect of such person or persons and may include rights in respect of such pensions, annuities and allowances in the terms of engagement of any such person or persons.

The Directors shall have power at any time, and from time to time, to appoint any person to be a director, either to fill a casual vacancy or as an addition to the existing directors, but so that the total number of directors shall not at any time exceed the number fixed in accordance with these regulations. Any director so appointed shall hold office, only until the next following annual general meeting, and shall then be eligible for re-election.

The company may by ordinary resolution, of which special notice has been given in accordance with section of the Law, remove any director before the expiration of his period of office notwithstanding anything in these regulations or in any agreement between the company and such director. Such removal shall be without prejudice to any claim such director may have for damages for breach of any contract of service between him and the company.

At any time, and from time to time, the company may without prejudice to the powers of the directors under regulation 96 by ordinary resolution appoint any person a director and determine the period for which such person is to hold office. The Directors may meet together for the despatch of business, adjourn, and otherwise regulate their meetings, as they think fit and questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes.

A director may, and the secretary on the requisition of a director shall, at any time summon a meeting of the directors. It shall be necessary to give a 96 hour notice of a meeting of directors to any director for the time being absent from Cyprus who has supplied to the company a registered address situated outside Cyprus. All Board and Committee meetings shall take place in Cyprus, where the management and control of the company shall rest.

The quorum necessary for the transaction of the business of the directors may be fixed by the directors, and unless so fixed shall be two directors or their alternates. The continuing directors may act notwithstanding any vacancy in their body, but, if and so long as their number is reduced below the number fixed by or pursuant to the regulations of the company as the necessary quorum of directors, the continuing directors or director may act for the purpose of increasing the number of directors to that number, or of summoning a general meeting of the company, but for no other purpose.

The directors may elect a chairman of their meeting and determine the period for which he is to hold office, but if no such chairman is elected, or if at any meeting the chairman is not present within five minutes after the time appointed for holding the same, the directors present may choose one of their number to be chairman of the meeting. The directors may delegate any of their powers to a committee or committees consisting of such member or members of their body as they think fit; any committee so formed shall in the exercise of the powers so delegated conform to any regulations that may be imposed on it by the directors, as to its powers, constitution, proceedings, quorum or otherwise.

A committee may elect a chairman of its meetings if no such chairman is elected, or if at any meeting the chairman is not present within five minutes after the time appointed for holding the same, the members present may choose one of their number to be chairman of the meeting. Subject to any regulations imposed on it by the Directors, a committee may meet and adjourn as it thinks proper and questions arising at any meeting shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members present.

All acts done by any meeting of the directors or of a committee of directors or by any person acting as a director shall, notwithstanding that it be afterwards discovered that there was some defect in the appointment of any such director or person acting as aforesaid, or that they or any of them were disqualified, be as valid as if every such person had been duly appointed and was qualified to be a director.

A resolution in writing signed or approved by letter, telex, facsimile, telegram or cablegram by each director or his alternate shall be as valid and effectual as if it had been passed at a meeting of the directors duly convened and held and when signed may consist of several documents each signed by one or more of the persons aforesaid. Any cable, telegram or radiogram shall be confirmed as soon as possible by letter but may be acted upon by the company meanwhile. The directors may from time to time appoint one or more of their body to the office of managing director for such period and on such terms as they think fit, and, subject to the terms of any agreement entered into in any particular case, may revoke such appointment.

A director so appointed shall not, whilst holding that office, be subject to retirement by rotation or be taken into account in determining the rotation of retirement of directors, but his appointment shall be automatically determined if he ceases from any cause to be a director. A managing director shall receive such remuneration whether by way of salary, commission or participation in profits, or partly in one way and partly in another as the directors may determine.

The directors may entrust to and confer upon a managing director any of the powers exercisable by them upon such terms and conditions and with such restrictions as they may think fit, and either collaterally with or the exclusion of their own powers and may from time to time revoke, withdraw, alter or vary all or any of such powers.

The secretary shall be appointed by the directors for such term, at such remuneration and upon such conditions as they may think fit and any secretary so appointed may be removed by them. A provision of the Law or these regulations requiring or authorising a thing to be done by or to a director and the secretary shall not be satisfied by its being done by or to the same person acting both as director and as, or in place of, the secretary.

The directors shall provide for the safe custody of the seal, which shall only be used by the authority of the directors or of a committee of the directors authorised by the directors in that behalf, and every instrument to which the seal shall be affixed shall be signed by a director and shall be countersigned by the secretary or by a second director or by some other person appointed by the directors for the purpose.

The company in general meeting may declare dividends, but no dividend shall exceed the amount recommended by the directors. The directors may from time to time pay to the members such interim dividends as appear to the directors to be justified by the profits of the company. The directors may, before recommending any dividend, set aside out of the profits of the company such sums as they think proper as a reserve or reserves which shall, at the discretion of the directors, be applicable for any purpose to which the profits of the company be properly applied, and pending such application may, at the like discretion, either be employed in the business of the company or be invested in such investments other than shares of the company as the directors may from time to time think fit.

The directors may also without placing the same to the reserve carry forward any profits which they may think prudent not to divide. Subject to the rights of persons, if any, entitled to shares with special rights as to dividend, all dividends shall be declared and paid according to the amounts paid or credited as paid on the shares in respect whereof the dividend is paid, but no amount paid or credited as paid on a share in advance of calls shall be treated for the purposes of this regulation as paid on the share.

All dividends shall be apportioned and paid proportionately to the amounts paid or credited as paid on the shares during any portion or portions of the period in respect of which the dividend is paid, but if any share is issued on terms providing that it shall rank for dividend as from a particular date such share shall rank for dividend accordingly.

The directors may deduct from any dividend payable to any member all sums of money if any presently payable by him to the company on account of calls or otherwise in relation to the shares of the company. Any general meeting declaring a dividend or bonus may direct payment of such dividend or bonus wholly or partly by the distribution of specific assets and in particular of paid up shares, debentures or debenture stock of any other company or in anyone or more of such ways, and the directors shall give effect to such resolution, and where any difficulty arises in regard to such distribution, the directors may settle the same as they think expedient, and in particular may issue fractional certificates and fix the value for distribution of such specific assets or any part thereof and may determine that cash payments shall be made to any members upon the footing of the value so fixed in order to adjust the rights of all parties, and may vest any such specific assets in trustees as may seem expedient to the directors.

Any dividend, interest or other moneys payable in cash in respect of shares may be paid by cheque or warrant sent through the post directed to the registered address of the holder or, in the case of joint holders, to the registered address of that one of the joint holders who is first named in the register of members or to such person and to such address as the holder or joint holders may in writing direct.

Every such cheque or warrant shall be made payable to the order of the person to whom it is sent. Any one of two or more joint holders may give effectual receipts for any dividends, bonuses or other moneys payable in respect of the shares held by them as joint holders. Proper books shall not be deemed to be kept if there are not kept such books of account as are necessary to give a true and fair view of the state of the company's affairs and to explain its transactions.

The books of account shall be kept at the registered office of the company, or, subject to section 3 of the Law, at such other place or places as the directors think fit, and shall always be open to the inspection of the directors. The directors shall from time to time determine whether and to what extent and at what times and places and under what conditions or regulations the accounts and books of the company or any of them shall be open to the inspection of members not being directors, and no member not being a director shall have any right of inspecting any account or book or document of the company except as conferred by statute or authorised by the directors or by the company in general meeting.

The directors shall from time to time, in accordance with sections , and of the Law, cause to be prepared and to be laid before the company in general meeting such profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, group accounts if any and reports as are referred to in those sections. A copy of every balance sheet including every document required by law to be annexed thereto which is to be laid before the company in general meeting, together with a copy of the auditors report shall not less than twenty-one days before the date of the meeting be sent to every member of, and every holder of debentures of the company and to every person registered under regulation Provided that this regulation shall not require a copy of those documents to be sent to any person of whose address the company is not aware or to more than one of the joint holders of any shares or debentures.

The company in general meeting may upon the recommendation of the directors resolve that it is desirable to capitalise any part of the amount for the time being standing to the credit of any of the company's reserve accounts or to the credit of the profit and loss account or otherwise available for distribution and accordingly that such sum be set free for distribution, amongst the members who would have been entitled thereto if distributed by way of dividend and in the same proportions on condition that the same be not paid in cash but be applied either in or towards paying up any amounts for the time being unpaid on any shares held by such members respectively or paying up in full unissued shares or debentures if the company to be allotted, distributed and credited as fully paid up to and amongst such members in the proportion aforesaid, or partly in the one way and partly in the other, and the directors shall give effect to such resolution.

Provided that a share premium account and a capital redemption reserve fund may, for the purposes of this regulation, only be applied in the paying up of unissued shares to be issued to members of the company as fully paid bonus shares.

Auditors shall be appointed and their duties regulated in accordance with sections to both inclusive of the Law. A notice may be given by the company to any member either personally or by sending it by post to him or to his registered address, or if he has no registered address within Cyprus to the address, if any, within Cyprus supplied by him to the company for the giving of notice to him. Where a notice is sent by post, service of the notice shall be deemed to be effected by properly addressing, prepaying and posting a letter containing the notice, and to have been effected in the case a notice of a meeting at the expiration of 24 hours after the letter containing the same is posted, and in any other case at the time at which the letter would be delivered in the ordinary course of post.

A notice may be given by the company to the joint holders of a share by giving the notice to the joint holder first named in the register of members in respect of the share. A notice may be given by the company to the persons entitled to a share in consequence of the death or bankruptcy of a member by sending it through the post in a prepaid letter addressed to them by name, or by the title of representatives of the deceased, or trustee of the bankrupt, or by any like descriptions, at the address, if any, within Cyprus supplied for the purpose by the persons claiming to be so entitled, or until such an address has been so supplied by giving the notice in any manner in which the same might have been given if the death or bankruptcy had not occurred.

Notice of every general meeting shall be given in any manner herein before authorised to:. If the company shall be wound up the liquidator may, with the sanction of an extraordinary resolution of the company and any other sanction required by the Law, divide amongst the members in specie or kind the whole or any part of the assets of the company whether they shall consist of property of the same kind or not and may, for such purpose set such value as he deems fair upon any property to be divided as aforesaid and may determine how such division shall be carried out as between the members or different classes of members.

The liquidator may, with the like sanction, vest the whole or any part of such assets in trustees upon such trusts for the benefit of the contributories as the liquidator, with the like sanction, shall think fit, but so that no member shall be compelled to accept any shares or other securities whereon there is any liability. Every director or other officer for the time being of the company shall be indemnified out of the assets of the company against any losses or liabilities which he may sustain or incur in or about the execution of his duties including liability incurred by him in defending any proceedings whether civil or criminal in which judgement is given in his favour or in which he is acquitted or in connection with any application under section of the Law in which relief is granted to him by the Court and no director or officer of the company shall be liable for any loss, damage or misfortune which may happen to or be incurred by the company in the execution of the duties of his office or in relation thereto.

But, this clause shall only have effect in so far as its provisions are not avoided by section of the Law. Where the Company has not appointed a legal advisor and neither the General Meeting nor the Meeting of the Board of Directors agree on such an appointment, the resolution shall be referred to for examination and decision by a legal advisor to be selected by the company's auditors at the time.

The meeting is presided by Mr. The board of the meeting having thus been constituted, the chairman declared and requested the notary to state:. LLC to represent the Company in all matters in relation to the process of the transfer of seat of Company in the Republic of Cyprus. The proxies of the represented shareholders, if any, initialled?

The general meeting decides to approve the Company's interim accounts for the period starting on July 1, and ending on 11 December , to be considered as the closing accounts in Luxembourg and the opening accounts in Cyprus. The said accounts initialled? The general meeting decides to accept the resignation of the current directors and to grant them full discharge for their duties until today. The general meeting enacts that the mandate of the current auditor of the Company has been renewed until the transfer of the Company to Cyprus.

The general meeting decides to transfer the statutory registered and administrative office of the Company from Luxembourg to the Republic of Cyprus, at Arc. Makarios III Avenue, 7 th Floor, Nicosia, Cyprus as well as all the Company's assets and liabilities and to request to strike off of Company from the Luxembourg trade and companies registrar.

The company shall adopt the Cyprus nationality, with corporate continuance, both on legal and tax view points. The Shareholders decide to adopt the new Memorandum and Articles of Association translated in English of which the text is inserted in the French version of the present deed. The general meeting decides to fix the number of directors of the Company at one 1 and to appoint as director of the Company without expiry dates the following persons:.

Doros Lycourgos, with professional address at Arch. Makarios III Ave. The general meeting decides to appoint without expiry date, S. The general meeting decides to enact that the shareholders of the Company after the transfer in Cyprus will be the following:. The general meeting decides that the present transfer of the registered office and each of the above resolutions are taken under the condition precedent of the Company's temporary registration in the Companies' Registrar in Cyprus.

The costs, expenses, remuneration or charges in any form whatsoever which shall borne by the Company as a result of the present deed are estimated at EUR 2, The appearing person, acting in her hereabove capacities, and in the common interest of all the parties, does hereby power to any employees of the law firm of the undersigned notary, acting individually, in order to enact and sign any deed rectifying the present deed. Whereof the present deed was drawn up in Senningerberg, on the day named at the beginning of this document.

The undersigned notary who speaks and understands English, states herewith that the present deed is worded in English, followed by a French version; on request of the appearing persons represented as stated hereabove and in case of divergences between the English and the French text, the French version will be prevailing. The document having been read to the attorney in fact of the persons appearing, known to the notary by name, first name, civil status and residence, they signed together with the notary the present deed.

Jurisdiction: Luxembourg. Go to Full Profile. Is timely data about corporations critical to your business? Government gazettes are the notice of record for many key events. OpenGazettes has a policy to show gazette notices that don't relate to companies to logged-in users only.

Brought to you by. Notice Published on January 18, The registered office of the Company will be in Cyprus. The liability of the members is limited. The Companies Law Cap. In these Regulations:? Excluded 2. Preliminary 3. The company is a private company and accordingly: a the right to transfer shares is restricted in manner hereinafter prescribed; b the number of members of the company exclusive of persons who are in the employment of the company and of persons who having been formerly in the employment of the company were while in such employment and have continued after the determination of such employment to be members of the company is limited to fifty.

Provided that where two or more persons hold one or more shares in the company jointly they shall for the purpose of this regulation be treated as a single member; c any invitation to the public to subscribe for any shares or debentures of the company is prohibited; d the company shall not have power to issue share warrants to bearer. Business 4. Share Capital and Variation of Rights 5. Lien Calls on Shares Transfer of Shares Regulations 26 and 27 shall be read subject to the provisions of regulation Transmission of Shares Forfeiture of Shares Conversion of Shares into Stock Alteration of Capital The company may by ordinary resolution: a consolidate and divide all or any of its share capital into shares of larger amount than its existing shares; b subdivide its existing shares, or any of them, into shares of smaller amount that is fixed by the memorandum of association subject, nevertheless, to the provisions of section 60 1 d of the Law; c cancel any shares which, at the date of the passing of the resolution, have not been taken or agreed to be taken by any person.

General Meetings Notice of General Meetings Provided that a meeting of the company shall, notwithstanding that it is called by shorter notice than that specified in this regulation, be deemed to have been duly called if it is so agreed: a in the case of a meeting called as the annual general meeting, by all the members entitled to attend and vote thereat; and b in the case of any other meeting, by a majority in number of the members having a right to attend and vote at the meeting, being a majority together holding not less than 95 per cent in nominal value of the shares giving that right.

Proceedings at General Meetings At any general meeting any resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on a show of hands unless a poll is before or on the declaration of the result of the show of hands demanded a by the chairman; or b by at least two members present in person or by proxy; or c by any member or members present in person or by proxy and representing not less than one-tenth of the total voting rights of all the members having the right to vote at the meeting; or d by a member or members holding shares in the company conferring a right to vote at the meeting being shares on which an aggregate sum has been paid up equal to not less than one-tenth of the total sum paid up on all the shares conferring that right.

The demand for a poll may be withdrawn. Votes of Members On a poll votes may be given either personally or by proxy. Corporation acting by Representatives at Meetings Directors Borrowing Powers Powers and Duties of Directors The directors shall cause minutes to be made in books provided for the purpose: a of all appointments of officers made by the directors; b of the names of the directors present at each meeting of the directors and of any committee of the directors; c of all resolutions and proceedings at all meetings of the company, and of the directors, and of committees of directors.

Pensions Disqualification of Directors The office of director shall be vacated if the director: a ceases to be a director by virtue of section of the Law; or b becomes bankrupt or makes any arrangement or composition with his creditors generally; or c becomes prohibited from being a director by reason of any order made under section of the Law; or d becomes of unsound mind; e resigns his office by notice in writing to the company.

Appointment of additional Directors and removals of Directors Proceedings of Directors Alternate Directors Managing Director Secretary No person shall be appointed or hold office as secretary who is: a the sole director of the company; or b a corporation the sole director of which is the sole director of the company; or c the sole director of a corporation which is the sole director of the company. The Seal Dividends and Reserve No dividend shall be paid otherwise than out of profits.

No dividend shall bear interest against the company. Clause 12 states that Italian law governs the Deed of Pledge and specifies that the courts of Milan have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes in connection with the Deed of Pledge.

Collateral means, collectively, the Participation and the Related Rights. Company means EnerSys S. Depository means the Facility Agent, or any other bank appointed with written consent by the Facility Agent on behalf of the Secured Creditors.

Dividends means:. Enforcement Event means:. Event of Default has the meaning given to that term in the Facility Agreement. Facility has the meaning given to that term in Recital A. Material Event of Default means:. Pledge means the pledge on the Collateral granted by the Pledgor in favour of the Secured Creditors pursuant to Clause 2. Related Rights means:. Related Securities means any shares, quotas or other securities or rights attributed or attributable to the Pledgor in exchange for or in relation to the Participation including, without limitation, as a result of a merger, demerger or transformation of the Company.

Secured Obligations means:. Security Period means i with reference to the payments discharging the Secured Obligations made by the Pledgor, the period beginning on the date hereof and ending the date of the full and unconditional discharge of the Secured Obligations, provided that the amounts received by the Secured Creditors other than by means of a voluntary prepayment by the Pledgor will be considered irrevocably paid pursuant to Luxembourg laws or the applicable laws of any applicable jurisdiction; and ii with reference to the payments discharging the Secured Obligations made by any third party different from the Pledgor, the period beginning on the date hereof and ending the date of the full and unconditional discharge of the Secured Obligations under any applicable law in any jurisdiction.

Shares has the meaning given to that term in Recital B. Column 1. Repayment Date. Total Repayments. Ai sensi del contratto di pegno stipulato in data 15 giugno le azioni rappresentate dal presente certificato azionario del complessivo valore nominale di euro 1 uno ciascuna sono costituite in pegno di primo grado in favore di Banca Intesa S.

PART 2. PART 3. Si annota che, ai sensi del contratto di pegno stipulato in data 15 giugno , le n. PART 4. Deed of Pledge defined below. The Pledgor. The Mandated Lead Arrangers. The Facility Agent. The Original Lenders. Sergio Anania. Massimo Locati. By a facility agreement the Facility Agreement made in Luxembourg on 15 June between, inter alios , the Pledgor, the Mandated Lead Arrangers, the Original Lenders and the Facility Agent, the Original Lender agreed, inter alia , to make available to the Pledgor a credit facility of up to Euro 25,, the Facility on and subject to the terms of the Facility Agreement.

A detailed description of the Facility is set forth in Schedule 1 Description of the Facility ;. Unless otherwise indicated, capitalised terms used in this Deed have the same meaning attributed to them in the Facility Agreement. In addition, in this Deed:. The provisions of clause 1. If an amount paid by the Pledgor or any person on behalf of the Pledgor or otherwise to discharge any of the Secured Obligations is capable of being avoided or otherwise set aside on the liquidation or administration of the Pledgor or any such person or otherwise, then that amount shall not be considered to have been irrevocably paid for the purposes of the Pledge.

The recitals and the schedules to this Deed are an essential part to it. Conversion trasformazione of the Company. For the purposes of this Clause, in case of the conversion trasformazione referred to in paragraph a above, the Pledgor shall take all actions necessary in order to protect the validity, the effectiveness and the enforceability of the Pledge over the Quota or the rights of the Secured Creditors under this Deed, and, in particular, shall:.

The provisions of this Deed shall apply, mutatis mutandis , to the Pledge as extended over the Quota in compliance with this Clause 2. Future increases of the Collateral. With respect to the period before the Re-registration Effective Date, for the purposes of this Clause, if the Company issues new shares, the Pledgor shall procure that:. With respect to the period after the Re-registration Effective Date, in case of future increases of the Quota, the Pledgor shall:.

The form of the annotations provided for in paragraph b above are set out in Parts 3 and 4 of Schedule 2; and the form of the annotation provided for in paragraph c above is set out in Part 4 of Schedule 2. The provisions of this Deed shall apply to all Pledges created or arising under it.

Annotation of the Pledge. Within one day from the execution of this Deed:. Form of endorsement and annotation. Deposit of the certificates representing the Shares. Until the occurrence of a Material Event of Default, as permitted by article of the Civil Code, the voting rights and the administrative rights pertaining to the Participation shall be exercised by the Pledgor, provided that they may not be exercised by the Pledgor in a manner which may cause the occurrence of a Default, prejudice the Pledge or the rights of the Secured Creditors under this Deed, or be in conflict with any provisions set forth in the Finance Documents.

The Pledgor shall procure that the Company appoints from time to time the Depository as the bank with which the certificates representing the shares of the Company can be deposited for the purposes of the By-laws of the Company.

Subject to Clause 5. The Pledgor shall procure that the Company appoints from time to time the Depository as the bank entrusted with the payment of Dividends for the purposes of article 4, II paragraph of Law No. Occurrence of a Material Event of Default.


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About Minnesota Open Menu. Minnesota Veterans Official Documents More About the Office Open Menu. Become a Notary How to Become a Notary A notary public is a person of integrity appointed by the Governor to serve the public as an impartial and unbiased witness. County Recording of Commission Once your new commission, reappointment, renewal or name change has been approved by the Secretary of State your commission certificate will be sent by US mail to your residential address.

Important Points to remember when you Notarize Documents: All document signers must personally appear before you. Assess whether each document signer is competent. While not responsible for the content of a document, alert the signer to any blanks. Establish the identity of each signer through personal knowledge or with I.

Have all parties sign the document. Complete the notarial certificate - this may include requiring the signer to give a verbal oath or acknowledgement. Use your stamp. Make an entry in your Notary Journal, if you use one. See the explanation from the Department of Commerce.

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