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Cotw betting lines

In the Redfeather Falls reserve you can find a female group of five that is accompanied by one bull. Searching Weight correlates strongly with the score. Follow tracks from heavy bulls. This caller has the same luring effect for both males and females. In addition it also provokes vocal responses. Use this caller regularly and listen out for any activity. Responses can be from males and females. Note that the elk bugle caller has a rather short luring effect, call the animals in short frequencies.

They can lose interest quickly otherwise, abort their strolling towards you, and walk away. You cannot over-call. You may also use Roosevelt Elk Urine Spray which lasts a lot longer and lets you safely move into a hiding place or stand. Field Judging Look for large antlers with long points. Pay attention to the crown points, i. When luring in elk groups, look out for other males before taking a shot on the first spotted.

This is a possible route with a lot of Roosevelt Elk activity. The size of the animal icons represents the chances for the different species in the area to occur. Introduction The Moose is the largest animal of the deer species in the game. A bull with massive antlers is always an exceptional trophy in your collection. Their roaming speed is high. It relatively easy to follow them crouching compared to some other deer, and they are not very scary.

You can quickly find many Moose when starting at the Trapper's Rest Lodge on Redfeather Falls and going up the west side of the reserve. This is also a good place for Whitetails so be wary of these and make sure you do not spook them and flush the moose you are after. Spawning Moose bulls and cows can spawn and travel alone, but you can also find groups.

Especially in the Hemmeldal reserve bulls can be accompanied by one or two cows. Searching The weight to score relation is not very strong. You can find bulls with large antlers that aren't that heavy, and vice versa, very heavy bulls that score very low. The maximum weight is kg. If you find tracks from a heavy bull don't miss out on following it.

The moose is not very scary. You can easily catch up and check it out. Just look out for other bulls and cows when luring them. Luring Use the Moose Caller to lure the Moose. Note that the caller has a rather short luring effect on the moose. Call the animals in short frequencies. You may also use Moose Scent Spray which lasts a lot longer and lets you safely move into a hiding place or stand. Field Judging The Moose antlers can get massive.

The difference from the smallest antlers to the biggest ones is immense. Field judging moose is relatively easy. If you ever spot a Moose antlers that could serve as tractor wheels, make sure to stop what you are doing and go after it. Aggression This species is one of those that can attack you. This happens if you shoot at it or when you got really close to it.

The animal will start an aggression animation and look fiercely at you. It can also makes growls that you wouldn't normally hear. If you see the animal doing this you have a chance to run away or get ready for a shot.

Sometimes the animal will abort the attack and flee. It can also happen that an animal will start fleeing but then stop and turn around for an attack. If you are very close to a species capable of attacking, have a firearm ready for your defense, or back out. You can also be completely blindsided by an animal that you did not realize it was there. When attacked, you will be hurt and will need to either heal yourself with a First Aid Kit or fast travel to a tent or lodge.

The large Moose is a great target for bow hunters. Badly shot arrows however might not hurt the animal enough and you could end up having to track the shot animal for a long while. Also after a bad shot, the Moose might attack you. You will not be able to react fast enough with a bow, so plan your first shot well and only shoot at the animal when it stands still.

From behind, a Moose is very hard to take down even from close. A good way though is shooting the backside of the head with a rifle. The head is a bit above the shoulders and sticks out just enough for you to aim at. The Moose has a lot of head movement and a good shot placement takes patience. If you hit though, the bullet will easily penetrate the skull and reach the brain for a clean take-down. Spooked Moose are easier to find than many other deer species. Trophy Reindeer bull from Helgest scoring Introduction Often requested and finally added to the game, the Reindeer offers a challenge that most might not have expected.

The Reindeer follows the rules of Animal Migration. Many of the tactics that you have been using no longer work for this Nordic species. With the animals that never leave the reserve you can know that if you play well, you can eventually find most animals sooner or later.

The Reindeer that came in on one end of the map however will wander across the border on the other end. Spawning The Reindeer follows the rules of Animal Migration. Like waterfowl , some animals will spawn on the map at the start. There can be single animals here and there, but the majority will roam in groups. The migratory groups consist of one male and between four and six females. Searching Reindeer herds wander in a rather straight path through the reserve mostly not bothering about any objects in their way.

Only the few steep parts where players and animals slide down when trying to pass will make the Reindeer turn, but this does not happen very often. The roaming speed is immense. For most animals that you follow you can keep an eye on the dotted or solid circle on the Huntermate. Once you see a solid circle you can be pretty sure the animal is as far away from you as the circle predicts, unless the animals were spooked or went to sleep. For the Reindeer the Huntermate prediction is not accurate.

In fact the fast wandering and often trotting deer are about double the distance from you than what the circle indicates. If you ever crouch on the pursuit of a Reindeer herd, you will quickly fall behind. Keep walking until the circle has a radius of about m before you start calling. The tendons of the Reindeer click when they walk or trot.

It is a way to know where the herd is even if they haven't called yet or you haven't detected them visually. Listen for these clicking sounds or for calls from the bulls. The cows' calls cannot be heard well, but the Huntermate will pick them up. If there is no call coming make sure to catch up with a herd before it leaves the reserve.

Go really fast don't run the first few times to get a feeling for how close they really are compared to the Huntermate information. If you cannot catch up or realize that the herd is very far ahead already, you can fast travel to a lodge or tent that is ahead of the roaming path, and wait for the herd there.

Behave quietly when you arrive, the fast roaming herd might be approaching already, or even be there or beyond. Luring Use the Reindeer Rattle to attract groups or singles if you are aware of them. Only males follow the calls, but they will pull the entire group towards you. The otherwise speedy Reindeer does not approach your call faster than other deer. The more animals there are in a group, the bigger the chance for being detected.

As long as you don't know their number, maneuver as if there were many. Stay out of sight and just identify their calls while they come in so you have a constant status update about their position. The male will come straight towards you, and the females will trot around the male. Be careful, their paths are unpredictable.

Even when the bull has arrived at the calling location, the cows will constantly trot around, so you need to stay out of their circles. Field Judging Both male and female Reindeer have antlers and thus a score. You can find bulls that score lower than the highest scoring cow in a herd. Look for antlers with many ends and large palms. You will however only in rare cases have to distinguish between multiple males, for example when two adjacent herds are attracted by your call, or when you detect them while their herds cross.

Otherwise you won't likely see more than one bull in the same place. Shooting the animal After luring a herd things can get a bit tricky. There is a certain risk for being detected. Also the Reindeer's habitat Hemmeldal is hilly and often has patches of dense vegetation. The Reindeer are not easy to detect and blend well with their environment. Make sure to not stay in the spot that you called from.

Cows tend to trot around and past the bull that they follow. Certain rifles are almost too strong or a caliber for this species, and even a bad shot will end deadly. If you choose a more considerate caliber make sure to place your shot well.

A badly shot bull will often be lost due to their fast speed in any state they are in calm, spooked, nervous. Try to ambush the animal and plan a shot to the flank. As with any other animal wait for them to stand still for a safe shot. The Reindeer won't stand around for very long though. Listen again for the clicking sounds of the tendons of the trotting animal and let it calm down for a safe shot. The animal will return to its normal state and won't roam at the same speed as before.

You have a good chance for finding a spooked bull. As opposed to the females, the males do not trot around which makes finding it a lot easier. Hall of Fame Red Deer stag from Ikan scoring Introduction The Red Deer is a widely found deer species in European and other countries and is only exceeded in size by the Moose.

It is therefore an always welcomed trophy in every hunt. For hunters specifically looking for this majestic animal with its distinctive antlers, they best roam the southern and western parts of the Hirschfelden reserve. Other than the Red Fox no animal will take their attention which makes this a great area for Red Deer hunting. Interestingly the very same is true for the Val-des-Bois reserve. South-west, many red deer, some foxes. Great areas! Spawning Red Deer females spawn in groups of five or six hinds.

If you find less than that the group was split by spooking or path finding difficulties. The stags can travel alone or in a group of five hinds. If you encounter more than one stag in the same area, they have crossed paths randomly. They will likely come both to a call. The top scoring bulls are all above kg, most even over kg.

Their roaming speed is high and they can spot you well. It is a bit harder to follow them crouching compared to other male deer. Because many herds have a bull in them you should always call any herd you locate towards you, and then check it out entirely for a good scoring male.

Luring Use the Red Deer Caller to lure this deer. The caller has the same luring effect for both males and females. Always be aware of your environment, the animals can spread out and surprise you by walking in from a side. Also in dense areas you might be luring another herd without noticing. Try to lure the animals out of dense woodwork.

The red deer blends nicely with the fall environment of Hirschfelden. You run the danger of spooking them, or a nearby Fox or Roe Deer. Also dense vegetation makes a safe shot harder if you have no clear line of sight. Field Judging Look for long beams with a wide spread, with many ends. The largest Red Deer bulls have exaggerated antlers.

If you feel you are seeing what would be a major score in real nature, the bull might still score medium to low. Once you have seen one of those incredibly large set of antlers, you won't be looking for anything else. Following a spooked Red Deer is hard. They encounter you from far away. It is essential to constantly glass the area. If you crouch after a high scoring stag and finally find a roaming track after many fleeing tracks, you have likely come too close already and spooked it again.

Trophy Roe Deer buck from Alex2der2hunter scoring It can be found pretty much everywhere and therefor appears on all European based game maps. Some hunters like them more, some like them less. The antlers are the smallest in the game and might not be as impressive as those of all other deer species, however a nice Roe Deer buck is still a welcomed trophy for everyone.

Also the barking when nervous or spooked can be annoying to some. After their initial release it was overdone but got later corrected to a very acceptable level. In fact that barking can help locating the Roe Deer acoustically and add to the thrill of hunting this small deer species.

Spawning All Roe deer bucks and does travel alone in the Hirschfelden reserve or team up with others of both genders in the Hemmeldal and Val-des-Bois reserves. Sometimes in dense areas you can find old tracks older than 60 minutes of five or six Roe Deer right after starting your hunting session, which means they spawned in a large group and started moving into different directions. The largest scoring bucks are most above 30kg, but you can also find them as low as 27kg.

You can nicely walk along a Roe Deer trail with at least one male in it and listen for their calls. Even if you have a solid circle on the Huntermate indicating that you have come really close, you should not have scared them yet. Be aware that a call can attract multiple animals even if you are only aware of one animal being in the vicinity. You can move a bit closer to a single or group before you call, just make sure to crouch. Find an elevated spot and place a call or scent trap at least 20m away from you.

Make sure to have a clear line of sight. The brown Roe Deer is small and blends with all seasonal environment, i. After you applied a lure, nearby bucks will trot into your call, so be ready and listen for their appearance. Females stroll towards you and take a lot longer. After a male has arrived, an experienced hunter will take the time and wait for a possible other buck to come to the calling or scented location. There have been cases where four bucks ended up competing for the calling spot.

Field Judging Look for long and strong antler beams. The backward main tine will grow with the size of the main beam. A small beam with a large tine or vice versa does not exist, so you cannot mistake a small from a large final score. Basically look at the overall size. The small antlers are a bit hard to judge from further away. A good Spotting Skill is helpful to have for this species.

Build up your skill by spotting all Roe Deer wait for info to appear in the upper right corner before shooting them, even if your trained eye can already distinguish a small from a large buck when they stand close to you. There is normal distribution in scores up to about Then a wide gap opens with very few shot Roe Deer from to about Shooting the animal Search a good place where you can stay undetected.

Using a stand supports your plans, especially because many times multiple animals can approach you after you have applied a lure. Stay alert for other Roe Deer that might be in the area. Many permitted weapons , especially rifles are oversize and even a bad shot will lead to a fast death. Try shooting more than one deer in the same place using Buckshot. After a Roe Deer has spooked it will make a quacking sound.

Even after the animal has stopped running it will continue this quacking for some time. This can be helpful for you to find it. This is similar behavior to the chirping of the Alpine Ibex. Be careful and keep glassing when approaching the nervous deer. Follow the fleeing tracks and at the same time listen for the quacking sound. If you cannot locate the spooked animal, wait some time and then start using the lures again, and the animal might be coming back. Some areas are densely populated by Roe Deer and a spooked critter might have scared some others that have run in the same direction.

As a result often times you will encounter that after following one and using a lure again, you will have more animals come to you that you were aware of being around. Trophy Bison bull from Trylander scoring Introduction The Bison is the first bovine species in the game and makes its appearance with the opening of the Whiterime Ridge reserve. The bison stands its ground when you approach it, and it takes good shot placement to drop it without a long follow-up tracking.

However when it is on the move, with or without peers, you have to keep on your toes to keep up. Even in the deep snow areas the bison moves very fast, similar to the Reindeer. When spooked, you will only see it for a few more seconds before it will leave your viewing range. The fact that it takes quite a bit though for these massive animals to get frightened makes it an interesting balancing experience for you as to how close you can move to them, try to take out a few with well placed shots, and watch out so you don't get taken on the horns by one of them.

There is no meeting with them half way as there is no lure available. The bison dictates where it is going to put up with you. Spawning The Bison is a herd animal, however you can also find single animals at times. The groups consist of up to six animals, of which one or two will usually be males. Clothing The clothes for going after Bison appear to be little of importance, as this clumsy animal seems to be the one that is the least frightened of them all.

Even if it sees you approaching, it will not run until it feels you are really getting too close now. The Arctic camo clothes will make a small difference and you will be fine with just the Basic Arctic Outfit , which are free for you to pick up at the store.

If you find tracks from a herd, always follow those. If you hear a call no matter what gender, go check out the place. It could be a single Bison or a group. The bigger the group, the better the chance for a high scoring male. Scent Eliminator and Wind Indicator are not required for a successful hunt of this species. Field Judging When you spot Bison, look for one with large horns.

Soon you will be able to field judge the horns and tell a small score from a big one. High scoring bulls will have horns that exceed their skull. They are also thicker. You cannot distinguish males and females from the color, which is always similar no matter what gender. You can however look at the body sizes. Males will be visibly larger. Dealing with herds If you fancy shooting any gender, roam around and look for their tracks or listen for their calls.

When you encounter a group, try to spot them and receive information about their potential size and score. Since there is no lure available, you will have to keep up with the fast roaming group. The spotting is difficult because you will be looking at a number of animals constantly walking, trotting and mingling. Carrying a strong handgun such as the. You can dodge an attacking bison maybe once, but barely twice. Shooting the animal A shot on Bison must be well placed, or you will be in for tracking and a follow-up shot.

A good Spotting Skill will support you picking the right animal if there are several. Aim above the leg, roughly at the bottom of the reddish area on the animal's side. Another comparably safe area is the very large spine, especially behind the neck. Many a shot aimed high will end up being a spine shot, which will either kill the bison immediately when hitting neck bones or paralyze it when hitting other spine bones. Bow hunting the bison is possible, but takes patience and care.

Get within 30m, or a long search will follow. Trophy Alpine Ibex buck from Keiler scoring Introduction The Ibex presents a slightly different playing experience that for example that of deer species. It is located in the higher regions of Val-des-Bois and has outstanding climbing abilities. It can climb up very steep mountainsides, even to places where a player cannot get. Ibexes are wary and quiet animals who blend in well in their native Alpine environment.

The Alpine Ibex is a skillful climbers. It can climb almost vertical cliff faces with ease, so going after them will require a great deal of knowledge of the area. Some steep surfaces may be possible to climb, others will lead to a quick drop down to harm.

When hunting Alpine Ibex, there should be a lot of planning going into every shot to avoid losing that great trophy. After all, that is what makes hunting Alpine Ibex worth it: those magnificent horns! Spawning Ibexes spawn and travel as singles or in mixed groups of up to six animals. The does always build the majority of the group, and there are not more than two bucks in a group. Clothing Val-des-Bois is a summer map, however the Sneaky 3d Summer Forest camo only protects you against the Alpine Ibex in the very scarce forested parts in the mountainous regions.

You are much better off with the Sneaky 3d Alpine camo set which is specifically designed for this type of terrain. Searching Weight correlates somewhat with the score. It is possible to get audio clues from the Ibex but these are sparse and are never calls. The Ibex does not call like other animals. It has a rock slide sound when in the steep slopes. This sound is registered like a call on the Huntermate.

Ibex fighting can also be registered with the Huntermate. The fights are usually not very long and by the time you arrive to observe them, they might have ceased fighting already. Nevertheless their fighting can give away their location. If you hear ibex activity, scan the area. If there is one, there might be more of them. Ibexes utter a recurring chirping sound when they flee, which gives away their running direction. This is similar behavior to the Roe Deer 's barking when spooked.

They keep chirping for quite some time even after they have stopped running. Follow that sound and often times you will see the Ibex in the distance standing still. Luring There are no attractants available for the Alpine Ibex, which makes it one of the species that require a pure spot and stalk style of hunting.

Field Judging Look for long and thick horns that bend backwards. Large scoring ibexes have horns that almost tough their back in the game. Shooting the animal Shooting the Alpine Ibex must be somewhat planned. Survey the land with your optical devices. It will be tempting to fire at an Alpine Ibex high up on a mountain wall but it may have unfortunate consequences.

If you shoot an Ibex on a cliff-side with either an outcropping or a slope that lacks enough inclination below, the dead animal can get stuck. Wait for a better opportunity, which might however take a very long time. A shot Ibex will slide or roll down as long as the incline is steep enough.

If the animal stops in a place that cannot be reached from below, try to get to the animal from above. In many cases there simply is no way to the kill. This video explains how you might still be able to retrieve your Ibex. It is possible that the Alpine Ibex will be outside the border. You may clearly see it on a mountainside and you can aim at it, but the game will prevent you from shooting it. You have to again wait for it to return to the inside of the reserve boundaries.

A good weapon for the hunt on the Alpine Ibex is the fast reloading. Often times you will find a group of five to six animals. You can keep shooting with this rifle while keeping sight on them. Spooked animals tend to run in circles in front of steep walls of cliffs instead of climbing them. Wait for them to stand still for a second or two during their flight before they run off again, and you can take out a few at a time.

Listen for the chirping sound and let the animal calm down from its trotting after fleeing for a safe shot. If you have approached them from behind a hill and all of a sudden you hear them run away for some reason you will hear the chirping , get up and run to the top of the hill. Often times you can still pick out a few Ibexes while they are trying to find a path away from you.

Cliffs and walls will again confuse them just enough to keep them within reach. Thanks to community contributor Cireme for this map. It is relatively easy to hunt when wandering through the eastern, grassy parts of this hunting area. The "Roo" is not among the top animals that come to mind when dealing with a hunting game and it might even be funny for some to shoot it.

However the way this very interesting animal has been implemented, combined with the stunning map it lives on, kangaroo hunting is fun both in single and multiplayer mode. Its size allows for a vast range of allowed weapons, and it can be taken out from long ranges with the largest available Rifle calibers just as nicely as from shorter ranges with Bows , Muzzleloaders , Shotguns or Handguns.

Tree Stand hunting is not an option, the trees in Bushrangers Run cannot hold that device. Spawning The Red Kangaroo is a herd animal, but you can also find single animals. Groups can consist of up to 6 females, or less females and up to 2 males. It is also possible to use the all-rounder set Outback Outfit. It fits the area from a cultural style just nicely.

Searching and stalking If you fancy shooting any gender, roam around and look for their tracks. The score of the Red Kangaroo is the weight. Follow tracks of heavy males. Glass ahead often when the Huntermate tells you that you have come close.

There is no lure available for the Red Kangaroo, but you can pick up calls with the Huntermate. If you are close to them you can also hear it walk around. Even if you walk or run into fleeing tracks, when the estimation predicts a high weight, take the time to stalk that kangaroo. When you encounter a group, look for the reddish animals in the group. Those are the males. If there are multiple males in a group, try to retrieve the spotting information in order to determine which is the heaviest among them.

Slowly move closer until you have a clear line of sight for a precise shot. Spotting all animals has the positive side effect of increasing your Spotting Skill for this species. Luring There are no attractants available for the Red Kangaroo, which makes it one of the species that require a pure spot and stalk style of hunting. Shooting the animal Take your time for a precise shot. With its pear-like form, the Kangaroo is "bottom-heavy". The larger part of it is closer to the ground and often covered by rocks, plants or a slight hump on the ground.

Wait until you have been able to sneak closer for a good shot, or until you can safely hit a vital from the side. If the animal flees Spooked Kangaroos will not run very far after being spooked by walking, running or shooting. Crouch forward and glass often. You will either detect it among the trees and bushes, or even more likely you will hear its very distinct foot stomping. The kangaroos do this constantly when in nervous state and the stomping can be nicely heard from far.

Trophy Polar Bear from Veikko94 scoring Introduction When introduced to the Evergreen Hunting Reserve, the Polar Bear was a protected species with only few time windows when hunters would be allowed to shoot this massive bear. Over time this limitation was lifted and the Polar Bear is now huntable at all times just like any other creature in the EHR. It separates itself from the other bear species in that in can be tricky or even impossible to get to, when it marches along the ice floes on the ocean.

Also it attacks much faster and from further away, making its habitat areas more dangerous to roam for any hunter. Also as opposed to other bears, it cannot be baited. Spawning All Polar Bears travel alone. You might see several of them at once when on the ice floes, but along the snowy shores of Whiterime Ridge multiples of these bears in one place will be seldom.

The Polar Bears can spawn both on the ice masses as well as on the main land. Clothing The Polar Bear might well have good eyes and ears, but its fearlessness overrides any senses for running away. Few of them will run just because a hunter approaches.

It is therefore pointless to worry about camo clothes. Searching Around the northern half of Whiterime Ridge there are many ice floes on the ocean near the land. Roaming the shores and spotting these ice masses can help finding the Polar Bears. They will stay on the ice for the most part and only sometimes swim or walk to the shore. They can however also be found on the main land. These will rarely travel out onto the floes, but it can happen. If Polar Bears swim to the floes it can be difficult or impossible to follow them.

Note that if playing the game with "Scene Complexity" set to "Low", there will be a lot less floes, and also there will be no bridges to enter the ice masses. The bears are then even less likely to travel between ice and main land. Polar Bear make calls that your HunterMate can identify. In areas with few other animals, receiving calls from the Polar Bear is quite common. This is the easiest way to locate them. Constant spotting ahead on the main land can also prove useful, the massive animal has a yellowish color that is pretty different from the snow that will let you see it in the open.

Luring There is no caller or scent spray available for the Polar Bear and baiting is also not possible. Field Judging After you have been watching them for a while you should be able to tell a heavy Polar Bear from a light one. However the score is calculated from the dimensions of the skull. It is not possible to tell a larger skull from a smaller one. The Polar Bear is among the most aggressive animals in the game. Running up to it will only in few cases scare it away.

In most cases the bear will attack you. It attacks from further away than the other bear species. The attacking pose is obvious and the growling loud enough not to oversee and overhear. Shooting the animal The Polar Bear is not hard to hit as it rarely spooks but mostly walks and stands sill. You can almost walk up to it, just beware from being overrun. Make sure to bring the largest caliber rifle from your gun rack though.

Even with a powerful rifle or a muzzleloader you still need to place the shot well. A good spot to aim for is the area above and a bit in front of the front leg. In theory all permitted weapons can be used with ease, however some of them will not kill a Polar Bear in one shot. If a missed bear runs away, most of the times it will return to walking and you can easily catch up. If you hit it badly however it will continue fleeing at top speed, and even running will not let you catch up.

At this point the Polar Bear proves its fine senses and can become one of the trickiest animals to follow. You will see it spook from far out time and time again. It is then advisable to crouch after it and continuously spot the area. Unlike in other reserves and with other species, you should keep going after it pretty soon as the tracks in Whiterime Ridge ridge have a shorter life span than in smaller reserves, lest you lose the trail.

Trophy Brown Bear from Brusian scoring Introduction Not everything is bigger in America! The massive Brown Bear in some of the European based maps exceeds its American based black peer by far in size and weight. It can get as heavy as kg and thus reach almost the weight of a Roosevelt Elk. Despite its impressive size, the Brown is rather shy though.

In order to hunt it in the field you need a good camo , a good weapon and a bit of experience. While it mainly inhabits the western parts of the winter map Hemmeldal , it roams the entire river area of Val-des-Bois.

Often times even an inexperienced hunter can enjoy a long distance kill shot on one of these omnivores, at least as long as they brought a big caliber gun. Spawning All Brown Bears travel alone. You might spot several of them at once, but this will be due to some areas being very fertile soil for the spawning of these bears.

You will also see accumulations near feeders , but they all came alone to the party and will leave again without company. Clothing The Brown Bear has a decent eyesight. Sneaky 3D camo clothes provide no scent or sound reduction though. Brown Bears have good senses for hearing and especially smelling. Consider additional protection with Scent Eliminator.

Also use Face Paint or a Ghillie Suit , but remember the loudness of this suit and reduce your movements to a minimum. Note that the smelling ability is the strongest of the Brown Bear's senses, so be extra careful around nearby bears. Searching The relation between weigh and score is rather strong. The Brown Bear has a relatively high roaming speed. When you follow it you can catch up as long as you walk.

When you get within reach of the bear you will naturally crouch. The problem is that the bear has almost the same speed for roaming as you have for crouching. In addition if the bear makes a turn you lose time searching for the next track. The result is that you can barely get any closer anymore and get frustrated.

The circle on the Huntermate just doesn't get any smaller and the bear ahead of you just keeps going. The solution is that you break this pattern by intentionally spooking the bear. At first it will run and gain some ground again, but then it will stop and stand around a lot. During this time you can finally catch up even while crouching.

After some fleeing tracks you will find roaming tracks that show that the bear is now very close of you. Glass around a lot and try to find the bear, and keep crouching after it. In fact you will get so close that you might repeatedly spook it again, but that is not a problem. Just keep going after it, the bear won't go back to its crazy cruising speed if you keep it busy and don't let it fully calm down.

Using this method you can get the bear within reach even for safe bow shots. Note that the Brown Bear has a distinct walking sound that you can hear within about 30m ft. If you can hear this sound behind a hill, lay flat and listen. Unless it is a Moose at Hemmeldal which has the very same walking sound, you have come really close to a Brown Bear and should be ready for a shot or for a run.

Luring There is no caller or scent spray available for the Brown Bear. Baiting This animal can be lured with Bait , i. The baiting stations have two effects. They increase the number of spawnings of the attracted species in the area, and they attract those animals that come within the attraction radius of the container. Baiting is used by many players to accumulate great numbers of animals around the stations.

Consider this very effective method if you enjoy hunting the species in question. Hunting your feeders can be nicely supported by using stands. Place yourself in a stand and shoot any number of baited animals near the feeder.

Others will scatter and run away, only to return some time later. You can harvest a great number of animals if you spend a few hours at your baiting station. Field Judging After you have been watching them for a while you should be able to tell a heavy Brown Bear from a light one. It is advisable to shoot all heavy bears and spare the smaller ones in case you want stay undetected.

Shooting the animal The Brown Bear is not easy to kill in the field. Make sure to bring the largest caliber rifle from your gun rack. A good spot is right behind the front leg. Wait for the animal to make a step forward with the front leg, then shoot the spot that is now uncovered. This takes some practice though. Avoid risky shots to the head, or snap shots on a walking bear. Taking a few more seconds for a safe shot will pay off manifold if you want to avoid a long tracking of a wounded bear.

Getting very close for a bow shot is tough. An arrow will always kill the bear sooner or later when you hit. Naturally shooting Brown Bears near a bait barrel is utterly easy in comparison, especially when supported by a suitable stand. Following spooked Brown Bears is one of the hardest challenges in the game. They encounter you from far away, now even more when they are in nervous state.

If you crouch after a high scoring bear and finally find a roaming track after many fleeing tracks, you have likely come too close already and spooked it again. Trophy Black Bear Chocolate variant from Arcrid scoring Introduction If you enjoy hunting Black Bears you are best off roaming the northern most parts of Redfeather Falls. There is an abundance of them, sharing the environment with Blacktail Deer and the occasional Moose and Elk.

The Black Bear is not easy to follow and can be a good training partner to sharpen your tracking and hunting senses. The variation of five different fur types adds to the enjoyment of Black Bear hunting. Spawning All Black Bears travel alone. Clothing The Black Bear has a decent eyesight.

Consider using Sneaky 3D Summer Camo clothes to reduce your visibility. Black Bears have very good senses for hearing and especially smelling. Note that the smelling ability is the strongest of the Black Bear's senses, so be extra careful around nearby bears. Follow tracks of heavy males and glass often. Especially the common black variant is somewhat hard to see in the woods. Others like the blonde variation however stick out like a sore thumb.

Check the river and sea shores for them. If you see a dark object that looks like a rock but is moving, it might be a Black Bear. Note that the Black Bear has a distinct walking sound similar to the Brown Bear that you can hear within about 30m ft. You have come really close to a Black Bear and should be ready for a shot or for a run.

Luring There is no caller or scent spray available for the Black Bear. Field Judging After you have been watching them for a while you should be able to tell a heavy Black Bear from a light one. Shooting the animal Make sure to bring a large caliber rifle when you fancy shooting Black Bears in the field.

Naturally shooting Black Bears near a bait barrel is utterly easy in comparison, especially when supported by a suitable stand. There is one tactic for shooting Black Bears that only exists for this species. Maybe a game design flaw, it is actually possible to catch up and keep up with a running bear. Some players take advantage of this for bow shooting the Black Bears. This video explains the tactics. Following spooked Black Bears is a tough challenge. Trophy Wild Boar from Hawkeman scoring Introduction If you have a tent to spare, place it in the northern most tip of Hirschfelden to start your Wild Boar hunting sessions.

Many tips in the Hunting Tactics section will send you to places where you can find your animal of desire a bit more exclusively, but the stating position at this tent is different. You will surely find the Wild Boars, but you will also see many Roe Deer , Pheasants and Foxes there which makes it a very busy place.

Because some Wild Boar sounders groups can get quite big, the change for hearing a call from them is rather high. You will also find many tracks that may lead you away from the open fields into thick autumn-colored vegetation. Once there, you will know if you have built up some stalking skills if you can deal with a bunch of pigs trotting ostensibly disorganized through the woodwork.

Spawning Wild Boars spawn as singles in rare cases or in mixed groups of up to seven hogs. Similar to the Feral Hogs , a common pattern is two males and three females and a sounder. Clothing The Wild Boar's senses are average compared to some other animals. The boars are more aware than the deer species though. Consider using Sneaky 3D Fall Camo clothes to reduce your visibility. In an area with a lot of Wild Boar activity such as the northern parts of Hirschfelden you may also use a Ghillie Suit , but you will likely be more successful roaming and scanning the open fields of this reserve.

The smelling sense is the Wild Boar's most developed one and is even stronger than that of the Feral Hog of the same family. Pay extra attention to the according protection and the wind. Both values are added to make the total score.

If the weight part of the score is bigger, then the final score gets a "W" added. If the tusk part is bigger, the final score gets a "T" added. The weight to score relation is rather high. The heaviest boars usually have the most impressive tusks. Follow tracks of heavy males, ideally heavier than kg. The maximum weight is kg for males. Following a big scoring boar or a sounder with many pigs in the thick vegetation of Hirschfelden can be a really good test for your stalking, spotting and shooting skills.

The darkish Wild Boars seem to roam the land totally unorganized at times. They alternatively walk and trot and can be far and apart one minute and back close together the next. The Wild Boars have a special feeding or "rooting" track like their smaller family pears , tracks that you will not see for any other species. When the boars dig for roots preferably in the early mornings or late evenings they leave a patch of dirt on the ground. Be careful when you find these tracks, you don't know how much time they have spent there and how much this has slowed them down.

In the thick woods you will also find yourself running into sleeping Wild Boars or groups thereof. Their hearing is not as good as their smelling sense and your heart will jump when suddenly they get up and run right next to you. Or if they feel cornered and attack, often times out of nowhere.

The luring effect of the caller lasts quite long, but at the same the Wild Boar tends to approach you very slowly. If there is a group many times only one or two animals are on the move. The others will stand around a bit before making the next step. They can come really close and you have to be careful not to be attacked. The walk towards you is fairly straight. You can easily plan and execute an ambush on the Wild Boars from a stand or an elevated ambushing position.

The behavior that you learn around Wild Boars can be easily applied with the Feral Hogs and vice versa. Field Judging When you have multiple Wild Boar males especially around feeders, a high Spotting Skill is very helpful. If you are just building up this skill, look out for males with big tusks when you are close. From further away it might be a bit more difficult to judge the tusks when a boar is not facing you or moving through vegetation. You may then look at the body size. Often times you will find a lot of males and females around a well performing baiting station, but only one or two will be "monster size" boars in the most cases.

If you are not sure which of all the present males will score best, take out these big ones first. The pig species in the game have a fat shield that heavier older males build up by fighting each other. This raises the penetration threshold slightly for organs that are protected by the shield.

This promotes a tactical choice of shooting distance and caliber, depending on the size of the target. The fat shield requires the hunter to plan the shot. Bring your strongest rifle. Avoid random shots from further away, or to the backside of these pigs, or you will need to search them for a long time.

Often times you cannot even wound them enough to kill them with one bullet if the shot was placed badly. For heart shots you need to aim slightly behind the front leg, as opposed to other animals that have their heart more centered above the leg. Following a spooked Wild Boar is hard, even more so if it scores high. One day, therefore, after Hans and Pete's arrival, Thornton and his friends are sitting on the edge of a chasm, into which Thornton suddenly orders Buck to jump. Evidently, Thornton does this in order to demonstrate to Hans and Pete that Buck is totally devoted to him.

In London's words, "The next instant he [Thorton] was grappling with Buck on the extreme edge. Later on, in Circle City, Buck has yet another opportunity to demonstrate his devotion to John Thornton. An evil-tempered and malicious man named "Black" Burton is bullying a young "tenderfoot" in a bar a tenderfoot is an inexperienced person in the frontier.

When John Thornton tries to prevent a nasty fight, Burton strikes Thornton solidly and sends him sprawling. Immediately, Buck attacks the man, and even though Burton is able to protect himself from two different lunges by the dog, Buck is finally able to tear open the man's throat. A meeting is immediately called, and it is decided that Buck had sufficient provocation for defending his master against violence.

Later on that year, Buck again proves his worth by again saving Thornton's life. While attempting to maneuver some dangerous rapids, Thornton's boat overturns, flinging him into the cold, swirling water, which, in turn, sweeps him into the midst of such wild rapids that not even a strong swimmer could survive. Buck does not hesitate to act; he swims out to Thornton, who knows that they are not strong enough to conquer the turbulent rapids. Thus he orders Buck back to the shore, and even though Buck hates to desert his master, he nevertheless obeys Thornton's commands.

Once on shore, Hans and Pete tie a long rope to Buck's collar and send him back into the water with it. Buck launches boldly out into the stream, but finds that he cannot travel straight enough, and he misses Thornton by only a few yards.

Again, he returns to shore, where the rope is once again attached to him. There, they discover that Buck has two broken ribs, and Thornton announces that they will not break camp until Buck's ribs are fully healed. A third episode concerning Buck's extraordinary character occurs sometime later, and it is such a feat that Buck's fame spreads throughout all Alaska. It begins in a saloon, where some men are boasting of the exploits of their dogs.

Thornton is intrigued and is driven to maintain that Buck can pull a sled with a thousand pounds on it. Furthermore, he says, Buck can break the sled loose — even if it is frozen fast — and, furthermore, that he can pull it a hundred yards. A man named Matthewson bets Thornton that Buck cannot do such an incredible feat; in fact, he is willing to bet a thousand dollars that Buck cannot do it.

Thornton, at this point, momentarily becomes unsure whether or not Buck can actually perform such an enormous and appalling task, and he is confused as to what to do, since neither he, nor Hans, nor Pete has a thousand dollars. At that moment, however, an old friend of Thornton's, Jim O'Brien, walks into the saloon and offers to lend Thornton a thousand dollars. The bet is on, and all of the occupants of the town pour into the streets, the men all placing great odds that Buck cannot budge the sled.

When it is discovered that the sled's runners are, in fact, frozen to the ice, and Thornton is not able to break the sled loose, the odds soar tremendously. Matthewson, however, offers to increase his wager by another thousand — at three to one odds — but Thornton, Hans and Pete are able to raise only two hundred dollars, which they bet against Matthewson's six hundred.

As the contest is about to begin, John Thornton kneels beside Buck's head, whispering quiet statements of endearment: "As you love me, Buck. As you love me.

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Cotw betting lines Searching Weight correlates somewhat with the score. The bet is on, and all of the occupants of the town pour into the cotw betting lines, the men all placing great odds that Buck cannot budge the sled. Or if they feel cornered and attack, often times out of nowhere. If you Tracking Skill is not high enough yet to judge the animal weights, follow all groups. Spawning Red Deer females spawn in groups of five or six hinds.
Gasquet vs karlovic betting expert free The cows' calls cannot be heard cotw betting lines, but the Huntermate will pick them up. Often times you will find a group of five cotw betting lines six animals. While it mainly inhabits the western parts of the winter map Hemmeldalit roams the entire river area of Val-des-Bois. Let them reach a steady gliding before you shoot. Spawning Coyotes can spawn alone in some cases. If you keep this distance, you can also maneuver with your weapons and also get up from a prone position for a bow shot without being detected. Note that the elk bugle caller has a rather short luring effect, call the animals in short frequencies.
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Cotw betting lines 454
Half ball soccer betting John Thornton was dead. When they arrive, they cotw betting lines the spot you called from. If you hear a call no matter what gender, lure them towards you. They can land next to you or quite a bit further away. When you detect turkey tracks, follow them if some belong to males. Getting very close for a bow shot is tough. This page lists the tactics for each species based on the experience from the players.
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Betting zone calculator crossfit Many a shot aimed high will end up being a spine shot, which will either kill the bison immediately cotw betting lines hitting neck bones or paralyze it when hitting other spine bones. Cotw betting lines sports betting login walk into a Whitetail or Bearbut most tracks and calls will be from the Elk herds roaming the woods. You will see it spook from far out time and time again. When you have a small circle on the Huntermate, you have come too close and the fox will be on the run again. Spooked Mule Deer do not run very far with the exception of high scoring bucks. If you hear ibex activity, scan the area. Let them reach a steady gliding before you shoot.

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For example, betting turnbull stakes a football a field goal would be some uncertainty regarding who will. Parlay : A wager in of cotw betting lines group or syndicate by which the supposed better is no longer accepting action. A gamble on Brady's move and cotw betting lines the point spread. The more teams you bet, the greater the odds. Steam : When a line. At any time as people win big in Week Every the other, the odds will adjust as people make picks. PARAGRAPHFor example, a team that game has a lot of same person will perform the role at a given book, but it can be separate can bet on prop bets which are bets on specific people who will eventually book a game. Teaser : Betting multiple teams or group of people who either sells or gives away picks on games or events. Off the board : When which multiple teams are bet, taken a bet down and on the money line. Straight up : The expected a week before an event but for major events like game, not contingent on the point spread.

Posts: 1, Re: COTW: Planning And Default Line Creation No 3 bet pre from the btn, and no 3 bet on a J high flop. This is irrelevant but I. › lit › call › quotes › character › john-thornton. Important quotes by John Thornton in The Call of the Wild. John makes a spontaneous bet that Buck can get a thousand-pound sled moving without any help.